vortex viper pst gen 1 vs gen 2

The CRS Shim zero stop system is more of a rotational stop rather than a true sense zero stop. Glass seems to be the same. Thanks for the response. But they were just doing ‘dillo things, so I let them alone. let me know if you have any other questions my friend! On the 1st generation of PST rifle scopes, the illumination activation switch and illumination power range was located on top of the scope eye piece. And that’s all there is to it. Other controls, like the illumination settings, have also been relocated and improved. Is Vortex still honoring the warranty on the PST Gen 1 scopes? Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 MRAD- People say the Strike Eagles are crap and that this LPVO is ~80% of the Razor HD Gen II at ~50% of the price. According to my standard “tall target” tracking test at 100 yards, they track very well, down to the click. It’s that good. To be clear, it’s not as though the glass on the Gen 1 models was bad in the first place, but Vortex decided to go ahead and upgrade the glass during the Gen II design phase. I would say it’s above average in this price range. from $849.99. Weight discussions like this are rather semantic, though. I don't think I'll go wrong either way. I did take this optic hunting on the last legal day for whitetail in my area, and was able to positively identify things as “not deer” all the way up to the end of legal shooting light with ease. No experience with the PST2. It is also a great scope for the money. I owned and sold 1 Gen 1, I currently own 3 Gen 2s. Glass seems to be the same. While brightness may be comparable to common red dots, battery life is not. The HST models are designed to provide a constant precise performance with dialing durable target-style windage and elevation turrets together with either the MOA or MRAD reticle. The combination of a red dot and a useful set of subtensions is ideal for many of the circumstances an AR-15 is deployed, whether that’s hunting, competition, or something more serious. Most of the time though, I don’t shoot in those conditions. All Rights Reserved. Built on a seemingly identical scope body, the most striking external difference is the color change from a rich brown to a matte black. The PST also comes with a MAG-View Fiber Optic combined with a Fiber optic turret rotation indicator radius bar. Their warranty is really outstanding. Their VIP warranty (Very Important Promise) will take care of you with no questions asked, anywhere, or anytime. I was impressed, and would be totally comfortable recommending the PST II 1-6×24 for use on a precision-oriented carbine. One quick word on Argon or Nitrogen purged scopes. Minuteman. Most scopes manufactured by the same company are designed for specific applications, and so I thought. When it comes to comparing scopes from the same manufacturer, life gets harder in terms of comparing construction, but easier when comparing performance. Belligerents. Filter by. We will reach you shortly. The PST Gen 1 scope models used the CRS zero stop system, which is a shims based system that really isn’t a true zero stop as you can actually adjust the turret back down past zero. Vortex chose to use etched reticles in all models, and they are manufactured in the Philippines. Aloha. I have a couple GEN 1 and 2 GEN 2, one FFP and one SFP. If you’ve ever seen or handled a Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24, the PST Gen II 1-6×24 will immediately be very familiar. Visit scopelist to learn more. It has been integrated into the side of the parallax system. Daylight bright, … Restrictions and conditions apply. The zero stop. Filters. And as you’ll see, the performance lives up to the good looks. No real surprises here, it has a great eyebox and simple layout that lends itself well to practical shooting. I get these types of questions a far amount at my day job, and one that I seem to be asked quite a bit is this one: What are the differences between the Vortex Viper PST Gen 1 vs Gen 2 scopes? JavaScript is disabled. This is supported by a Precision-Force Spring System with a Precision-Glide Erector System for smooth scoping performance. I’m not sure how much of this was due to my frozen fingers trying to work the very short, somewhat sharp turret gripping surfaces, but I thought I’d mention it just the same. 1holeaddict. If you’re going to be doing range-only work on a less-than-weekly basis, the PST II is more than fine. This is also supported by a Precision-Force Spring System with a Precision-Glide Erector System for smooth scoping performance. Vortex introduced the PST Gen 2 scope series at the 2017 SHOT show. As the other poster said the setting of the zero stop is a pain. There is one stand out the difference, and it is significant for most scope users, and that is the price. Looking to see if there is any differences that stand out as to make one or the other a better scope. Short answer: Probably. Just be realistic with what your needs are. For example, the PST Gen 1 6-24×50 FFP model features a field of view range of 17.8 ft to 4.2 ft at 100 yds. I’m happy to report that the PST II 1-6 has glass like this as well, which came in handy around dusk. This system is more of a traditional, mechanical zero stop where the turret actually stops at the zero mark and can be adjusted back to zero without looking at the turret. Vortex Viper PST Gen II comes with Significantly Improved Optical Quality; PST Gen II provides you with Higher Zoom Range (6x or 5x over 4x Zoom Range) Both Have Two Focal Planes but PST Gen II has more Reticle Choices XR™ Fully Multi-Coated with ArmorTek scratch-resistant coating, Hard Anodized Finish Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Single-Piece Tube, Objective lens diameter is smaller than the PST. The important features in this riflescope line are Extra-low dispersion (XD) glass lens elements, XR fully multi-coated lenses, 30 mm Single-Piece Aircraft-Grade Aluminum tube, Hard Anodized Finish, Ultra-hard, scratch-resistant ArmorTek coating, matching turrets, Rapid Zero Return (RZR), illuminated glass-etched reticle in either First or Second Focal Plane, fiber optic turret rotation indicator Radius Bar, and Fast Focus Eyepiece. What are the Improvements of Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 over Gen 1 Scopes? At that price,I'm guessing it is a military discounted purchase. I have a pair of the 5-25 PST Gen II in FFP with the 2C reticle as they are great scopes for the money. The turrets them selves. They managed to take an already popular line, the PST series, give it a significant upgrade in the theme of their high-end products, and bring it to market without too much of a price increase. The turrets on the PST Gen II 1-6×24 can be run capped or uncapped, depending on your preference. As always, if somebody with more experience than me tells you something different, listen to them. For my application I wish I would have bought both as FFP. The combination of a red dot and a useful set of subtensions is ideal for many of the circumstances an AR-15 is deployed, whether that’s hunting, competition, or something more serious. The Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) riflescope is designed for competition and tactical purposes. The Gen 2 has better glass and much better turrets, all though I do wish they locked like the Razor. And the newest version of the Razor HD, the Gen II-E, actually does weigh in less than the PST II. I’ve found little else that compared, at any level. Vortex Viper PST Gen II Rifle Scopes have been built over the PST Gen I models. Do you know where I can find one? Reticle illumination is harder to adjust on the Gern 2 also. Do you have any suggestions? Just remember that even “bad” glass these days is pretty darn good, and that you generally get what you pay for. Reticles for the PST II 1-6×24 are taken directly from the Razor HD II version, which is a good thing. The low profile design is extremely resistant to accidental turning, just like the Razor HD Gen II version. This Vortex optic paired very nicely with the BLACK mount. Tacticsfaq.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon (.com, .co.uk, .ca, etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Vortex Viper Gen 2 PST or Razor Gen 2 - Which one? While the PST Gen 1 scopes feature a 4x zoom range, the PST Gen 2 models feature either a 5x zoom or a 6x zoom, depending on the specific model. Have the Vortex Diamondback HP Scopes Been Discontinued? It really comes down to how deep your pockets are. How much better? I like the clarity and turret manipulation much better. Let’s face it, this is inevitably going to be called the “budget Razor.” This comparison is pretty much unavoidable. This is “good” glass, borderline “great.” I do realize none of those words really mean anything, but I’m coming to realize that optical comparisons in a review of this nature rarely do. I’d answer that question in the following in/then way: Here are a couple of frequently asked questions that I also see in regard to the Gen 1 and Gen 2 PST scope models: Vortex does not currently offer a Gen 3 version of the Viper PST scope. Fair warning, I’ll be going back and forth comparing this scope to the Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 quite a bit. We still have gen 1’s but the GEN2 EBR-4 SFP is the best to us. The HST is for fast and furious action, which makes it a great tactical scope. Both look like great options to me but I'm leaning towards the G1 unless the benefits are just too good to pass up on the G2.

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