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Third, I say uninformed because as was covered by other responses there is indeed a bolt hold open button that eliminates the supposed need to use an empty magazine to lock the action open. First, your limited thinking can’t come up with all the tactical and practical applications for a semi-auto shotgun that reloads quickly and easily? Dang. Chinese products were not taken into account as in the past already had some issues with them. Urban warfare. Trench clearing. You simply can’t hold the shortcomings of the Saiga against the VEPR. I was looking for a buttstock for my Vepr 12 Molot. Maybe the new name should be THEMODERATLYBIASPOINIONSONGUNS.COM. Have to agree with the author. Ergonomics Firing: * * * * That is the bolt lock. ATF is always looking for a new avenue of prosecution. And I’d be swapping the stock for something that’s not welded open and awkward, so might as well get something American while doing that, giving you another compliance part. C'est un fusil de chasse (shotgun) polyvalent, créé par la société russe Molot-Oruzhie. Get yourself some higher capacity magazines and prop it by the bedroom door loaded with buckshot and you’re nearly guaranteed to kill whatever busts down your door. Shame on you. ”. In case you look for improvement and tuning of your rifle i warmly suggest to consider this option.

$699 classic firearms they can’t keep them in stock tho sell out with in one two weeks and takes a second for em to get em again. best point this is ohio man was open carry a gun wich is leagle police detain him with out cause orther then the gun they found he can sue the state and police. It works well for things like skeet and hunting, but when you get into “tactical” uses or competition shooting the game becomes a test of who can stuff rounds in their gun faster. I hope my previous comment doesn’t seem anti-2nd. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In no way do I represent the opinion of TTAG when I say: if you don’t like the subjective ratings, then simply ignore them. You didn’t give it a fair test!” To which I reply that guns are tested in factory condition, and a gun that needs to be “fixed” before you can actually use it is a pretty piss poor gun.

Le Vepr-12 est un fusil semi-automatique russe.

I think shotguns are the best home defense weapon – point it in the intruders general direction and you’re likely to really ruin their day. atf got so so bussy they got better things to do the strip down your gun see if compliant probe is they need Guilty!!! people get all fussed about it and do things like add recoil buffers or extra strength recoil springs, and then scratch their heads at the occasional short-stroke or double. Yet I do not like the embargoes pertaining to Russia or China as it really only adversely effects respective citizens in both countries as well as the U.S..Now, transferring high-tech military type technology I get….

Believe it or not, many more pumps than autos. – 32″/30″ $ 9,950.00 Add to cart; Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting 12ga., Man, does that look awkward and ungainly.

Why aren’t top 3 gun shooters using it? Yeah. I’ve beaten competitors much better than me that used those in Trooper division simply because their gun didn’t work. It holds enough ammo for any situation and is easy to load on the march.

So each category gets 4 stars but somehow the overall drops to 3 stars?

For full power buckshot loads it runs flawlessly. and yes they first need judge order or arrest u, there arrest found not sound leave them open to law sute

Not to mention your “problems” are things that others (such as Tim over on MAC) love, and I’m thinking Nick just hates the idea of an AK shotgun period and will find any excuse to bash them. I thought about the annoyance of trying to load magazines (can’t leave them loaded for years on end or the springs get even less reliable), rock & lock, and engage an intruder – I’d have to ask for a time out – and heaven forbid the darn thing jams as sometimes happened at the range. There’s an issue with aiming this gun, thanks to the parallax resulting from the sights being an inch above the top of the barrel. The slide locks back easily by pushing the little button in front of the trigger guard (just behind the magazine release paddle). I’ve never seen that XRAIL system before. In the meantime I’m giving it one more star than I gave the Saiga-12. It came with the fixed stock. Then I looked at my ugly but 100% reliable $200 Mossberg 500 with 8 rounds and a wood stock., Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence.

These are getting hard to come by. Gifts – sure. There is a little round button just behind the mag well, press that bitch up and rack the bolt. I have thought about using it to hunt with in the future as I can buy 2 round mags. I did add a forward grip, get a picatiny rail, two allen screws with anchors, remove the bottom stock, install the two screws with anchors and reassemble. The VEPR-12 semi-automatic magazine fed shotgun from Molot seems designed to change the game.

I don’t see the Vepr as much of an improvement. It was immediately clear (especially after reading this authors Saiga 12 review) that he didn’t want to like this gun. Iron sights on the VEPR-12 work decently because they can be zeroed and give the shooter 2 aiming reference points.

Press J to jump to the feed. Very easy to do.

The overall includes everything — overall subjective opinion and shooting experience, price considerations, etc — and is not simply an average of the limited preceding categories.

Semi-auto AK-style shotguns aren’t new, and we’ve reviewed them before on the site. A stock AR15 generally works and could be used to compete in 3 gun though not optimally. And, since my kids all sleep upstairs, I can simply keep the weapon at less than horizontal + 15 degrees and they are totally safe. What if American gun manufacturers decide to cut corners (and then cut some extra corners) because they know that people will buy American no matter what? Why is that? As a result, the traditional way to keep a shotgun running has been a tube magazine running along the bottom of the barrel. My Turkish Hatsan's also required some work for

It’s a bit funny for me to read: “…the gun FEELS like it has very sharp edges and rough machining”. I have a few 10 round stick mags and a 20 round drum. I will be doing a conversion on it in the future so for now I will stick with the 5 round mags until it meets 922R.

You can adjust, but shooting at different distances will be an issue.”. Based on the design of the Kalashnikov, owning a Molot Vepr is like holding a piece of Russian history, one that is reinforced to last far into the future. Il est calqué sur le fusil d'assaut Kalachnikov d'origine, et construit sur le récepteur de la mitrailleuse légère Kalachnikov RPK. It’s better than the Saiga-12, but the safety is an issue for me and the gun feels like it has very sharp edges and rough machining.

Just saying. I bought a single VEPR 12 (for under $700 shipped btw) and its FLAWLESS. I don’t get the part about magazines and home defense. TTAG is one of only a few places where you can get that. Top competitors compete with what their sponsors tell them to so they serve as walking advertisements. Caliber: 12ga Bwahahahaaaaaa!!! The VEPR-12 is definitely an improvement over the Saiga-12, but as far as I can tell it’s still a solution looking for a problem. Uh – then I might suggest you not buy a Kimber 1911 frame in .45 and shoot flat front ball ammo. Let’s be honest, the importers aren’t sponsoring them. Okay, in the first picture, it says 12×76 on the receiver.

It’s not like an AR-15 where you can manually set the bolt open without the magazine if that is what you are referring too. 2.

sure I’ll have to replace a couple parts — but the mag does count as one of them…. Cost the same as a base model AR or AK does. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that people AREN’T watching! I believe completely that there is room for personal opinion on a review…but no reason whatsoever to leave out/ get WRONG The height over bore with a VEPR-12 or Saiga makes a bead not work well.

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