volcanicus upgrade kit

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This kit gives Volcanicus more shoulder bulk and doesn't require swapping out whole parts on Grimlock. [CONTENT_LENGTH] => Additional information. Very nice upgrade set to go with your bots, however, make sure to gently test fit every single piece and sand when necessary as sometimes the post are a bit too big to fit and you might crack your dinos as I did on sludge.

When removing the chest piece from Grimlock, be extremely (baby hands) careful, as this plastic is not flexible and only held on by two very weak tabs so over forcing it will break these tabs, Mine have stress marks already after 2 installs and i'm scared to take it off again. Free shipping is available for domestic shipments only and only offered on the lowest cost shipping method. Don’t be panic if your package hasn't been updated for less than 12 business days since international shipping won't update itself everyday.

Overall this make the Volcanicus figure look A LOT better, but some of the pieces are VERY hard to get into place, and I have never been able to get the legs right, after putting the upgrades on. -For question based in Show.Z Store Website. How to track my items? Worth every cent put un that upgrade kit! We alway write the value around 15-20USD for each package so you can avoid some custom tax. (We reply all messages every day but send us again anyways just in case we missed it) His major shortcoming lies in the precision of his design. Double Deposit Discount/DDD PreOrder It's *that* tight.

As I look at it, Volcanic is a Transformer all on his own, and I don't think he will ever become the individual Dinobots again, so the extra weapons are pointless to me unless I get a second set. Balance is still a big issue, and sadly , mine fell over for no reason and broke two of the very delicate fingers off at the knuckle.

Hands, ratcheting feet, body and torso parts, and one big sword. The second, much smaller point is that the added mass of the figure makes him harder to pose without support, though PotP Volcanicus wasn't super-stable to begin with, so maybe it's not that big of a difference. It still may have wear to the window, and a small amount of wear to the box that is noticeable upon close inspection. Tiene que activar el JavaScript del navegador para utilizar las funciones de este sitio web.

The tracking # starts with “CP” most of the time and can be tracked at 17track.net. 7. Otherwise I like the look of the kit and the bulk it adds to Volcanius. [REQUEST_SCHEME] => https Show.ZStore@Gmail.com We will upload the tracking right after we got it from the shipping company, it will takes about 3 days normally. His presence on my shelf has completely changed. You can follow up with us every 1 or 2 weeks. Will challenger ship soon or will it be held till arcee comes in? First off, this thing looks *amazing*. For items over 2kg we use "Show.Z Large Package Method" and ship from Beijing, it’s SAL shipping method for most of the countries, takes about 7-30 days to arrive.

Start your Transform Dream Wave collection today with TCW-06 POTP Dinobot Volcanicus Upgrade Kit. (It means if the full price is $100 and depos't is $2, then after you pay $2 deposit, the total price will reduced to $98 so the balance will be $98-$2=$96)

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