what does it mean when a girl says shut up playfully

This is not meant to be a formal definition of shut up like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is The Routledge Dictionary of Historical Slang cites an 1858 lecture on slang as noting that "when a man... holds his peace, he shuts up. 8 years ago. We’ve also devised lots of ways to intensify shut up, including shut the hell up and shut the fuck up, found as the internet acronyms STHU and STFU in the early 2000s. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Maybe people would be better at standing up and talking if we hadn’t been told to sit down and shut up for the first quarter of our lives. [23] Another seemingly discordant use, tracing back to the 1920s, is the phrase "shut up and kiss me", which typically expresses both impatience and affection. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. If you would just shut up already we'll tell you what shut up means! Not Ri-' Before John Baptist could finish the name, his comrade had got his hand under his chin and fiercely shut up his mouth.[3]. 1 2 3. I'd better "Shut up" myself. In general, shut up is often seen as a disrespectful way to dismiss someone. In another instance in that work, the phrase "shut it up" is used to indicate the resolution of a matter: Now, I'll tell you what it is, and this shuts it up...[3]. What does it mean when a girl that likes you says shut up you arent funny anymore mean when she always jokes around with me but out of the blue she says that? Now I pray that Harry and Meghan can do on a nice honeymoon and rest and relax, and all of my relatives will just shut up about everything. What does it mean when a girl looks at you? [21] More recently, the cable network Gospel Music Channel, which debuted in 2004, bars the use of the phrase along with actual profanities within its secular programming, often muting the phrase when it comes up within the dialogue. If you cant say anything nice, please shut up. For other uses, see, "STFU (expletive)" and "Shut the fuck up" redirect here. It means the same as if you were to use it a lot. became a popular dramatic exclamation for “Get out of here!” or “I can’t believe what you’re telling me!”. 2010-05-29 16:40:35 2010-05-29 16:40:35. well it depends, The objectionability of the phrase has varied over time. It sounds like you reacted and said some hurtful things, which means I would really suggest working on yourself and taking the time to heal from your past. It can also be used an as exclamation of amazement or excitement. #wewillnotshutupanddribble https://t.co/LyenGRKTUE, — LeBron James (@KingJames) February 17, 2018, This shut up and X construction can be more playful, suggesting people stop whatever they are doing for something better, as seen in Rihanna’s 2007 track “Shut Up and Drive.”, In everyday speech and on social media, many people exclaim Shut up! Shut up appears in other more forceful phrases, such as sit down and shut up. The expression is not the type which one should hear in a Parliament". Let’s go for it, anyway. A dysphemism, shut the front door, was used often by Stacy London of TLC's What Not to Wear during the U.S. show's run from 2003–2013. Before the twentieth century, the phrase "shut up" was rarely used as an imperative, and had a different meaning altogether. "Shut up" is a direct command with a meaning very similar to "be quiet", but which is commonly perceived as a more forceful command to stop making noise or otherwise communicating, such as talking. Similar phrases include "hush" and "shush" or "hush up" and "shush up" (which are generally less aggressive). "[4] As early as 1859, use of the shorter phrase was expressly conveyed in a literary work: A sneering infidel, who uses Scripture for a jest-book, raves about "cant," and retails and details every inconsistency, real or imaginary, that he hears respecting parsons and hypocrites, will be told to "shut up" for a few times; but will, if he persevere, make an impression on a workshop. Asked by Wiki User. Wiki User. It means that you are annoying her, making her uncomfortable, and quite possibly making her feel unsafe. More forceful and sometimes vulgar forms of the phrase may be constructed by the infixation of modifiers, including "shut the hell up" and "shut the fuck up". Answer Save. Among the texts that include examples of the phrase "shut up" in this context are Shakespeare's King Lear, Dickens's Little Dorrit, and Kipling's Barrack-Room Ballads.[2]. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Shut up appears in other more forceful phrases, such as sit down and shut up. The phrase is probably a shortened form of "shut up your mouth" or "shut your mouth up". Back in the 1400s, shut up was a verb phrase meaning “to secure something away in a receptacle.” By the 1500s, shut up had evolved to variously mean “confine someone,” “close a door or window,” or “bring to a conclusion.”. [8] On The King of Queens, Doug Heffernan (the main character played by Kevin James) is known for saying shutty, which is also a variation of the phrase that has since been used by the show's fans. "Shut up" is a direct command with a meaning very similar to "be quiet", but which is commonly perceived as a more forceful command to stop making noise or otherwise communicating, such as talking. Variations produced by changes in spelling, spacing, or slurring of words include shaddap, shurrup,[8] shurrit,[8] shutup, and shuttup. Most people misunderstand and read double meanings into texts they get from potential love interests. There is a definite meaning in this expression, if uttered by a girl, and I am not at the liberty to tell you or anybody else. that will help our users expand their word mastery. [17] The blunt comment from one head of state to another surprised many, and received "general applause" from the audience.[18]. For example, in 1957, Milwaukee morning radio personality Bob "Coffeehead" Larsen banned the song "Mama Look at Bubu" from his show for its repeated inclusion of the phrase, which Larsen felt would set a bad example for the younger listeners at that hour. [20] A similar objection was raised in the Pakistani Parliament in a session during the 1950s. For other uses, see. An alternative modern spoken usage is to express disbelief, or even amazement. [15] Another variation, shut it,[8] substitutes "it" for the mouth, leaving the thing to be shut to be understood by implication. [1] This meaning was also used in the sense of closing something, such as a business, and it is also from this use that the longer phrase "shut up your mouth" likely originated. The use of the phrase "shut up" to signify "hold one's tongue" or "compel silence" dates from the sixteenth century. hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi. JerriAnne Boggis, Eve Allegra Raimon, Barbara Ann White, Sir Henry Irving, Frank Albert Marshall, Edward Dowden, commentary on, Rudyard Kipling, "The Young British Soldier", in. Shaddup is a humorous way of saying shut up, and hush/shush up is a milder variant. [24], Direct command with a meaning similar to "be quiet", "Be Quiet" redirects here. — Shower Thoughts (@TheWeirdWorld) May 21, 2018. To say that someone was "shut up" meant that they were locked up, quarantined, or held prisoner. [8] By derivation, a "shut-up sandwich" is another name for a punch in the mouth. The usage of this phrase for comedic effect traces at least as far back as the 1870s, where the title character of a short farce titled "Piperman's Predicaments" is commanded to "Shut up; and answer plainly". [22] When this (politer) usage is intended, the phrase is uttered with mild inflexion to express surprise. The command shut up is often followed by another. [8] In shut the heck up, heck is substituted for more aggressive modifiers. [8] Another common variation is "shut your mouth", sometimes substituting "mouth" with another word conveying similar meaning, such as head,[8] face,[9] teeth,[8] trap,[9] yap,[10] chops,[11] crunch,[8] cake-hole (in places including the UK[11][12] and New Zealand[13]), pie-hole (in the United States[14]), or, more archaically, gob. Relevance. Answer. Brenda Smith Myles, Melissa L. Trautman, Ronda L. Schelvan, "Piperman's Predicaments: A Farce, in One Act", (translated by, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Shut_up&oldid=977309298, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 September 2020, at 03:48. For instance, if a person was receiving praise they liked hearing but wanted to feign humility, they might, with a bat of the hand, bashfully say, “Oh, shut up.”, In the late 1980s, Shut up! Eric Partridge, Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor. 33 Answers. It was also used in an Oreo commercial on American TV in 2011, prompting some parents to object. Unlike men, every woman has her own particular way of communicating, so trying to establish blanket interpretations of the female subtext is an exercise in futility. rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of shut up Redefine your inbox with Dictionary.com updates. The phrase is also used in an ironic fashion, when the person demanding the action simultaneously demands that the subject of the command speak, as in "shut up and answer the question". / Shut up, Sal. What does it mean when a girl says shut up when they hear your name? It’s based on the idea of shutting one’s mouth, an expression actually recorded in the 1300s. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Maybe people would be better at standing up and talking if we hadn’t been told to sit down and shut up for the first quarter of our lives. Its use is generally considered rude and impolite, and may also considered a form of profanity by some. I’ll take blame for things I didn’t do to get people to shut up faster. [5], One 1888 source identifies the phrase by its similarity to Shakespeare's use in Much Ado About Nothing of "the Spanish phrase poeat palabrât, 'few words,' which is said to be pretty well the equivalent of our slang phrase 'shut up'". There ain't no way you're taking on a fucking lion. Space does not mean break up. The earlier meaning of the phrase, to close something, is widely used in Little Dorrit, but is used in one instance in a manner which foreshadows the modern usage: 'Altro, altro! I love when I'm watching a nature documentary and my dog starts barking at the lions on the TV. — Shower Thoughts (@TheWeirdWorld) May 21, 2018.

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