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Why not answer the questions? Well it did take them 3.5 years to ban it. The "right": we don't need trials for those peaceful protestors and those ones being summarily executed probably deserve it. On Monday, that included a temporary ban of the president's campaign account on the site. There is no such thing as hate speech (as the Supreme Court has declared). Communities are run and policed by mods. Thank you for reading this Techdirt post. The walkaway movement hasn't failed, still going strong from what I see. Plus, from the picture I've seen, the people protesting black executions were largely wearing masks while the people whining about not getting haircuts were not. The left scream, give nasty speeches, wear pink vagina hats, attack people and leave a mess behind. These reddit forums were banned because reddit disagreed with the community. Islamophobia acceptable there, but not in USA? Well, I guess from your viewpoint everyone not in your clique must be on the left. But perfect is the enemy of reasonably good. As I have it on good authority that breaking the rules is a justified reason to give someone the boot and not an indicator of bias. That's not even close to the same thing as saying "black lives matter" in defense of a particular group. Fascinating. That makes sense and should probably be allowed provided "outsiders" cannot access that content. As the number of games played at the League of Legends World Championship was cut in half compared to the previous week, variety streamer and former professional Overwatch player Félix “xQc” Lengyel retook the position as the top viewed stream. Where did you get that claim? And for some reason you think I belong to the left of the political spectrum because I dare to point out your bullshit. If so, what kind of person allows people to be injured and killed and businesses shut down and destroyed for a political agenda? Praise Jeebus, and his Pharisee overlords for this revelation! Funny how that works. I got banned from a subreddit using only a Thomas Jefferson quote. Filed Under: content moderation, donald trump, hateful content, masnick's impossibility theoremCompanies: reddit, twitch. That's basically what they do today. They antagonized Reddit admins actively. If they do nothing, tons of people will call out these platforms for inaction. The world only has this one problem. I’m a White cisgender male American. It's also worth noting that in ranting against religion you linked to a self-proclaimed born again Christian. bout-jewish-power-in-the-u-s/. The closest left wing sub to the many toxic subs on the right was Chapo, and no tears were shed when that Tankie infested hellhole was quarantined then banned. Comedians, late night hosts, actors and even the Governor of Virginia. The left has not controlled education for 50 years. All you need to do to learn about conservatives is listen to them. How many people have to be injured or killed before order is restored? Nor do you do it for free? channel ranking the last couple of weeks, but as the number of games decreased from four quarterfinals matchups in the week ending on Oct. 18 to only two semifinal matchups last week, the channel’s hours watched dropped from 5.47M to 3.31M. I pasted just the first link I came to below. That said if they are going down this road they will need to be both firm and transparent, willing and able to point out why someone got the boot no matter who it is lest control of the narrative be taken from them and used against them. Maybe you can let them speak for themselves. I'm shocked... You do realize that the KKK was created as a militant wing of the Democratic Party after they lost a war defending slavery? Throughout the last 16 weeks, the Just Chatting category was the most-watched content category on Twitch in 15 weeks. Dems are against school choice because they want to keep poor minorities from getting a real education and realizing that the leftist policies are just economic slavery. Although, the context of using that quote definitely was in advocacy of shooting back at violent cops. Well, it distracts leftists from examining themselves. Not necessarily. Twitch Turbo users can use any Hex value (i.e: #000000). Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the world "Hop on, lice." None of these policies are Marxist. Of course not, you guys always refuse to provide them, because you secretly know exactly why your friends are being banned. Ed Bott wrote a single message just asking when he'd be banned... and got banned. Sign in now. You don't even know how things work but you make claims very confidently. So do they pay you to spout this sad pathetic drivel? . It shows your racist thinking. Who does the Klan currently vote for and support? Gov. Obama even said mfg and jobs weren't coming back. That is no coincidence. Of course, because content moderation at scale is impossible to do well, I've already seen plenty of complaints about other Reddit forums that the site failed to take down. Biden will be less bad than Trump but that's about it. You have a really bad habit of conflating and confusing groups of people and individuals. The full-time streamer who is regularly occupying one of the top spots of this ranking kept a consistent viewership of 3.45M hours watched. The left has controlled education for 50 years and yet public education, especially for minorities is piss poor. This while dropping out of the Democratic primary. Since much of Twitch is live-streaming, it's that much more impossible to monitor. It will be a sad day for this country if he does.". Did you? I provided many examples of the hypocrisy of the left but they have gone unanswered.

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