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The build was fun, but my flying adventures have been even more exciting. Cruise speed varies with engine, but is typically around 95 knots. All Kitfoxes feature foldable wings for compact storage or trailering. At this point, over 7000 Kitfox kits have been produced, so one might expect potential for a plentiful supply of used Kitfoxes in the marketplace. 206.793.4198 • He has enjoyed the project, finding it straightforward in most regards. As with most light airplane designs, the Kitfox has evolved into ever-improved iterations over the years. If you have limited or no tailwheel airplane experience, look for a Kitfox that has dual brakes installed, which makes tailwheel instruction much less risky. You would do well to have someone on standby who’s qualified to perform a prebuy inspection, ready to go take a look as soon as you see something on the market you like. My plane stalls at 36 mph and cruises at 118 mph with a 100-hp engine burning 4 gallons per hour. Posted October 20, 2020, Looking for a Kitfox 4 with a 912 am IA AP if out of condition Inspection or needs work no problem in Maryland .Mike 410-375-9944, Telephone: The Kitfox is a great backcountry plane with a broad flight envelope and great load-carrying capacity. If considering the older models, I wouldn’t advise looking any further back than the Model IV-1200, because of its increased useful load, differential-action flaperons and larger tail. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Kitfox aircraft is for sale by Kitfox Aircraft LLC. Stall speed is 41 mph, and cruise speed is 120 mph. $400.00 + shipping. In January, 2000, work began on the Series 6. Posted September 28, 2020, build to order hatz style wide gear for avid or kitfox call for photos can build nose gear also, Telephone: The end result is a substantial increase in short-field performance. If you are not educated enough to scrutinize build quality on the Kitfox model you are considering purchasing, take along someone who is.”. The earliest Kitfoxes had aluminum firewalls, rather than stainless steel. and the Kitplanes logo are protected properties under international copyright law. To date, the most comprehensive and informative article on the Kitfox series I have read. 678-283-1445 • Some planes can fly slower or fly faster, but it would be hard to find another plane that efficiently beats the broad flight envelope of a Kitfox. N/A • It is the only trigear Kitfox registered in Germany and I always tow it to the airfield and back to my house. The Kitfox’s small-diameter tubing did not lend itself to the sloshing of anti-corrosion oil through the framework because each section of tubing was sealed off from its mates. Telephone: It flew after 2 years building time. Aircraft for sale. With the 180-hp Titan X340, takeoff and landing roll are typically 100–150 feet, rate of climb is over 2000 fpm and stall speed is 32 mph. Average cruise speed remained at 74 knots, and stall speed increased ever so slightly to 32 knots. His kit’s tanks are only recommended for no-ethanol fuel. He discovered a rudder pedal beef-up service bulletin that needed compliance, something that should be checked if considering purchasing an early SkyStar-supplied Kitfox. Find the best new and used aircraft for sale such as business jets, helicopters, Experimental, Warbirds and more. Most recently it received a brand new Rotax 912UL after the first one was worn up after 1200 hours flying all Europe. Cruise speed is as much as 127 mph, but this will vary depending on prop pitch. “I would find it hard to part with my Kitfox, but some planes do come up for sale, then sell quickly. The latest version is the Series 7 Super Sport, which is available as a kit or ready-to-fly SLSA. According to John McBean, factory support is available for all Kitfox models, as much as possible. Orginally designed by Dan Denney, the first Kitfoxes were powered by the then-popular two-stroke Rotax 532 and 582 engines of 64 hp. Was $9,995/Kitfox FW forward/95 HRS SMOH, 2 blade adj prop/3 to 1 gear box/Bing 64 Carbs/Email only! A Model III came along in 1990 with further enlargement of the tail feathers and a gross weight bump to 1050 pounds, allowing installation of the 80-hp Rotax 912 four-stroke engine; some 466 Model III kits were shipped. He also found that a different material was used in the later-production fiberglass fuel tanks to better tolerate auto fuel with alcohol content. 582/670 ROTAX Complete muffler with 90 degree elbow ready to install. He brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to his flight reviews. That’s not just a pitch to sell new kits, but rather the common opinion shared by most owners we spoke with. Climb rate is over 1200 fpm, and stall speed is 47 mph. Since then, over 7000 Kitfox kits have been shipped to builders in more than 40 countries. Usually powered by a 64-hp Rotax 532, the Model I cruises at 65 knots and stalls at 31 knots. Even without wing folding, required storage space is relatively small. Available with either tailwheel or tricycle gear, it had a gross weight of 1400 pounds when it was first introduced in 1994. Looking sub 30K, cash deal or 2002 harley superglide sport for trade + cash to balance amount. With almost 7500 registered members and growing every day, it is the best online place to find answers to questions about every model of Kitfox from the Model I through the current Series 7 Super Sport. The vertical fin area remained the same as the Model III, but it was still too small. Prices are in the range of $22,000 for a Kitfox kit, or a Fly away Kitfox SLSA with a base price of $95,995. We have a variety of experimental aircraft available from private owners and dealers that will provide you with a unique flying experience. Posted October 26, 2020, 2nd Owner Always Hangared Total Time 270 Hours Rotax 912ULS w/Soft Start System Warp Drive 3 Blade Carbon Ground Adjustable Prop w/Nickel Leading Edge 32'Wingspan Series 7 Elevator TK1 Shock Monster landing gear 26” Goodyear Tires BRS Parachute Mounted w/Camlocks Cleveland Brakes/Wheels Maule Tailwheel w/T3 Suspension System Dynon 10.5" Skyview Display w/Integrated Engine Sensors,GPS,Mode S Transponder w/ADS-B In & Out Indash Mini Ipad w/Usb Port Icom A210 Radio w/Intercom Dual Controls,Toe Brakes,Cabin Heaters Custom Sheep Skin Seats w/Tool Trays 5 Point Hooker Harnesses Whelen Led Nav Lights, Telephone: Telephone: He stresses to get the builder’s manual with the airplane, and if it’s been lost, to obtain one from the factory. The Editor-in-Chief discusses how the improper cut of his instrument panel affected the performance of his Dynon autopilot; by Marc Cook. Like all Kitfox aircraft, it has folding wings. While the basic design features remain, the more recent, sleeker Series 5, 6 and 7 Kitfoxes are much more capable airplanes. Still looking for Kitfox 4-1200. Kitfoxes have always called southwestern Idaho home, in the area around Boise; the plant was originally sited at Nampa and is now located at Homedale’s airport. Email me with details. Denney Aerocraft produced the first Kitfox kit in November, 1984. 410-375-9944 • are these kitfox with 100 hp rotax hard to fly. The Kitfox Series 6 and 7 offer convertible landing gear configuration that can be switched from tailwheel to nosewheel and back, if desired. That’s to be expected, since the Series 5 was actually designed to meet Primary Aircraft certification standards. 8186659421 • The latter is required to be on board for flight. Introduced at Oshkosh in 1991, the Model IV was a completely new aircraft. 582/670 ROTAX Complete muffler with 90 degree elbow ready to install. Browse a wide selection of new and used Experimental/Homebuilt Aircraft near you at Telephone: Meanwhile, SkyStar tried producing a Part-103 ultralight, the Kitfox Lite, using a 28-hp two-stroke engine, and it also introduced a Kitfox XL in 1994 and a Kitfox Lite Squared in 2001; both were two-seaters designed to be ultralight trainers, using a 50-hp Rotax 503 two-stroke engine. Flaperon and elevator controls utilize 4130 steel pushrods, while the rudder is cable actuated. Posted October 20, 2020, Reno Air Race Proven , easy installation 100 day refund & LIFETIME Warranty.$385.00 (Experimental), Telephone: 6318349926 • Posted October 22, 2020. Posted October 4, 2020, Heavy duty 3 blade alum. You may even be able to buy a used Kitfox if you ask the question.”. Posted September 7, 2020. You’d be wrong. 9703810963 • You have entered an incorrect email address! Frank Julian of Kansas City, Missouri, built his Kitfox Model IV in 1997 and considers it “a perfect little airplane.” He still has the Rotax 582 oil-injected two-stroke engine in his IV, which has proven to be entirely satisfactory for his purposes. It’s not just a modified IV. 920-238-2519 • “Wings Over Idaho” – a partnership between the flight school and the factory – also offers used “factory-built” (only) Kitfoxes. Gross weight is 1050 pounds, the same as the Model III. As always, engine/propeller configuration and setup can cause variations in performance numbers from builder to builder. Introduced in 1989, the Kitfox Model II is a bit faster and stronger than the Model I. 304-847-5723 • There’s also a radial engine that fits under the round bump cowl: the 7-cylinder, 110-hp Rotec R2800. Of all the Experimental kit airplanes that have come and gone through the years, it remains one of the most attractive options. Last spring I took a trip to southern Utah, landing at Happy Canyon, one of many strips to explore in the area. Given the scarcity of available used Kitfox airplanes, pricing will be subject to the seller’s eagerness to dispose of their plane. Typical empty weight remained at 426 pounds, resulting in a useful load of 524 pounds.

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