the untamed chinese novel

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In the conflict with the Wen sect, Wuxian’s adoptive parents were killed and Jiang Zheng’s golden core was melted. [70], The fanmeeting was held in Bangkok at Impact Theater on September 21, 2019 and was attended by 9,000 fans. He also forged the Stygian Tiger Seal to help him wield control over corpses and dark spirits through his flute.

A former outer disciple of the Lan Sect, whom he betrayed and left to establish his own with the support of Jin Guangyao, whom he holds great respect for. The first memory they arrive in belongs to Wei Wuxian. [46], On July 29, 2019, Tencent announced that VIP users have the option to pay in order to watch episodes that have not yet aired. ♥.

The couple, as they do every night, end up fooling around in bed for. His parents died while he was still a baby. Oh, i LOVE this!!

I just finished the Untamed (like a few days ago) and I’ve been binging the cast videos. He is well known for his incompetence and is nicknamed the Head-Shaker. But these spirits became unrestrained when Guangyao played a tune to control them in hiding. For Lanling Jin sect, the designs were inspired by the luxurious and elegance of the Tang dynasty.

The desire that lives inside Lan Wangji is unleashed aggressively here on Wei Wuxian’s lips, and again in many scenes to come in the novel. I would love to give y’all a full trigger warning list, but the fact is the novel is very very long and I wasn’t taking notes when I read it, so my list is going to be lacking.

You can see his change in demeanor from his body language and facial expression that it is very easy to become invested in this character. However, Nie Huaisang tricked Xichen into stabbing Guangyao. Her ability to heal means she has value to Ruohan.

Waiting for the English translation version with bated breath. After last year’s “Guardian” (镇魂), this year’s “The Untamed” (陈情令), there will be another series next year based on brotherhood and bromance called, “Flying Phoenix” (凤于九天). The man is so aggressive that he reduces Wei Wuxian to a crying mess – and not the blissful kind of crying, either. Guangyao went ahead to marry her to secure his own position in the Jin sect. And I know that they can’t show sex between them, but it’s there .

Or maybe they have but they’re still as confused as I was when I saw my friends on twitter get into it.

So, these are my favorite BL Chinese dramas. I’m confused on chapter 100 because I only remember them hugging and not kissing. ( Log Out /  If there is any doubt in readers’ minds that these two fellas might be more than just good friends, this is the point in the story where that idea is absolutely obliterated.

I would hate to read a masterpiece in this way. Who is the actual mastermind behind the scene?

you’re welcome, Jess!

Amazing review and summary! I started with a novel and I drew out the whole chart for the characters lol. I had to stop and laugh out loud many times.

Qin Su was conceived after her mother was raped by Guangshan while drunk. You’re welcome, I’m glad my post was helpful! This is a novel that is very popular with young women in China. ♥. Although there are far too many to recount them all here, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite steamy WangXian moments from the novel. Wang Yibo got the role through an audition, because of his "natural coldness". they did such a great job with that. They share one of their famous intense stare-offs before Lan Wangji tells Wei Wuxian he wants his opinion on a musical piece he composed. [citation needed] Aww thank you, if I do start, I’ll defiantly be chatting to you because I have to tell my feelings to someone!☺️.

Sixteen years later, Wei Wu Xian returns out of the blue.

Jiang Cheng's older sister, Wei Wuxian's disciple elder sister, Jin Zixuan's wife and Jin Ling's mother. He lost his mind after the dark spirits that he summoned indirectly caused the death of his adoptive sister and her husband. This rumor caused significant backlash amongst fans of the original novel. Thanks.

As Wei Wuxian gets in, he asks if Lan Wangji is going to join him. He wields the Sandu (Chinese: 三毒) sword and the Zidian (Chinese: 紫电) ring.

And they do a weird thing in which the opening scene of each episode (before the opening song) isn’t always in chronological order, so if you haven’t watched the original, you would be spoiled for some moments (that only happen in the series and not the novel) or would be simply taken out of context and lose their emotional connection to the story.

But I didn’t mean to make it sound that the review was boring or that I didn’t wanna read it coz it’s long! Song Lan is a cultivator from Baixue Temple. [48] On July 8, 2019, the digital album was released on QQ Music along with full version of the song as well as other character songs.

I’m so glad you found it useful, Shan! The BL factor is not as strong as the feeling of brotherhood which supercedes any romantic notions to me. 16 years ago, Wen Ruohan was trying to expand his power. Without a golden core, he didn’t have the ability to defend himself when he was caught by Wen Chao. Here’s what we are willing to divulge. [68][69], Responding to the demand of sold-out fan meets in Thailand and China, in January 2020, the cast members embarked on a multi-city worldwide fan meet tour.

This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. This city is home to the legend of the "Lit Lamp Murderer".

[54] The series accumulated a total of 8 billion views on Tencent, as of May 2020. How the game is branching out, Our ‘Street Dance’ champ: The best of Wang Yibo’s winning dancer, Xiao Zhan wins hearts in ‘Our Song’: All his best performances, ‘The Untamed’: All the best behind the scenes moments from the show, 'The Untamed': All the best Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan moments. The Untamed spawned two spinoff movies, The Living Dead (released November 7, 2019) and Fatal Journey (released March 26, 2020). I’ll defiantly let you know. He can be cocky, playful, sweet, and dark.

By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. [43], A fire broke out at on July 11, 2018 while the cast and crew were filming in Nanma, Dongyang, at a facility that belongs to Hengdian World Studios. He also arranged for his son to be killed and blamed it on his enemy as he knew his offspring was a product of inbreeding.

She is protective toward her brother and initially dislikes Wei Wuxian, but eventually warms up to him as he becomes one of the only people to treat her kindly after the Wen sect is overthrown. Production Lan Wangji wraps one arm around Wei Wuxian’s waist and slams the other into the side of the tub, which then splits into pieces, causing quite a chaotic mess. I would say this description is not 100% spot-on, but it does mention a lot of its strong points. People are flocking to the internet to read the uncensored version of their beloved WangXian. Adult Wei Wuxian isn’t having it. Also I’m so very happy it’s cannon. Apart from these, the chapter which is different is also revealed that we hope that its season will also be made and we will see it very happily….. Grown-up Lan Wangji is embarrassed and tries to convince Wei Wuxian to leave the memory, as the version that young Lan Wangji wished would have transpired was much more explicit than what actually did. So, go and watch it! After this, Lan Wangji & Wei Wuxian find themselves at the Library Pavillion in Cloud Recesses, inside Lan Wangji’s memory.

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Pre-production of the drama took two and a half years; including writing and modifying of the script, establishing the world view structure and art concept, as well as building of sets. Remember when Wei Wuxian was transcribing all the Lan sect rules as punishment and drew Lan Wangji a pornographic picture?

Due to the exceptionally strict censorship laws about the depiction of homosexual relationships on television in China, the show was unable to follow the novel’s narrative to its entirety.

[50], The physical album was released on November 2, 2019. The heroic story with modern values was said to have struck a chord globally, and helps promotes Chinese style and traditional culture to the world, leading to a wave of interest in Chinese dramas. "If The Woodlands Has Something To Say (疏林如有诉)", "Youth Especially Cannot Be Bullied (最是少年不可欺)", Zui Xue, Zheng Fanxing, Qi Peixin & Guo Cheng, "If Life Was Just Like When We First Met (人生若只如初见)", 6th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China (Wenrong Awards), Yang Xia, Fang Fang, Wang Chu, Liu Mingtie, 2nd Cultural and Entertainment Industry Congress, 7th Thailand Headlines Person of The Year Awards, China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, Outstanding Overseas Promotion Television Series, Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival, Star Celebrity Board: Television Actor of the Year, Media and Entertainment Industry Reporter, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan, Zhu Zanjin, Ji Li, Chen Zhuoxuan, Song Jiyang, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan, Zhu Zanjin, Wang Haoxuan, Ji Li, Wang Yizhou, Song Jiyang, Li Bowen, Cao Yuchen, Qi Peixin, Zheng Fanxing, Guo Cheng, He Peng, Chen Zhuoxuan, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan, Cao Yuchen, Song Jiyang, Chen Zhuoxuan, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yu Bin, Wang Zhuocheng, Liu Haikuan, Zhu Zanjin, Wang Haoxuan, Ji Li, Wang Yizhou, Song Jiyang, Li Bowen, Cao Yuchen, Qi Peixin, Zheng Fanxing, Guo Cheng, He Peng, Lu Enjie, Wang Yifei, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zhang Jingtong, Xiu Qing, Gao Qiuzi, This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 10:01.

is the reason chapter 117 made it onto the list. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community.

[60], The Untamed was one the highest-earning dramas of 2019, bringing in profits of more than 97.87 million yuan (as of August 15, 2019), with earnings from fan meetings, concerts, streaming platforms, album sales and merchandise. yeah i suppose they just meant in terms of how long it took them to post the chapter, something like that.

Hence, I feel it is a much more challenging role to assume. Tencent Penguin PicturesNew Style Media

In the present, Wei Wuxian is universally reviled as a practitioner of the dark arts; despite having been presumed dead for almost 16 years, he is portrayed as a vicious, bloodthirsty monster and his name is used to frighten children. I really wanted to write this post also as an explanation why I haven’t been blogging fsklh and I just had to get this stuff out there. He was adopted by Jiang Fengmian and grew up together with his children, Jiang Zheng and Jiang Yanli. I just started reading the book from the link you recommended.

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