surname of khukhrain

King Trituparan 47. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; 28.King Harishchandra :- Famous for his duty bounds and greatest follower of truth. King Bhruk 35. document.write('span>'); A windows (pop-into) of information (full-content of Sensagent) triggered by double-clicking any word on your webpage. King Pratikaashav 99. Maha Padam Anand had eight sons who together ruled and developed the magadha, as the strongest kingdom among all maha Janpads (Kingdoms) of India. Feel Of Heaven: KOHLI. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

[2] Jaipal's son, Anandapala, received support of the Khukhrains against the Ghazni rule in 1008-9 at Wahind. This is the platform where all khukhrain's can join hands to preserve our history, culture and traditional values so that it could be passed on to the next generations. As per the order of Brahmaa Jee Prajaapati Bhagavaan Kashyap married to Vaishwaanar's two remaining daughters - Pulomaa and Kaalakeya. He is worshiped by every Hindu. No surnames of Arora Khatris/Community are added in the above list. //-->\n

His sons were Dhundumara, and Harishchandra, who was borh of the princess of "Kaikaya" named "Satyaraksha". Welcome to the Khukhrain's first ever site, In today's world, people have settled round the globe, for some or the other reason. Behak Mekan is a small town located in the Sargodha District ضلع سرگودھا of the Punjab province, Pakistan, that was formed when the area was part of the British Empire. of Punjab Historical Studies Published by Dept. King Mahswaan 83. document.write(' It is a Khukhrain sub clan of Anand, derived from the progenitor's name, Rehal Anand.. Khukhrains of all these faiths collectively form one kinship. Rose, Ref 2 from Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North West Frontier Province By H.A. Egyptians, Napoleons and many other great dynasties were not able to survive either as ruler or non- rulers. King Pushya 76. About the same time, by the death of Nawab Ahmdyar Khan, Khushab also passed into the hands of Raja Salamat Rai. Farīd al-Dīn Masʿūd Ganj-i-Shakar was a 12th-century Punjabi Muslim preacher and mystic. King Kush : - Kush ruled north Kosala, including Ayodhya. 57.

The region is connected with the composition of Vedas, Mahabharata and many more. So, he asked Shraddhdev to commence a Dynasty to protect the truth and creatures of the planet.

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