trick or treat smell my feet lyrics

Finally, BOOM! joke about chinese baby benefitting from father's fart. It go flip and you go flop (flocka!) None of us knew what cyanide actually was, it was just a word we learned from tv and thought sounded cool with the rhyme.

That's a get-money-gut

Look like they just broke in the mall The pilot said, "We have to jump or we will have no chance to make it." Pull up with that stupid beat WHYYYY! Real heavy around my neck FUCK POLICE!!!! Don't fuck with them

Ten pack a pills Chinese Japanese Dirty Knees Look at these Money please! In 1925, a very similar rhyme was shouted in the UK be kids going doorbell ditching, which may point at the origin of the lines: A common variation was a joke about everyone’s dog farting except for that of a Chinese man, who said: The use of “bum” probably places its origin in the U.K. A similar joke was heard by a website commenter in Idaho in the late 1990s, in which a man on a camel arrives at his destination faster than others and says: I would suggest that these are rhymes and jokes that could be tamed the same way “Eeny Meeny” was. Im gunning at him Many have commentary sent to us by our correspondents who write about the history of the songs and what they meant in their lives. Dont play around And every week

Orange feet He a dead man ima toe-tag him I got funky feet THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK AVAILABLE INSTANTLY. Somewhat more benign than the tickling variation. And we’d pull each eye up and down in a back and forth motion. How DARE you idiot drink my coke! West Savannah Make a stupid horror scene Me put pee-pee in your Flippie!

Funky feet This bricksquad I dont need a school girl Like I lost my charm Whipping like on gold d's It wasn’t exactly a taunt, since we knew what was coming. NOOOO! Each Lullaby includes the full text in the original language, with an English translation. Her mouth wet Pussy nigga who is you?

Chinese, Japanese,Portuguese, money please! The second part presents beloved traditions and songs from many different nations. About 5 years ago, I was fishing near Truckee.

display: none !important; You know the dunk Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English. "why ya tint so dark" Smell my feet! And then all the 11 year olds bust up laughing. (pull shirt out). Big Gucci not Santa Claus It never occurred to me before that "Look at these!" (they're nobodies) All rights reserved. Two Ak's Youngins might just break the law

NO ID 'CAUSE I GOT FUNKY FEET! But mine's stupid dry Funky feet There were very few kids who were anything but European-American in town at all; mostly Italian-Americans, with significant numbers of Irish- and Polish-Americans among the remainder. Snatch somebody's orange whip Gone kill the boy like chuckie Trick or Treat Lyrics: Danny Martin, Afghan Dan / Check this, look / Alright / Trick or treat / Smell my feet / Give me something good to eat (ah, ah) / If you hear knock knock and you got that stock Twenty right  =  Stupid geeked Love my charm Purple trees He pops the wine cork off, and lodges it in the camel's fifth point of contact, then force feeds it all the beans. It's a super sport nigga In grade 4 (I’m in grade 5 now) we used to drink Flippies and sing a silly song about them. ", Me Barney, look at that! Im a g-a-n-g-s-t-a Then, he sits on his camel and waits, drinking wine. Forgot to bring my orange tee ", Chinese (slant eyes upward) He gets hurt frequently, but he gets back on his feet in no time.
what about all the great Chinese lit. In fact, most of them started with "Me chinese, me no dumb" (or a convenient variation that rhymed, like "me so smart" to rhyme with "fart") and had some sort of clever trick the person had done. I flee the broads Turn wifey to a freak You looking sweet nigga (why) I vaguely recall some game that involved opening the refrigerator (someone's folded hands) and taking stuff out but I can't remember how the rest of it went. You stuck with them Trunk on thunder Its over with With your lady chick Say flock can't rap Bricksquad's some rude boys It’s La Befana, a friendly witch! Dirty knees (touch hands to knees) Nigga what it do

One day he had to fly to another state with a couple of other pilots. I went to a chinese restaurant to buy a loaf of bread bread bread, they wrapped it up in tin foil, and this is what they said said said: My name is Kay I pickle I hum bum burger, jolly wolly whiskey, chinese CHOPSTICKS! It was funny because it rhymed and because we said “boobies”. Whole squad be like "DAMN THE LAW" Cuz im getting out of hand 'less them shots off In Eastern CT. in the late 60s early 70s , we said it as ” Chinese, Japanese , mixed up kid ” the Chinese part was pulling our eyes up, the Japanese was pulling them down , and the mixed up kid was pulling one eye up and the other one down, Your email address will not be published. Based on a long running stereotype of mine that New Zealanders are supervillain cliches. The baby replied, "Me Chinese me no dumb me hang on to daddy's bum.

Ten left Off the chain If the general calls Then, when they pantomimed opening it, player 1 would shake their around in the other player’s face and says “fiiizzzzzzz! The first person then says "Tickle tickle!" You need to make or fix the page for "Chinese Japanese dirty knees look at these. Come take a flick I gotta eat nigga There’s nothing actually wrong with him, and he’s not real, so you can make fun of him all day without offending anyone. Ballpit doesn’t rhyme with flop but it works. New chain Got black ice Your email address will not be published. I convinced myself that they were trying to get rid of me, so I refused to leave my spot. Trick or Treat! [Verse 3: Wooh Da Kid] Hold applause

Or pretty cars nigga Stomach little husky Look at these [Chorus: Gucci Mane] Each includes the full text in the original language, with an English translation. HIT THE CLUB VIP! Got the top cut (then everybody would freeze! Im gonna roll that blunt Another variation of a Chinese man having a blue baby: Me Chinese.Me no dope.Me stick dick in Clorox soap! But you can take a clip which made no sense at all **shrugs**. Well, a quarter of the way in, there's a small gas station. Orange whip It’s one of the most wide-spread of them all, and has been since at least 1960, and probably earlier: Sometimes it’s sung to the tune of “This Old Man,” other times it’s just spoken. So Christmas is celebrated like a giant outdoor block party. There was a princess who wanted to get married, but she decided to find out who was worthy. canadian school yard early 90's. At my kindergarten, it was done at the end of a sort of finger play, in which a kid would direct another kid to “Open the refrigerator” (two hands held up)…”take out the pop……open it….drink it…” Once the player had pantomimed drinking it, the kid would launch into the rhyme. The memories of childhood touch us forever! Kid Songs Around The World - A Mama Lisa eBook. And they say im lucky A variation I heard (which makes about as little sense) was: Me Chinese, me no dumb,Me stick fork up daddy's bum. I THINK IM 'BOUT TO OWN THESE! The German asks, "How did you get here so fast? Change your drawers god we were dumb. The man said, "How did you get down her so fast. There's an American, a German, and a Chinese guy, and they're all racing to the next town.

We'd stretch our eyes for the first two and then hold out our hands as though begging for the last line. No heartbeat By the time we all knew English in seventh grade, this is what we sung: “I’m Korean, that’s my joke, I contaminated the Coke.”, “Me Chinese,/ me no dumb,/ Me hang on to Daddy’s bum;/ Daddy go ,/ Me go zoom/ Right across the living room.” (Southwestern Ontario 1980s). A family rolled up within earshot of where I was fishing in their Chevy Tahoe w Nevada plates, and decided to picnic there. Me stick spatula in your hat Call me black ice

The Chinese guy buys a bottle of wine and three cans of re-fried beans. Glock 9 on me The demographics haven't changed much in the last 30 years, though happily I no longer live there.) Hot rod lonely In the index, "chinese, japanese" links to this. So the Yank and the Kraut take off at high speeds, and the Chinese guy just trots along. Me went pee pee in your coke, We also would sometimes say “Me Japanese”. What you mean? Came up in the money The first part of the book covers some of the traditions that take place on days other than Christmas itself, like St. Nick’s Day and Epiphany. 100 Songs (350 Pages) With Sheet Music And Links To Recordings . )"So I'm SCREWED UP" (Take fingers and pull one eye corner UP and the other DOWN.). Ima black-bag him in white sheets People everywhere love Christmas – but we don’t all celebrate it the same way. MORON, I’LL GET YOU YET! Pop pop pop pop pop [Chorus: Gucci Mane] We sang all sorts of songs about Barney the Purple Dinosaur, but we also played “Open the Diaper” where I put my hands together to make a “diaper” shape and told a friend “Open the Diaper!” Then they open it and I go “pbbt! (Missing Lyrics). What makes the book really special is the many comments from Mama Lisa’s correspondents who have shared stories and memories from their own lives. me chinese, me play joke, me go pee pee in your coke! We love singing songs about flipping Barney. The history and meaning of these holidays is discussed, often with examples of traditional songs. I had no idea what dirty knees could imply since we were 10 years old and just thought it was all silly. Looked and shot at a nigga that flex It's mis-indexed. ), I really enjoy reading and also appreciate your work.park playground equipment. Big, fat boobies! We left you up there." Me Barney, me so dippy! The camel's gas builds up and acts as propulsion to launch him the distance to the next town. And said let's go and have a ball
Listening to the oldies

Over 75 beloved carols from countries and cultures all around the globe. The song went like this…. He's running real quick DEAD GUYS ON ME!

Most include beautiful illustrations and sheet music. THE FRIDGE BLEW UP!”. Monique show got the old ladies wanna fuck me How in Italy it’s not Santa Claus who gives gifts to all the children.

Trick or treat (poop noise) Poopy diaper!”, We also played Open the Fridge, where instead of making poop noises when someone opens it, you say “POW!

You ain't taking shit Please contribute a traditional song or rhyme from your country. Over 50 lullabies and recordings from all over the world. On the plane the baby was getting really annoying.

Maybe that was just my imagination…, Our semi-racist song/chant (circa 1995, New Jersey), I went to a Chinese restaurantTo buy a loaf of breadHe wrapped it up in bubble gum and this is what he said, My name is L.I, L.I, Nikoli, NikoliPom-Pom BeautySeven cups of whiskeyChinese (pull corners of eyes up)Japanese (pull corners of eyes down)Indian (imitate feather headdress with hand)Chief! A Chinese lady married a pilot and they had a baby.

With those funky feet Each also features links to recordings on the Mama Lisa website, some by professional musicians, but many by ordinary people who have contributed them to us, to help preserve their culture. and tries to tickle the second person.

The plane was going down. One Smart Aleck Staffer heard a heard a version with an interesting response  in the early 1980s in North Carolin: There’s no reason that these need to be racial jokes; 80% of the humor, to kids, comes from the “pee pee,” and the other 20% is the pidgin English that could be assigned to any group or character. I just blacked out 1980s.

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