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Hence, 3 members of Gang Nikhil and Minnie from Gang Prince won immunity. 3) While the alliance performed, the other alliance would drive a car across a path and keep ringing the bells in the path. Stage 2: The first 3 pairs to complete stage 2 only move on to the last stage. Raftaar visited Renault showroom and also give away few passes at there. 2 minutes got added to the other alliance. ii) He had to put any one female roadie each in the other two gangs. Then Ranvijay gave a task to four selected pairs. They both reached task location. (3) The key to the lock on the ankle of their girl. The Gang Leaders had a power to disqualify one Gang from this Task. If she fails, she had to convince other performers to join to raise the flag again but the sequence will be changed. After Everyone Turns Their Back On Surbhi, Raftaar Stands Up For Her And Tries Convincing Neha To Give Her The Immunity. You need an account on Voot to download, which you can sign up easily with your Gmail or Facebook account. Sonu, Abhishek, Geetika and Shubhada got immunity. RanVJ asked him to dance. 2. Free Download MTV Roadies Xtreme Episode 13, MTV Roadies Xtreme Sharan and Mehakdeep are back, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13 29 April 2018, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13 Free Download, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13 Online, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13 Sharan and Mehakdeep are back, Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13 Voot, Bigg Boss 11: Why Shilpa Left Angoori’s Role, On the set was ‘dirty movement’, Production of ‘House of Cards’ resumes with “Diane Lane” and “Greg Kinnear”,End of show for “Kevin Spacey”, Shilpa Shinde became the winner of Bigg Boss 11, Hina Khan came out in the last round. The Gangleaders had 100 fruits and they had to bet before every fight. Rohan got the immunity. 5 roadies voted for Priya with Gang Leader name Nikhil and 3 roadies voted for Priya with Gang Leader Neha. The girl finally has to dress those correct ornaments on a local couple. Fara Fatima Khan got voted out with 9 votes. The audition was done by the four aspiring gang leaders - Raftaar, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula and this season, Rannvijay Singh serves as a mentor and host.[1]. Shruti voted for Sharan. 1. 1. One gang leader had to decide which roadies (one girl and one boy) would play for the gang leader going against him and vice versa. After winning this task Khurshid and Preeti now have the power to decide in which Gang they want to go. If it doesn't, it will be a disadvantage. Priya, Samiksha and Geetika were in the danger. Vivek Bora was the next contestant who is an actor of Assam movies. Rohan chose Nikhil's Gang and Kashish chose Prince's Gang. Geetika- voted for Mehakdeep, Rohan voted for Sharan, Priya voted for Mehakdeep. Vote Now For Your Favourite Contestant. The task had 3 stages. Ltd @ 2020.All Rights Reserved The remaining 2 roadies move to the last round. Watch MTV Roadies Season 16 Episode 26 - Raftaar's Lesson For Surbhi Online. Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 1 Delhi Auditions. The gang which diffuses the bomb in the least amount of time will win complete immunity. For this task, Gang Nikhil and Gang Neha had to compete against each other for one immunity. •Gang Neha:- Phase 3: The third member has to balance the bricks in the order of colors VIBGYOR on a platform that has to be balanced by a rope. 3) The second member has to see through a binoculars and guide the third member in cutting four coloured wires in the given order, thus diffusing a time bomb.

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