vortex venom problems

And it's the first I've actually mounted on any of my guns. For the last few years I've had to close one eye to effectively shoot precision scenarios. You bring the red dot up, put it over the target, and focus on the target. I went with the rmr for my gen5 19. It adjusts like a scope with each mark on the sight equaling a distance up or sideways for the dot. Lock in the location of the dot in the screen/frame of the sight. A line instead of a dot. For me, the trade off is worth it for now. This thread is archived. And because I'm new at setting up, and using this Vortex sight, you'll get answers to what you'll likely run into if you're using one for the first time. I set up a bag to prop my shooting hand on, and went to work. I set up paper splatter targets at consistent distances, working at around 30 feet. Finally, I got set up at the range, with a bench table, chair, and plenty of ammo. contiguous 48 states, DC and to all U.S. Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Boom! They won't reset to anything when you take the battery out. As far as I know, on most of these sights, the adjustments are mechanical. Anyways, I installed it on my Desert Eagle .357 pistol with no problems and began shooting. Update on the Vortex Venom Red Dot sight: (3 Weeks Later). As far as I know, on most of these sights, the adjustments are mechanical. It actually came down to the Delta Point Pro, RMR, and the Venom. I have a cheap BSA red dot and an expensive Ultradot with much better red dots than the Venom. Mine was getting very low and a new battery fixed it. When I got it, that was a turning point. Rating - 100%. So changing the battery will not affect the zero of the sight, and this is exactly what you want. I tried over and over from different distances. I like being able to look down the slide and see the dot clearly with both eyes open. Not a dot. That because I couldn't find the answer to one question about the setup for a sight mounted like mine is. from OH, United States I decided I didn't want to invest in a new gun or have a slide milled, so I decided on an OuterIMPACT sight adapter plate for the Vortex Venom. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Using a red dot sight requires a transition from steel sights. And your vision determines how you will see that dot. I don’t think it’s one of their better products. Only time will tell if the Venom will hold zero. All I was trying to work out below, I now help other people with. The benefit to it is just that. It's just that like so many other things having to do with guns, it may not fit everybody for every gun. easyflyer65, I could have gotten the vortex for substantially cheap with discounts but went with rmr. It means from all the years we've had it drilled into us to "focus on the front sight", that all changes. It comes with a Picatinny mount. When you pulled the battery, did the Venom hold your zero or did it reset to factory position? You'll find out here, and in the video, how it works, and what problems I ran into in my intial use. So, I threw out the advice. NES/MFS November Giveaway ***Chinese Surplus SKS Type 56***. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries Visit Homepage View Articles MGO Member Join Date Apr 2008 Location Lake Orion/Oxford … I have three Vortex red dots. The article and videos below will give you an idea of what to look for when you are setting up and zeroing a red dot sight on a slide-top platform. The first suggested action was to determine whether something is wrong with the sight or something wrong with your eyes. I have the new battery out and ready for a speed change. The sight is obviously well made. Instead, the first thing I wanted to find out was how to hit a target with the dot turned off. The Vortex Venom red dot sight arrived well packed and labeled with great instructions, tools, cleaning cloth, cover and a decent rail mount. Batteries die, and you don't want to have to re-zero every time you change the battery. In those cases you have to make your own rule. When I first turned on my sight, I found the dot. It's good, but how or if it will be used in the future remains to be seen. *The sight is a both-eyes-open, focus on the target shooting system. Vortex Venom Problems ... Update on the Vortex Venom Red Dot sight: (3 Weeks Later). What you find on the Vortex website, and in documentation about these sights is what each adjustment means at 25,50,100 yards. It was like I was shooting into a black hole. Here's The (Simulated) Red Dot Sight Picture That Put Me On Target, Here's The Video On The Vortex Venom That Shows What Worked. Again, I sat down at my table, hand propped on a bag and began to shoot at several targets I had setup at about 25 feet. There are, however, compromises you make. After these months of using the red dot sight, having put about 1500 rounds through the gun with it mounted, I now carry it with confidence. I did get the Deltapoint Pro, but haven't mounted it yet. UPDATE: It's now five months after the initial setup and review of the Vortex Venom. I've got a Venom on my shadow 2 and one on my Ruger Mark III competition and have had zero problems with them. You must log in or register to reply here. But more ideal than not seeing a clear sight picture. The dialed in red dot was finally confirmed and it was time to settle down and shoot. Obviously not taking handgun adjustments into account. Email: sales@opticsplanet.com, 10AM-6PM CDT Mon-Fri I can now say definably, that the Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight is a capable, high quality electronic sight that will benefit many people. I like the fact that the sight stays in one piece and stays adjusted with the onslaught of the slide movement. I could see a line in my sight. Fax: +1-866-534-3097 We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible! Both work as described. ----------------------------------------. It takes a transition. And knowing I'd now be able to make regular trips to the range, improving with practice. I had this happen to me on a Venom mounted on a Mark IV, in my case the dot would illuminate but I couldn’t make any adjustments. With consistent, tight, low left groups, I began to use the MOA screws to adjust the sight.

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