tiger vs panther

Wiki Points. Tigers are solitary hunters – they hunt at night; they can see well in the dark. Image Courtesy: pxwallpaper.com, twistedsifter.com, gamelodgeindex.blogspot.com. A tiger’s diet consists of large to medium sized animals such as Sambar, chital, barasingha, wild boar, gaur, nilgai and both water buffalo and domestic buffalo, deer, moose, sloth bears, crocodiles, etc. The Tiger is one of the most beautiful creature and is largest of all the big cats. ), Tiger 88 mmL56 low pen than 75 mm L70 but good AOE for deal infantry medicore for fight tank, 1 user is browsing this thread: 1 guest, 161 users are online: Comparison between Tiger, Panther and Leopard: Bengal (Indian) tiger, the Indochinese tiger, the Sumatran tiger, the South China tiger, the Malayan tiger and Siberian (Amur) tiger. By 1945 only one of them had been built by the MAN company. When engaging enemy vehicles at long range, the Tiger II had an upper hand over any other vehicle in terms of the gun and armor protection. They will also either crush or suffocate the victim or bite straight through his skull. Leopards are mainly found in Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, and Malaysia. The Panther is also known as the Black Panther. They will eat anything from beetles to antelope, depending on their habitat. Only four of the Panthera cat species have the ability to roar. Tigers are strong swimmers, and often soak in steams and pools of water to cool off. The whole species is endangered throughout its range. Tigers have no natural predators, only humans prey upon them. They are solitary animals and mark their territories with urine, secretions from their anal glands, faeces and scratch marks. The Panther however has sloped armour and a 75mm L70 gun given higher velocity than the 88mm. People like to say the Panther has better hull armor at the front, which is true, but it's a bit of a moot point because the Tiger has 80mm of side armor vs the Panther's 40mm. Tigers in close/urban maps and panther in open maps because of speed and range. Leopard belongs to Panthera pardus, and the color and length of a Both animals fight in similar ways so the outcome is determined by the tiger’s strength. Black Panther vs White Tiger This topic is locked from further discussion. TotalAaron. 0. They are herbivores. Leopards can run up to 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour, but will not chase prey for long distances. Forum Posts. If you positively have to fight off hordes of Bulldozers, the PIV might be a good choice. By Ben Hollingum, GermanWarMachine.com WHEN THE PANTHER TANK first appeared on the battlefields of the Eastern Front, the Soviets did not have an effective weapon to counter it. The most heavily armored tank carrying the most powerful anti-tank gun. Posts: 1221 0.309s. Follow 1253. Africa and tropical Asia, from Siberia, South and West Asia to across most of sub-Saharan Africa. Panthera is a genus in the Felidae family that consists of the tiger, the lion, the jaguar, and the leopard as species. 2 members and 159 guests, Copyright © 2020 by coh2.org | All Rights Reserved | Page loaded in Firstly, Panther has 320 but when reach vet 2. King Hercules. The vehicle's drawbacks included an overloaded suspension and engine-transmission group, as well as excessive general mass. The Panther 1944-1945 did its job better than the Tiger II. The Bulldozer does not. Leopards are famous for their ability to go undetected because of their spotted coloration. The Leopard is the smallest of the big cats. The choice is not influenced by opponent units as the Panther has more flanking potential vs Soviet heavies and (as noted above) is safer vs USF long-range TDs. A Bengal Tiger is over twice the size of the leopards native to India, the type of cat Bageera is. Two prototypes with the existing Panther I turrets were ordered in 1944. Animals including Deer, Warthogs, Wild Boar, Tapir and Antelope are all hunted by Panthers, along with smaller species like Birds and Rabbits when larger prey is scarce. Reviews: 0. However, they love dry ground. They are often confused with two other spotted cats, cheetahs and jaguars, but the fact is that the patterns of spots in each species are different. Panther belongs to Panthera, and they have spots that are simply hard to see because their fur is so dark. As far as Tiger vs Panther however, they're both strong for the same reasons, high accuracy, high penetration. in large games you can go T4 as ostheer, and this lets you chose another commander and use other utilities (like Stuka air support if you don't spot any AA, Command tank which is great, defensive doctrine for hull down etc. How your Panther with deal with them? Tigers live in the wild in many regions throughout the globe, however, most can be found in Nepal, Tibet, India, South China, Sumatra, and Asia. Leopards will often drag their meal up a tree to eat in seclusion. S. Followers. Leopards are physically powerful swimmers and very much at home in the water, where they sometimes eat fish or crabs. Feb 2016 5,049 Atlantic Ocean Mar 6, 2016 #2 i mean the IS-2 was a nice tank but at then end of the day a great crew will win the battle over any machine. The main thing you should be asking yourself if the 105 alpha, 200 HP, and small DPM increase is worth a massive hit in mobility, gun handling and gold pen. Tiger belongs to Panthera, and they have black stripes all over the body. Tigers prefer to hunt at night and the stripes work as camouflages. The basic difference between the Tiger, Panther and Leopard is that they all are different in their appearance, sizes, habits, etc. According to the fanboys on the internet, the IS-2 was raping Tigers and Panthers, and only the King Tiger could handle it. For these reasons: the Tiger is more mobile, with better overall armor, and much better turret traverse, with a gun that actually deals explosive damage, unlike the Panther. The Panther outfitted Panzer Battalions in Panzer regiments and the Tiger I was allocated to Heavy Tank Battalions in Corps reserve. by the Jacksons) far more easily. The Tiger II was probably as problematic as the 1943 Panthers. The vehicle's drawbacks included an overloaded suspension and engine-transmission group, as well as excessive general mass. Tigers are found in a variety of habitats in South and East Asia. They had a new medium tank in development (the T-43) but, having been commissioned in 1942 to counter the Panzer IV ausf. So i've been playing 4 vs 4s a lot more lately,since ost is helpless in 1 vs1 and relatively weak in 2 vs 2.So my question..in these large game modes panther is not inaccesible..so what do you prefer t2-t4 for panther or t2 to tiger or t3 to tiger? They are experts at climbing up and down trees, often descending headfirst. If u have tiger commander select tiger if u have pak 43 or other commander go panther, tiger is a little more expensive but is much better (in me opinion), I prefer the Panther for all scenarios as its speed allows for viable hit-and-run tactics unlike the Tiger that can be caught (e.g. What do you guys think? Black panthers are most commonly melanistic variations of jaguars, leopards, and very rare black tigers. Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons, Counterintelligence Investigation vs Criminal Investigation. Black panthers are most commonly found in southwestern China, Myanmar, Assam and Nepal, Travancore and other parts of southern India. Leopard is the smallest one of all the big cats.

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