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This is unlike in industries characterized by intense competitive forces, making business environment unpredictable and highly volatile, thus making classic strategic style ineffective. Balanced Scorecards, which creates a systematic framework for strategic planning; Scenario planning, which was originally used in the military and recently used by large corporations to analyze future scenarios. Another distinction between the two, adaptive and shaping strategic styles, is that shapers move beyond the confinements of their company to attract new markets, technologies, standards and business mannerisms.

Companies in industries experiencing intense competitive forces are in the airline and hotel industries However, companies in industries experiencing mild competitive forces in the five competitive spheres record superior profit. Failure to implement strategic plan may make strategic planning process unproductive. ATM Approach (Antecedent Conditions, Target Strategies, Measure Progress and Impact). Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. They should also be assessed internally and externally. Essay, 11 pages. 1. Linking strategies to antecedent conditions ensures the organization does not engage in activity traps: feel good activities that will not lead to desired changes in the endstate.

It can be defined as a designed process that is meant to support organizational leaders both locally and internationally in terms of operations methods, goals and objectives. A weakness could be the lack of a new product. The company operations become effective as the things are done after proper assessment of the risks and alternatives. This healthy view of strategic planning is … Due to the predictable nature of the oil and gas business industry environment, it would be easier to use SWOT analysis as a strategic tool in the classical strategic planning process. Walsh, DW, Christen, HT, Callsen, CE, Miller, GT, Maniscalco, PM. Debenhams has an innovative challenging balanced scorecard approach, and management form strategies to achieve organizational objectives. Essays on Strategic Planning. The value chain analysis approach ensures an effective delivery of goods and services to get the more market share and achieve strategic goals. Threats affecting business environment of gas and oil industry are majorly: geopolitical, economic and climate. Debenhams has developed an innovative and challenging approach in evaluating the competitors’ strategies as the management teams of Debenhams conduct market research, through surveys, questionnaires, and know the market trends, competitors analysis, customers analysis, and devise effective strategic plans to achieve strategic targets and create value for all stakeholders. Several research studies have indicated that there is strong relationship between strategic planning and the performance of a given small business organization; in fact, more research findings have shown that small business organizations that engage in strategic planning perform more than those that do not do strategic planning. This is in sharp contrast to the three lenses postulated by Johnson, Scholes and Whittington (2008) that does not define the type of environment, either predictable or unpredictable, that the three “lenses” of ideas, experience and design view strategic analysis from. Retrieved from, Type: There are three components of a strategy; namely, strategic planning or choice, strategic positioning or analysis and strategic implementation (Thompson and Martin, 2010). For example, the charity above might have a mission statement as “providing jobs for the homeless and unemployed”.

Debenhams has achieved value for all the stakeholders through effective strategic plans, and improved its brand strength and market position during the years 2010- 2012. Itemize the benefits. See – what is today’s situation? In this style, companies predict the future and devise strategies to realise the desired end result (Reeves, Love and Tilmanns, 2012).

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Besides, it provides a framework within which a small business organization can operate so as to realize both of its short-term and long-term objectives. Johnson, G, Scholes, K & Whittington, R 2008, Exploring corporate strategy: text & cases, (8th ed.). In this case, it used to manage the future of the business organization and hence position the businesses at positions where they can strategically meet their business goals and objectives effectively and efficiently (Marien, 1990).

Meetings, Downward Channel The most common of these concepts are specific, time bound statements of intended future results and general and continuing statements of intended future results, which most models refer to as either goals or objectives (sometimes interchangeably). Strategic planning process is elaborate and sometimes may get complex and hence may be left unfinished due to lack of motivation to complete the planning process.

The resources, human, financial resources, and technological resources, skills, actions, role and responsibility, accountability responsibilities are required to achieve organizational strategic targets. Companies form plans for the effective management of the financial, human, and technological resources to achieve sustainable competitive advantage (Johnson and Scholes, 2008). That’s a pretty good total benefit. 1-7. The management achieve organizational targets through effective configuration of the organizational structure and strategy (Mintzberg, 2008).

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