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Tracy primary income source is Actress. BERNARD KEATS -- Arthur Saxton, a real estate agent in Northcross.

While she had an excellent relationship with Julian, who appreciated her sensible nature, she and Allison did not get along due to the latter stealing her fiancé. Intrigued by the new family dynamic, Allison and Roy decided to settle down in the Hathaway mansion, much to the chagrin of Kate, Julian, and the family’s long-time (and very cantankerous) housekeeper Stella O'Brien (Bibi Osterwald). Tracy body measurements, Height and Weight are not Known yet but we will update soon.

Vicky, a college student at Northcross College and the daughter of Ed Lucas (Joseph Mascolo) the owner of a restaurant in Northcross, called the Starlight, managed to seduce Michael, and when she conveniently became pregnant, he married her. One of the precious celeb listed in Actress list. Tracy Brooks Swope was born on February 20, 1953 in New York City, New York, USA as Margaret Tracy Brooks Swope. She had an affair with her literature professor Julian, and then married Michael after his father (wisely for him) rejected her. Was married to Mary, his own son's ex-girlfriend and had a child with her named Daniel, Michael's half-brother. We will update you soon. We will update soon. He was closer with Kate, due to her sensible nature, and he and Allison didn't exactly get along. Nothing much is known about Tracy Education Background & Childhood. Maude and much later would reunite with Bea Arthur (who played Maude) on the series The Golden Girls, playing the overly-sexed Blanche Devereaux.

DELPHI HARRINGTON -- Christine Cameron, a boutique owner who was Kate's best friend. Soap Opera Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. We will update you soon.

During the serial’s last week, all of Liz and Adrienne’s machinations were exposed, and they decided to move in together to rebuild their lives, without Michael and John. DIANA VAN DER VLIS -- Kate Hathaway Prescott, middle sister of the Hathaway family, a law student who would later marry Steve Prescott. Meanwhile, a bored Hugh cheated on Christine with ex-wife Allison, who decided she wanted Hugh back. Tracy was born on February 20, 1953 in New York City, New York, USA..Tracy is one of the famous and trending celeb who is popular for being a Actress. Because of that also, she was very unlucky in love. She would fall prey to Allison Jessup and to Adrienne Harris at various times, with her landing in the mental hospital due to emotional breakdowns. Formerly married to Roy Archer, then to Dr. Hugh Jessup, and stepmother to his daughter (by Christine Cameron) Katina. Sister of Margaret and Robert. Steve quickly developed amnesia and became involved with single mother Ellie Jardin (Zohra Lampert). When the serial began, widower Julian had recently married nubile Mary (Diana Walker), his adult son Michael’s (Gregory Abels) former girlfriend. Diana van der Vlis and James Mitchell as siblings Kate and Julian Hathaway on the CBS series, Where the Heart Is. Had an unfortunate habit of falling in love with his female students, due to the lack of love he received from his hard-hearted father. You will find all the basic Information about Tracy Swope.

She would spread rumors (nearly ruining Julian and Mary as well as Loretta Jardin and their reputations in the process) and would continually lie to assure she got what she wanted. Daughter of John and Adrienne. Christine had a nervous collapse and had to be hospitalized. She is an actress, known for John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs (2017), Dante and Beatrice: A Family Film (2015) and Counterfeit World: Making 'To Live and Die in L.A.' (2003). Eventually, Steve’s memory returned, and when Ellie was murdered, he and Kate adopted Ellie’s mute son Peter (Michael Bersell). Now firmly ensconced in the Hathaway home, Liz tortured Julian, constantly threatening to tell Mary and Michael about their affair. The mentally unbalanced Vicky was confined to a state mental hospital, while Mary, now recuperated from the accident, gave birth to Julian’s son and Michael's half-brother, Daniel, who was named after the late Judge Hathaway. Tracy Swope is a member of famous Actress list. Sister of Loretta. Michael was then pursued by the amoral Vicky Lucas (Robyn Millan), even though she knew he still carried a torch for Mary. More sympathetic and sensible than her two siblings, Julian and Allison. Set in the fictional college town of Northcross, Connecticut, Where the Heart Is focuses on the sexual and psychological intrigues of the wealthy but highly dysfunctional Hathaway family. When Christine became pregnant, Hugh filed for divorce and left stony Allison, who was aghast that Christine seemed to elicit sympathy from most of their family and friends. Before she entered intensive therapy, Steve promised to whisk her away for a long, relaxing vacation in the Caribbean. Tracy Brooks Swope is a well known Actress. The serial opened with the death of pious Hathaway family patriarch Judge Daniel Hathaway. DESPO DIAMANTIDOU -- Athena Stefanopolis, an older resident of Northcross. However, the more sensible Kate married stalwart Steve Prescott (Lawrence Luckinbill, Ron Harper) after a long and proper courtship. STEPHEN JOYCE -- Roy Archer, Allison's first husband. Had a very incestuous attachment to her brother, Robert and when it was rejected, she ran him down with her car. BIBI OSTERWALD -- Stella O'Brien, the Hathaway's long-time family housekeeper.
The manipulative Vicky exploited Michael and Mary’s guilt for weeks by faking paralysis, but when Mary accidentally discovered her standing, the two rivals had a fight at the top of a staircase. Mary, who was also pregnant, fell down the stairs and languished in a coma. Father of Michael, brother of Kate and Allison. MICHAEL BERSELL -- Peter Jardin, a psychosomatic mute boy who was the son of Ellie and Robert. Not Much is known about Tracy family and Relationships. Pat Falken-Smith would take over from them, and she would eventually be replaced by Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer. Peter’s muteness was psychosomatic, having developed after he witnessed a deadly fire involving his Aunt Margaret Jardin (Rue McClanahan), who had an incestuous attachment to her brother Robert (Keith Charles), Peter’s father. Karma again got Allison because of her abrasive and hard-hearted nature.

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