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Spock reaches for his mother, but it is too late. He had a good sense of what it was all about.

Kirk made several unsuccessful attempts to insult and cajole Spock, until finally a jibe about whether Spock had loved his late mother made the Vulcan snap, attacking Kirk and coming extremely close to killing him. A year later, Uhura accompanied Spock to Nibiru before he was rappelled from a shuttle into a volcano, to prevent it from wiping out the Nibirans. As Spock took the opportunity to gain the advantage in the fight and kill him, Uhura stopped Spock by informing him they need Khan alive to save Kirk.

With no medical equipment available to him, the doctor was forced to cauterize and seal Spock's injury the best he could using the heat produced by a phaser. Occupation:

Later on after he was beamed aboard the USS Franklin by Kirk and Scotty, Spock realized that if Uhura was still wearing his Vokaya amulet, Chekov could track the unique Vulcan mineral (that emitted a harmless radiation) and find her (and thus the rest of the crew held prisoner by Krall). "Clearly, I am here to rescue you.

"The hair and make-up process is incredibly important for a character like Spock, who is so inextricably identified by his aesthetic," said Quinto. Spock tended to the wounded Pike, attempting to comfort him with a mind meld, and felt the life depart from his body. Returning to the transporter room, Spock was comforted by the words of his father, who admitted he actually had married Amanda because he loved her.

Spock requested his captain leave him to die, as getting the Enterprise in range would expose the ship to the primitive Nibirans and violate the Prime Directive.

Because Kirk covered up what happened in his captain's log, Spock filed a more truthful report when they returned to San Francisco. McCoy was understanding and supportive of Spock's decision to join the rescue team because of Uhura's presence in the base among the ones in danger, in spite of the Vulcan's physical condition still being impacted by his injury thus requiring him to stay behind and rest. In the end, his casting was a no-brainer." "The emission is harmless, Doctor. While on a shuttle to Qo'noS where Harrison was hiding, Uhura and Spock got into an argument, where she accused of him of being too ready to sacrifice himself for a mission and not caring how she would feel if he died. Kirk was subsequently suspended and only with the help of Doctor Leonard McCoy was he able to come on board the Enterprise. ", "If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – however improbable – must be the truth. With Kirk now in command of the Enterprise, Spock offered his services as First Officer, which Kirk gladly accepted. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? "I need everyone to continue performing admirably. ", "Captain, what are you doing?"

", "It is unwise to trivialize that which one simply does not understand, Doctor. From a shuttle piloted by Sulu and Uhura, Spock was rappelled in an environmental suit with a cold fusion device that would prevent the catastrophic eruption.

S'chn T'gai is not TOS canon. Before Spock could inform Starfleet or Captain Kirk of his decision to leave, the Enterprise was dispatched to the Necro Cloud ostensibly to rescue the crew of Kalara – in secret an agent of Krall. Also, my version of this character has always been a little bit more in that grey zone, between the Vulcan and the human sensibility. Later, after getting back to the Enterprise, the two shared a reconciliatory kiss. Even before casting for the film began, rumors were rife that Quinto would be selected to play Spock. (Cinefex, No. (Star Trek).

Spock was also suspicious of the weapons specialist Marcus appointed to the Enterprise, Carol Wallace, and found no records of her serving on any ship.

Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw?

The latter actor mused about the role, "Pretty much, if you're playing a part that is trying to keep their emotions in, then that's the emotion you're trying to convey [.....] I feel like it's not exactly showing your emotions but showing your motives and if Spock's motive is to hide his emotions, then that's what he's showing."

Father: Spock and Kirk had a complicated relationship from the start. It was probably two months before they were really thick and bushy again."

(Star Trek Into Darkness), Spock learns of the death of his counterpart. "Captain, you let them see our ship." 18 & 19) Nimoy himself offered, "When Zachary and I met for the first time, he had already done a lot of research on his own. Status: "It informs a tremendous amount of his cultural identity. Sulu tells Spock that they have taken Uhura. During the dramatic moments aboard the Enterprise following Krall's swarm ships attack, Spock and McCoy teamed up and got to the damaged ship sectors so that McCoy could check on the injured crew. "You old romantic.".

Throughout all incarnations, Spock has simply been known as Spock. Having decided to stay, him and Uhura, whose feelings for one another had not changed, reprised their relationship.

How do you play someone caught between these two personalities? Spock tells Uhura that engaging with her socially is more pleasing than completing his mission report. While on duty aboard the Enterprise, Spock and Uhura maintained a formal professional relationship – Spock usually addressing her by her rank and surname – with the exception of some moments where the nature of their feelings for one another was displayed or hinted by their actions. An unsurprised Spock had the torpedoes detonated, crippling the Vengeance.

everything." It goes on to say, "As is the case with most Vulcans, only his last name was used due to the difficulty non-Vulcans would have in pronouncing his full name, although on at least one occasion Spock revealed his full name."

(Star Trek Magazine issue 145, p. 16), The reserved emotionality of the character continued to be vital to Zachary Quinto, throughout the making of the movie, and was also important to Jacob Kogan. Spock then ordered Kirk to be thrown off the ship, jettisoning him in an escape pod near Delta Vega. From 2258, he was first officer under Christopher Pike and his successor, James T. Kirk, aboard the USS Enterprise. As a consequence of their harsh landing on the planet Altamid's surface, Spock got severely injured on his lower abdomen and McCoy pointed out that with the Vulcan heart being placed where the human liver is, he was lucky the injury was located an inch away from it or he would have been killed instantly. With his pointed ears and eyebrows, NBC thought Spock looked too Satanic, and would cause a backlash from religious groups. From 2258, he was first officer under Christopher Pike and his successor, James T. Kirk, aboard the USS Enterprise. Later, Spock, Uhura and their friends observed the new Enterprise under construction. "We played with it a million ways and just showed J.J. Kirk said he wanted Spock to know why he'd saved Spock from the volcano. He later explained, "J.J. [...] sent me some footage of Zachary's previous work.

I think that Zachary really found a fine line there for us. ", Spock cannot subdue Khan with a Vulcan nerve pinch.

"And a breath of acetone was enough to blend the appliance to Zachary's ear," noted make-up department head David LeRoy Anderson. When Spock answered that he clearly was there to rescue her (noticing the irony of the situation), Uhura smiled pleased by his care for her and his efforts. (Star Trek Magazine Souvenir Special, p. 69) Nimoy also reckoned about Quinto, "I think he could have a great career as Spock: if he wants it, it's there for him." Star Trek Beyond.

We are getting to know each other. ", "Spock!

In 2263, after working aboard the same ship for some years, Leonard McCoy and Spock weren't exactly best friends yet. (Star Trek Magazine issue 144, p. 29) Quinto's auditions were taped for producer and director J.J. Abrams, with the realization that the actor's schedule on Heroes would have to be worked around.

After assisting in the rescue of the Enterprise crew from Krall's encampment, Spock volunteered to once again board a Swarm ship to prevent Krall from unleashing the Abronath at Starbase Yorktown.

re: what was spock's full name? Tell me. He demanded the torpedoes in return for Kirk and Scott, so Spock obliged, but Khan began firing on the Enterprise.

(Star Trek Magazine Movie Special 2016, p. 74), Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin once noted that, before he arrived to direct Beyond, "Zack had already crafted an amazing Spock with Leonard [Nimoy]."

(DIS: "Light and Shadows"). As the Enterprise was severely damaged in the battle, the turbolift containing Spock and McCoy was ejected into space and captured by a Swarm ship. Spock was mostly played by Zachary Quinto. Kelley went on to play Doctor "Bones" McCoy. Nyota, you mistake my choice not to feel as a reflection of my not caring while I assure you, the truth is precisely the opposite.

[22] Quinto similarly commented, "For me as the actor playing the character, there was so much that had to be contained throughout Spock's journey."

In the classic series episode "This Side of Paradise," when asked about his name, Spock replies only that it is unpronounceable to humans.

134, p. 77), While co-writing Star Trek Beyond, Simon Pegg found that writing Spock's dialogue, which he termed "Spockese", was very fun but also challenging. Roddenberry also wanted Spock to not eat or drink, but absorb energy through a plate in his stomach.

It's an interesting challenge – certainly a unique one [....] With a role like this, there's such a familiarity now. Kirk countered he was desperate and needed his help.

When contact was established with the ship's captain, Nero, he appeared to know Spock, although Spock had never met the Romulan before. Stonn (Lawrence Montaigne) in "Amok Time". Marcus gave the vengeful Kirk permission to hunt down Harrison, and allowed him to reinstate Spock as his first officer. I am grateful for this... and for you.

He was also considering completing his training in the kolinahr – the Vulcan ritual of purging all vestigial emotions – and asked his mother whether she would think less of him for discarding emotion in that way. (Star Trek).

Googling for Spock's full name, I came across the Memory Beta-Wiki which lists his name as "S'chn T'gai Spock". To which are you referring?

If you are 13 years old when were you born? Knowing about their romantic relationship, he ironically asked Spock if they were breaking up and promptly assumed it surely was because of something the Vulcan had done.

The perpetrator, John Harrison, appeared in an attack vehicle and opened fire.

"No, not really.

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