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Suyin was forced to run for her life, however, when Kuvira traced Baatar Jr.'s radio call toward the factory and blew it up with her spirit energy cannon.[16]. Suyin spotted Kuvira at the reeducation camp, noting that she was in trouble, as a brainwashed Mako and Bolin began to attack her. When it's revealed that Kanto was simply a man, Lin can't understand why Toph kept him a secret. For Suyin not to even know who her father was would mean that Sokka chose not to acknowledge and help raise his daughter, which seems very out of character. Korra attempted to mend the sisters' rift by asking Opal attempt to connect with her aunt but she was rudely sent away.[1]. It's easy to understand why some Avatar: The Last Airbender fans think Toph and Sokka would have been a perfect match. The Avatar speculated that Kuvira was returning to Gaoling, having been livid when Guan refused to surrender to her. Suyin returned to Zaofu and after some time, a guard alerted her to the emergency that she had been expected. When Baatar Jr. lamented that Wei, Wing, and Opal would never forgive him, she comforted him by emphasizing that, while it might take some time, they would work to mend their broken bond as a family. While the others continued to attack them, Suyin sneaked toward the cannon and jumped on, launching a rock at Kuvira's head, who only narrowly avoided it by rolling out of the way. Desiring not to argue about the past, Suyin decided to bring Korra's group to her estate to meet her family, beginning with her twin sons Wei and Wing, who were in the process of playing a game they themselves had invented called power disc. Toph and Sokka are a popular ship among Avatar: The Last Airbender fans - but could Sokka really be the father of Toph's youngest daughter, Suyin? After Mako, Bolin, and Asami were kidnapped and brainwashed, Kuvira radioed Suyin for help. After Kuvira's declaration of usurping power in the Earth Kingdom, Suyin confronted her about it as the representative of the world leaders. Suyin warmly embraced her mother before they all made their way to the surface. She calmly stated she had nothing to do with the attack; Aiwei determined she was telling the truth. Having returned to Republic City, Suyin, Lin, Bolin, and Zhu Li immediately set course for City Hall, where they interrupted a meeting between President Raiko, Avatar Korra, Prince Wu, Mako, and Tenzin. Related: How Legend Of Korra's World Is Different From The Last Airbender. Although Lin learns the name of her father, Kanto - something that her sister never gets, although many fans theorize that Suyin's unidentified father is Sokka - knowing his identity doesn't resolve Lin's conflicted feelings about her father, or mend her relationship with Toph. Inside, Suyin was ordered by Korra to climb up to the weaponized arm together with Lin and disable the spirit energy cannon. Although she was honored by the request, she declined, as she was not interested in "imposing [her] ideals on an entire nation". When Korra declared that she wanted to fix the situation, Suyin stated that she needed to access the Avatar State and destroy Kuvira's army in order to remove Kuvira from power. [6] Baatar Jr.'s leaving led to a falling out between him and Suyin, who felt betrayed by him.[13]. Voiced by After some time, Kuvira and Suyin's eldest son, Baatar Jr., as well as a large part of Zaofu's security force and some of the city's wealthiest citizens, decided to march to the Earth Kingdom capital and take on the task that Suyin refused. After learning of Zaheer's desire to meet Korra alone at Laghima's Peak, Suyin came up with a new plan: aware that Zaheer did not know their strength in numbers, she suggested Mako, Bolin, and Asami head to the air temple while she, Lin, Tonraq, and her metalbenders would wait at the base of the peak. Before she could explain how she had escaped her imprisonment, Bolin relayed a brief overview of the event and Zhu Li announced that Kuvira planned to attack Republic City in two weeks. Suyin later asked Korra about the search for new airbenders, to which the Avatar answered by explaining that she had recently freed a group of them from the Earth Queen's possession. The question of the identity of Lin Beifong's father looms over the first three seasons of The Legend of Korra. After Korra rejected the twins' offer to join them for the game because she did not know metalbending, Suyin was surprised that Lin did not teach her. With Bolin not so sure about his own desire to learn the art, Suyin kept an offer open for him. [6] Taking up many hobbies, Suyin also created a successful dance group. The metalbender subsequently helped in getting the captives out of the cave while Mako, Bolin, and Tonraq searched for Korra. Toph's refusals to identify him turns him into an enigma that haunts Lin her whole life. She's now a features writer and editor, covering the hottest topics in the world of nerddom from her home base in Oxford, UK. She ordered the military officers to leave, emphasizing that Zaofu would never accept Kuvira as its leader, though received the warning in return that she had twenty-four hours to agree to join the Earth Empire, lest the city would be taken by force. Unsure as to how they got in, Suyin declared they would not escape. She soon noticed the metal neck plating around her gown being pulled along with the rest of their dishes, and she ducked as the latter went toward Varrick's magnetic suit. Kuvira (shortly as leader of Zaofu in 174 AG) Kay McGuire is a Seattle-based features writer for Screen Rant with an interest in movies, television, and musical theatre. Lin's primary conflict throughout The Legend of Korra is based around her relationship with Toph. Learning that other airbenders were emerging, Suyin sent a request to Avatar Korra to help train her daughter. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Lin told her she loved her before initiating the plan.

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