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空母「大鳳(μ兵装)」 As pint-sized discount-costed powerhouses for early world farming, that’s how: while low, their Firepower is enough to stop fireboats in their tracks, and if given enough Evasion, they can be reliably expected to evade incoming BB salvo, prolonging their operational time much beyond what their abysmal statline would lead you to believe. No other battleship can boast a Firepower as high as hers, nor can they buff their colleagues’ Firepower while they’re at it – and Hyuuga does all this at the low, low price of 13 Oil. – Desc: Quite literally an improved Yamashiro/Fusou in all respects, from the statline to the efficiencies. 軽巡洋艦「ブルックリン」(USS Brooklyn, CL-40)は、ブルックリン級軽巡洋艦の1番艦として1936年11月30日に進水。1937年9月30日に竣工した。 ブルックリン級は、当時日本が建造した最上 型 軽巡洋艦に対抗すべく、1万トン級の大型 >>> Tier 0: – USS Enterprise – Skill: 70% chance on Airstrike to do double damage and evade all attacks for 8s – Loadout: 3/3/2 – Desc: The best solo CV in the game, her base stats outstrip those of all her competitors and her skill is as overpowered as it gets. Does not stack with other command skills that have similar effect. Armed with 5 (three forward, two aft) triple turrets mounting 6-inch guns, they and their two near sisters of the St. Louis-class mounted more heavy-caliber guns than any other US cruisers. All in all, strong and dependable, just like her. azur lane, bikini, ecchi, fanservice, fan-art, 4th of july, uss washington, uss brooklyn, uss honolulu, uss montpelier, uss ranger, uss st. louis Claim Authorship Edit History About the Uploader – Loadout: 6/2/0 – Desc: Saddled with the much reviled F/F/B loadout and a useless primary skill, it’s hard to justify her use in most fleets – until you realise just how useful Reload is for CVL, and how cheap and effective a full CVL backline can be. Jump to navigation Jump to search. – Desc: Lo and behold, owing to solid FP and Reload as well as a good skill the Saberface’s damage output is pretty good. – BIG WASP YO (USS Hornet) – Skill: 60% chance to drop 12 additional bombs with her airstrike upon launch; 25% chance to inflict double damage with her airstrike. >>> Tier 1.5: – USS Helena (T0 vs bosses) – Skill: 60% chance every 20s to make all enemies on the screen take 40% more damage for 10s – Desc: Helena is exceedingly good against bosses and merely alright everywhere else. >>> Tier 1.5: – USS Chicago – Skill: Main gun shots have a 30% chance to inflict double damage. A Kai-less Laffey is a sad Laffey, but she remains pretty legit regardless. ☆激唱のユニバースの攻略はこちら! ├イラストリアス(μ兵装) ├タシュケント(μ兵装) ├ボルチモア(μ兵装) ├アルバコア(μ兵装) ├ダイドー(μ兵装), 別ユニットとして新キャラが参戦 ├ローン(μ兵装) ├大鳳(μ兵装) └ルマラン(μ兵装), ★激唱舞台(音ゲー)の攻略とフルコンボのコツ ☆10/29のメンテナンス内容が確定!, アズールレーン(アズレン)における、ブルックリンの評価と入手方法について掲載しています。ブルックリンのスキルやステータス、建造時間やドロップ場所からおすすめの装備まで、キャラクターに関する情報を網羅しています。, ブルックリンは、スキルに巡洋艦の火力バフを持っています。巡洋艦と組み合わせることで、前衛艦隊のダメージを底上げすることができます。, ブルックリンは軽巡艦としては珍しく、魚雷の代わりに副砲(駆逐主砲)を装備するキャラです。魚雷を扱えないので瞬間火力は低くなりますが、副砲を装備するため、恒常的な火力が高くなっています。, 魚雷型の軽巡艦は、魚雷のヒットで総合的なダメージも大きく変わりますが、副砲型の軽巡艦はダメージが安定しているため、扱いやすいです。, ブルックリンは、ブルックリン級の軽巡ユニットとなっています。ブルックリン級の3隻はそれぞれ近い性能を持ちますが、スキルによって性能が差別化されています。使用用途に合わせてキャラクターを選択しましょう。, ブルックリンは副砲持ちの軽巡では最も消費燃料が低く、火力アップスキルを持つので、低燃費の艦隊を編成するのにおすすめです。, ブルックリンは副砲を装備できるタイプのユニットです。スキルの特性上、主砲の発射速度を気にする必要はありません。艦砲ダメージがメインになるため、自動装填機構との相性がよいユニットです。, 最大3000円分のAmazonギフトコードが当たる!30秒で引ける事前登録くじ開催中!, 【大艦隊名】Horopsicon【艦隊ID】1073752975【メンバー数】3【サーバー】若松【方針】まったり【参加条件】どなたでも参加おk【一言】よろしくねー, © 2017 Manjuu & Yongshi / Yostar Inc当サイトのコンテンツ内で使用しているゲーム画像の著作権その他の知的財産権は、当該ゲームの提供元に帰属しています。当サイトはGame8編集部が独自に作成したコンテンツを提供しております。当サイトが掲載しているデータ、画像等の無断使用・無断転載は固くお断りしております。, Game8[ゲームエイト] - 【日本最大級】みんなの総合ゲーム攻略プラットフォーム, 不具合のご報告の際には、どのような状況でどのような症状が起きたかを可能な限り詳細にご記入ください。, みんなには面倒をかけますが、こうして委託をこなすことは我々の知名度向上にもつながります。つきましては、早く彼女たちを迎えにいきましょう, 指揮官の戦果は私の働きに相応しくなければ、辞職することも視野に検討させていただきます, 指揮官が外交における主導権を握れるようにするのが私の責務です。ご安心ください。プロですから, 最近は外交事務より指揮官の個人的用務の対応に追われることが多くなっているようですが……わざとじゃないでしょうね?, 外交スタッフは秘書を兼任しないはずですが…個人的には指揮官との関係をより強化することを望んでいます。, 指揮官にはより多くの利益を手に入れてほしい、より主導権を握って欲しい……うふふ、私、もう艦隊の外交官にふさわしく無くなっちゃいましたかもね。, ありがとうございます。これで艦隊の事務処理に一層励むことができます――え?指揮官を少し代行してもいいって?嬉しいご冗談です。……いずれにしても、がっかりはさせませんよ, ディプロマティック・ギフト――外交においては、贈答は大なり小なり重要な意味を有しますが――これは私個人からの贈り物です。私の好意以外、深い意味はありませんよ。ふふ。. Torps are even more of an afterthought than they are on Laffey, however, and as a result she may find herself somewhat stumped against Heavy Armour. >>> Honourable Mentions – HMS London – Skill: Increases Firepower of the entire frontline by 15% – Desc: HMS CA get a bad reputation for being frail and either undergunned or undertorped, despite possessing rather valuable skills. What problem?” While an Evasion-focused CA sounds ludicrous, and it is under most circumstances, Houston actually makes it work given enough Evasion-boosting auxiliaries: CAs live and die by their Evasion (or lack thereof), so stacking it actually lets her survive under heavy fire for much longer than you’d expect. Second only to Tirpitz in terms of pure staying power and armed with a quickly-proccable, backline-buffing, devastating barrage, she is exceptionally good under almost all circumstances; whether it is tearing apart mob nodes, showering enemy battleships in heavy firepower or providing support, Hood gets it done. Smokescreen provides 35% evasion and 35% reduced damage taken from airstrikes – Desc: Belfast is an HE-specialist who provides good damage and packs a punch with her torpedoes. This page was last modified on 11 June 2020, at 00:43. ID: KeU/MK5ycy, 2020/05/02(土) 19:41:43 – IJN Hiryuu (Tier 1.5 if deployed with Souryuu) – Skill: Once a battle, upon taking lethal damage, will not sink and will evade all attacks for 15s, simultaneously launching an additional airstrike; When paired, increases Air Power by 35% – Loadout: 3/2/3 – Desc: The stubbornest Kaga ever. – Desc: A full-gun alternative to Leander, somewhat sturdier than she is and in possession of a better barrage. Limit Break Ranks Skills First Gains Full Barrage I / All Weapon Efficiency +2% Quick Reload CN: 快速装填 JP: 快速装填: 30% (60%) chance to activate every 20 seconds: increase own … All skill values mentioned are at MAX level. Still hits damn hard, though, and harder still when she’s on a good roll. Any further, though, and auto becomes almost impossible as enemies get more accurate, tougher and more powerful: the moment a BB opens up on them, they’re already dead. – HMS Unicorn – Skill: On launching an airstrike, heals the escort fleet for 8% HP; Increases Reload of escort fleet by 15% – Desc: Arguably the best support CVL in the game, between the heal, the reload buff and the fighter support she provides a lot of value simply by existing; and stopping her from existing is quite hard given her large HP pool, at least for the class. – Desc: “Worth her weight in gold.” Edinburgh is in a similar situation as Cleveland: both have merely ‘okay’ skills, both have impressive statlines, both will stay in front and tank for days while the rest of the team gets the job done. – HMS Suffolk Kai (T1 when deployed with Queen Elizabeth) – Skill: 25% chance when firing main guns to fire another salvo; 60% chance every 20s to increase Firepower by 40% for 10s – Desc: Boasting the highest Firepower stat out of all the non-event CAs and armed with a pair of skills further capitalising on such Firepower, she’s a few notches above every other Torp-CA and has access to QE’s buffs to boot. What issues she does have are fairly minor: she needs to proc to get tough, obviously, but her uptime is high and she has two chances to proc per firing cycle; and her damage output isn’t as high as it could be, since her only skill is that Evasion buff, but it’s still higher than most non-CA (and many Torp-CA) frontliners manage. ID: SLC8gE78DZ, 2018/08/20(月) 02:42:22 They are tiered as a single unit. All that said, unlike Yat Sen she is certainly usable; okay-ish on her own and an amazing force multiplier, having her around won’t cut into your DPS to the point of crippling your fleet and will help your other ships MvP. – USS Houston – Skill: Main gun shots have a 20% chance to increase own Evasion by 100% for 15s.

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