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} The roller coaster will pass under these structures to add to the rides thrilling dynamics. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. z-index: 9999; Towards the back of the site, the Blackhole’s queue-line has now been cleared of all buildings and bushes as the access point to the site is expanded to allow access of […]. After we revealed vertical construction has begun, we head down to the Resort to take a look at what’s going on. The ride was then handed back to an operator who allowed passengers to board and dispatched the train full of passengers around the track, completely unaware that the empty test carriage had stalled on the track. Coral Reef Waterworld Bracknell The back-story to the ride was going to revolve around the concept of a “secret weapon” . The Cobra The Sanctuary was a more traditional (if macabre) hospital setting and subjects were treated by staff who seemed just as crazy as many of the patients; the process of Marmalisation involves a significant amount of mind-manipulation. #aps-slider-wrapper-45582583 .aps-themed:hover{ Tesco Clubcard Points The origins of the code-name are linked into 2 rides that never actually were built. Flamingo Land Resort Always.” introduced Miles Ceders; a curious character who it has turned out was partially Marmalised by the infamous Dr Kelman (from The Sanctuary) to take forward the message of the Ministry of Joy and lead people to The Smiler. The snow has melted, and track with brake fins attached along with motors for kicker wheels has appeared in the car parks. Secret Weapon 5: 2002 – Galactica in Forbidden Valley (originally named AIR) .aps-next-856683882 { Paultons Park » Wednesday 19th September 2012 @ 6:01 pm. Has the world got you down? Whilst many of the features pictured are recognisable within the attractions we see today, the experience would have been very different had the park gone with this more clinical and eerie finish. Oakwood Theme Park. } We estimate that the rollercoaster track will be delivered very shortly given the progress being made, with construction crews working tirelessly to keep the project on schedule as the park enters its […], Today brings little by way of massive developments in construction, although digging work is still continuing and it is believed that concrete will be poured any day now in preparation for the track’s imminent arrival. It wasn't until May 9th 2013 that the world was finally told - The Smiler would have 14 inversions and would be a world-record holder! Calypso Cove – Barnsley border-radius: 50%; Oblivion Landmarks .header-45582583 h1.aps-title{ With track complete the construction seems to hit a snag when some of the supports don’t seem long enough, resulting in some on-site bodging. In addition, further construction material has arrived on the car […]. From the first stages of groundwork, to the first pieces of track arriving, right up until the last track piece going in, TowersStreet has been with you all the way through the construction phase. Well why not try The Smiler, a coaster developed by the Ministry of Joy who are a secret organisation now believed to be behind all of the experiments in X-Sector. Update: The release of the Smiler game video, recent construction updates and announcements from Alton Towers has indicated that the ride is not exactly accurate to the submitted plans. background: #686868; Thus the two versions of this design were proudly codenamed SW1 & SW2 respectively. AquaZone Dublin 3-FOR-2 The phrase “world-beating” has been associated with The Smiler since October, but very little was known about what this phrase meant. A small update from Monday 18th March 2013. The original plans for these 2 roller coasters had the rides themed around a secret military facility, with the trains resembling missiles. #altontowersgangsta…, SEA LIFE Tickets Only £8.50pp…, Virtual Halloween Bird Show…, Theme Park Merchandise: Pick up some fantastic Theme Park related Merchandise at Rebubble… Calypso Cove The Tickler aims to tickle you until you can’t resist smiling. This astoundingly detailed recreation provides us with a glimpse of what we can expect next year. Adventure Wonderland Twinlakes, Alpamare Scarborough Legoland Holidays March 2012 saw planning permission granted for the project, and the demolition of the former Black Hole tent began on April 10th 2012. The Smiler finally opened to the public on May 31st 2013. FREE Entry Upon reaching the top of the lift hill, the train drops into a 180-degree right turn before banking into a downward corkscrew (inversion 2). Diggerland Devon, Diggerland Kent Guests to The Sanctuary would conform to the Ministry of Joy through an experimental technique calledMarmalisation, which has had mixed results in the past. Velocity, Lightwater Valley Through April celebrities were given the Marmalisation treatment and work-men re-enacted the famous New York Rockefeller Centre girder photo. After a period of ground clearing  here is the site in early August. Grand National Chessington Holidays Riders then navigate through a sea serpent roll (inversions 9 & 10), followed by a short drop into an airtime hill. This resulted in the train full of passengers moving ahead with operators unaware it was heading towards the empty train. Although no constructed track or supports are visible, plenty of steelwork […]. The ride had been operating with four trains as it often did, however, the ride operators had been instructed to add a fifth train to help cope with the high volume of guests at the theme park that day. whilst staff prepared to allow guests back onto the ride, another empty train, which the operators were not aware of was sent around the track for further testing. The roller coaster intertwines within the structure causing greater interaction with riders to enhance the experience. Manufacturer – Gerstlauer transition: all 0.2s linear; Offers and discounts are regularly listed on the Attractions Near Me website to help you get the best value for money on your days out. } Part One, Part Two and Part Three are available on the Alton Towers YouTube channel. On June 2nd 2015, four people sustained serious leg injuries after two trains on The Smiler collided. The Smiler continued to operate but with the wind reaching speeds of 46mph, the ride operations should have stopped as guidelines stated that it should not operate in winds in excess of 34mph. Southport Pleasureland, Sundown Adventureland Some key things to look out for in today’s pictures: Groundwork is continuing, with that hole getting even bigger! Ever since the Tussaud’s Group (which of course today is now Merlin Entertainments) bought Alton Towers in the early 90’s most major roller coaster installations have had a SW or Secret Weapon code-name during planning. font-size: 20px; The Marmaliser itself is a spider-like structure that stands tall as the centrepiece of The Smiler, and the passing trains with it’s riders are subjected to a number of Marmalising effects that are triggered on each leg. Funtasia Drogheda Ireland The technical improvements include multiple additional CCTV cameras and additional manual reset buttons around the track which require staff to physically inspect each individual section of track in person to verify it is clear before authorisation can be given to restart the ride. Believed to be the masterminds behind The Smiler’s hidden agenda, the Ministry of Joy were first introduced to us during the 2012 Scarefest event in the new scare-maze ‘The Sanctuary’. The second half of the ride commences with a vertical lift-hill, which both helps to save on space and increases the thrill level. Harbour Park Lightwater Valley Theme Park The operator immediately removed guests from the ride and called for help from the theme park’s engineers. Update: Although the building dimensions are the same the style of the final building is considerably different to what is seen on the plans. .aps-next-856683882 { National Trust Holidays Spinball Whizzer, Blackpool Pleasure Beach The Smiler is the world’s first and only 14 loop roller coaster.

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