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Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Secondly, start predicting where it's going to go, so you can get the advantage of the first attack. Right-click on the ad, choose "Copy Link", then paste here → Some urban environment with enough cover to sneak up on it and enough space to drive around it is perfect. Skins and camouflages for the IS-7 from live.warthunder.com. All Rights Reserved. I also think certain folks have figured out how to cheat, but maybe it's just that things are so one-sided that it just feels that way as you are sent into a flaming descent to death. It still can be used to ping targets as a rangefinding help. War Thunder has the most comprehensive list of authentic war planes for players to enjoy. SPAA can easily use some cover to attack it's exposed track with cannons, making moving IS-7 topple over, then destroy second track, to immobilize it. DEV-BLOG. However, due to its placement at 8.3 it often faces vehicles that possess weaponry that the thick, conventional steel armour has no hope of stopping: HEAT-FS, ATGMs and APFSDS. Cons: Where to start...The previous reviewers that mentioned having to "pay to win" I suspect are correct. Speed, shooting angles, angles of penetration in the shield, proved in time only stories for children. In this large scale game, you'll be tasked with combating your very own starships to explore the galaxy. IS-7 drivers should not be deterred by any terrain, as the wide tracks and powerful engine will make quick work of any surface. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews War Thunder > General Discussions > Topic Details. This tank was introduced in Update 1.79 "Project X" as the main reward of Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. Click URL instructions: The IS-7 is the ultimate 'super-heavy tank', rivalling the Maus and E-100 in pure survivability, with a massive 130mm naval gun. Ingwerdieb. By DangermouseURY, March 3, 2015 in Heavy Vehicles. The reload time however becomes 2 to 3 times longer once the ready rack is empty. This page was last edited on 24 August 2020, at 14:39. Strength in numbers: Send someone to bait and stall IS-7, while rest are going to flank or simply rush it down. The 360° movement allows you to point quickly your MG in any given direction. Powerful ATGM's can easily breach hull armour and potentially take out 3 crew members, or explode excessive ammo near to tank's front. One: The newbies and freebies should be the ONLY folks playing in arcade mode. Machinery of War Discussion ; Ground Forces Discussion ; Soviet Union ; Heavy Vehicles ; IS-7 Sign in to follow this . The IS-7 is the culmination of decades of heavy tank development by the USSR, combining distinctive features of previous iterations of the IS series with more modern technology like an assisted loader. War Thunder. Nigh impenetr… Good graphics and aircraft response, but no fun with so many hackers. If you die your shot will disappear if you have shot at someone If IS-7 has full ammo loadout, it will most definitely explode. If forced to engage the IS-7 from the front, attempt to fire through the turret optic (just above and to the right of the gun when looking at the front), as this is your best opportunity to disable the gunner and the breech. © 2010—2020 by Gaijin Entertainment. DangermouseURY 11 DangermouseURY 11 Recruit; Member; 11 8 posts; 4405 The Crew II =CRW2= Report post; Posted … The development of this advanced Soviet heavy tank began in early 1945. Bald werden Piloten im War Thunder die Möglichkeit haben, die flinke Saab Sk 60 zu fliegen. Sporting arsenals from countries such as USA, Germany, France, the Soviet Union, Britain, China, and Japan, World of Tanks presents unparalleled... Star Conflict is a free massively multiplayer online game developed by Star Gem Inc and published by Gaijin Entertainment. Ideally, you want to send something like T95 or another extremely armoured tank as bait (or even another IS-7 in AB), so foe can't simply destroy it without putting an effort, but if there is none such tanks, sacrifices must be made. All rights reserved. As such, the IS-7's true chances of survivability come from its excellent mobility and the spread-out crew. The other way to zoom is uncomfortable and out of place All maps are either too open or are all urban, leading to instances where you are exposed or can be outflanked because of the maze of buildings, Overall: Overall mildly fun game, with issues that are easily fixable. Overall: Again, it's fun at first and the graphics are very well done. Getting shot down immediately after spawning by a PFP guy after being hit by a single round is just ridiculous and frustrating. Overkill: If you are a proud owner of FV4005, Type 60 ATM, Sturmpanzer 2, M50 Ontos, FV 4004 Conway, BMP-1 (AB), and some other vehicles with weapons that have extreme overkill potential (usually at the cost of all the mobility and/or all armour), this is your time to shine. This will allow the new folks to practice and determine if paying for longer term play would make sense for them. (This may not be possible with some types of ads). Unfortunately, however, the vehicle's limited ammunition load and the sheer size of the rounds result in ammunition being vulnerable, strewn throughout. For different reasons, the physics of reality no longer matters and as a player, you become a pawn without having control in the game. Shooting from an angle significantly reduces the amount of effective armour your shells have to penetrate. 2018. When you're out in the open world, you'll be tasked with fighting... Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game with VR support released by the Robox Corporation. The IS-7, similarly to the rest of the IS line, should be played as a breakthrough tank, taking advantage of its extreme durability, and avoiding long-range engagements where its shells simply lose effectiveness. The tank was armed with a powerful 130 mm rifled cannon with mechanized first-order ammo racks and an amazing eight machine guns: two high-calibre 14.5 mm KPVs (one twinned with the cannon and the other an anti-air gun) and six 7.62 mm RP-46 machine guns The armour of the IS-7 is its main feature with high protection value, along with a range of advanced technological solutions, some of which were successfully used on more modern tanks. In addition, some high-calibre HESH rounds (such as the FV4005 and Conway will have no trouble disabling your vehicle almost regardless of where they land. Suspension wheels are 20 mm thick, tracks are 30 mm thick, and torsion bars are 60 mm thick. Also be wary of any tanks with two plane stabilisers, as the IS-7s main armament is not stabilised in any way and must be stopped before it can fire accurately. Lacking a stabilizer, the tank absolutely can't fire on the move. 28 Oktober 2020. The IS-7 sports excellent mobility characteristics, despite its weight; its 1050 horsepower diesel engine comfortably pushes the vehicle to its top speed of 63 km/h (AB) or 60 km/h (RB/SB) with what seems like absolute ease. The IS-7 looks quite similar to the IS-3 and T-10M, however due to the assisted loader and much heavier armour, the turret is significantly longer. IS-7. The high muzzle velocity of your shells grants you pretty flat firing trajectories and thus helps fire at moving targets from a distance. This tank was introduced in Update 1.79 "Project X" as the main reward of Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. Moreover, the high position of the MG on the turret allows you to shoot from behind cover without exposing your armour. In case if SPAA is combat-capable and has APDS shells with 110 mm of penetration, it can try to get behind the turret, while breaking every MG with autocannons, to execute it personally. It happened for me, to destroy planes and tanks(and two at a time) without firing one single shoot and firing full ammunition loaders without destroying the target. if you have the is7 hull blueprint then it would be way cheaper for you, max to max $50, the parts can be sold on the market place, which will be available in abundance, just like the tiger event, it was sold in 9 to 10 cents, if you have the hull blueprint and you assemble the t34e bp you could easily get the is7 by just buying parts from the market place, You have till 5th August to rak up 16 task, it's pretty easy, after that just buy out the materials it will be much cheaper than the finished product. This free game gives players the option to take place in massive military battles on land, in the air, or at sea with friends all over the world. The IS-7 is a gift Rank V Soviet heavy tank with a battle rating of 8.3 (AB/RB/SB). The more fighter planes an account has unlocked, the higher the price it’ll fetch, and the more you’re going to want to purchase it! Pros: Beautiful maps, detailed and widely varied vehicles spanning the time from 1935 to the 1980's, can choose between Air, Ground, and Naval, Mixed Battles at 3 different levels of skill. You seem to have CSS turned off. Download the free game War Thunder on PC or Mac, Playstation, or XBox and get ready to be a part of one of the most comprehensive military games ever made. To top this off, the IS-7 has a significantly more powerful engine than previous models, with over 1300 horsepower relieving the acceleration and manoeuvrability issues encountered prior without costing at all in reverse speed or top forward speed. In that regard, using the "sight control distance" feature can increase your chances of successfully hitting enemy tanks. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: World of Tanks is a free to play massive multiplayer game that simulates armored warfare including the most famous tanks of World War II and beyond. This newly upsized C-70 cannon (exclusive to the IS-7) only has APCBC and HE rounds, but with 35 mm additional penetration on the BR-482B over the top-tier ammunition from the previous D-25T gun (taking it to a total of 265 mm at 10 meters), an experienced IS driver will be able to deal with the vast majority of enemy vehicles they come up against. Gaijin screws up on two levels here. Despite a lack of neutral turning, the IS-7 is more than capable of hull traversing at a competitive speed to best utilise its armour when necessary; this is notably improved by the Tracks upgrade. As such, it drives similarly to early MBTs. Several outstanding scientific groups got involved with the work at once, and the new vehicle was supposed to combine all the latest developments and a great deal of military experience in the design of heavy tanks. To go into battle with the flanks depleted of propellant bags (racks 1 to 5), pack 16, 130mm BR-482B APCBC round capable of dealing a lot of internal damage - very few tanks will survive a successful penetration, One of the few Soviet heavy tanks to have a 5-man crew, increasing its survivability, Has an assisted loader (which loads a shell every 10 seconds), Decent turret rotation (16.47° per second with a stock crew, 23.53° per second with a fully upgraded aced crew), A lot of machine guns; total of two 14.5 mm KPVT's and six 7.62 mm RP-46's that are deadly against open-top vehicles/ lightly armoured vehicles, Anti-aircraft 14.5 mm HMG that can rip apart any thin-skinned vehicles (45 mm of penetration at 10 m), Impressive armour display with a heavily sloped turret, piked front hull, thick gun mantlet, spaced and sloped side armour, Can be very difficult to destroy for players who are inexperienced in fighting it, Good reverse speed and can accelerate backwards rather quickly, Good acceleration and decent top speed for its weight, Limited maximum ammunition load of 30 rounds, Terrible gun depression and elevation (only -3° depression and 15° elevation), Shots to the back of the turret will set off the ammo rack located there, this is the first rack of shells which are loaded into the cannon, Often faces 8.7 tanks with stabilisers and APFSDS that can easily penetrate it, The front turret optic is a reasonably easy spot to penetrate from the front, needing ~170 mm penetration, Vulnerable, as with all late heavy tanks, to chemical rounds, ATGMs and late kinetic rounds, 20 mm of armour over the engine deck and only 5mm of armour plating over the engine ventilation, meaning planes can often cause engine damage and fires, It takes a rather long time to replenish shells in the assisted loader, and having an assisted loader means it must reload a shell into the mechanism first before reloading the gun, Not a lot of ammo for the machine guns, some of the machine guns cannot even reload once they've expended their first ammo belt, The assisted loader will not complete reloads if the loader is knocked out or replaced by another crew member partway through a reload.

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