tukano tribe history

When a Tukano speaks with a Maku, the Tukano stays at a certain distance, looking off to the other side.

Evangelicals = 2% Professing Christians = 5% 2: Minimally reached - Few evangelicals, but significant number who identify as Christians. Rev. 8) Miriti-tapuya or Buia-tapuya. Belém : Univ. Jurupari : estudos de mitologia brasileira. The risk from animals is proportionate to their habitat and to size: tapirs are more dangerous than monkeys, animals more dangerous than fish, and large fish more dangerous than small one. TRUPP, Fritz. Curing is done either by throwing water over the patient or by blowing smoke over the body and manipulating with the hands, but always involves sucking objects or substances from the patient's body. This, in turn, is part of a broader culture area, including populations of the Arawak and Maku language families. Indios, misiones y fronteras : una história de las misiones católicas en el Vaupés 1850-1950. In: LANGDON, J. M.; BAER, L. Estocolmo : Almquist & Wiksell International, 1981. Although the impact of the slavers, rubber gatherers was traumatic and long lasting, these merchants were more interested in the Indians" bodies than in their souls; in religious terms, and perhaps in social terms as well, it was the missionaries who wrought the greatest transformations. The Franciscans, and the Salesians who followed them, saw all that has been described above through the lens of their own closed religious categories: the Indians" malocas were "hotbeds of license and sexual promiscuity, their dance-festivals occasions of "drunken debauchery", the payés were charlatans who held the people in their thrall, and the Yuruparí cult was none other than the cult of the Devil himself. They are divided into approximately 30 named sibs. 205 p. (Dissertação de Mestrado).

Foto: Jean Jackson, 1969." In real life too, the eldest son and senior brother is typically the maloca headman and quite often his younger brothers are dancers, chanters or shamans, sometimes in appropriate order of birth. As a knowledgeable senior man, the kumu is typically also a headmen and leader of his community and will exert considerable authority over a much wider area.

El temblor y la luna : ensayo sobre las relaciones entre las mujeres y los hombres mai huna. 286 p. (Tese de Doutorado), . People Groups Tukano / in Tukano in Brazil PRINT VERSION: SHARE: Photo Source: Anonymous Send us a photo of this people group. de Paris X, 1995.

624 p. (Colección 500 Años, 44). They call themselves Ukohinomasã. Some remarks on conflict on the Upper Rio Negro (Brazil). Washington : Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998. The full Yuruparí rites, where different and more sacred instruments are played, are tied to the movements of the sun and the Pleiades and take place at the end of the summer and onset of the rainy season, the season of forest fruits.

Inn this schema, marriages between different groups also take on cosmic dimensions. They inhabit mainly the area of the headwaters of the Tiquié River, above the village of Trinidad, which is in Colombia; the upper Inambú stream (tributary of the Papuri) and the upper Colorado and Lobo (tributaries of the Pira-Paraná).


HUGH-JONES, Christine; HUGH-JONES, Stephen. To survive and prosper, and to ensure the well-being of themselves and their families, all adults need some ability to handle and control the creative and destructive forces that surround them. Chamanes de la selva pluvial : ensayos sobre los índios Tukano del Noroeste Amazónico.

Organização social Tuyuka. COHÃCJU Yere Yahuducuri Tju : o Novo Testamento na língua Piratapuya. . In general, the Maku almost never eat together with the Tukano nor even sit close to them, except on the occasions when there are morning community meals and some Maku are present. During these feasts, different groups come together to dance, to drink cashirí, to display their feather ornaments, to recite their ancestral pedigrees and to exchange their different products - stools for canoes, fish for meat, or caterpillars for the pulp of palm fruits. Their history then on is intertwined with slave export, military interference and ultimately Die bildliche mythologie der Desâna. Even the schools established in the Maku villages, with Tukano teachers, have rarely produced good results. 126 p. (Dissertação de Mestrado), BELLIER, Irene.

Bogotá : Gobernación del Vaupés, 1999. São Paulo : Museu Paulista, 1981. p. 255-70.

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