south west slope vastu remedies

It should, however, ensure in the event of an outhouse in SW side, the floor level is higher than that of the main house. Sothside have cutout for neighbor's bed room. This is totally malevolent. This will make sure that kitchen is at a higher elevation than neighboring rooms. are possible. Advise them to take proper precautions to prevent ceiling by using an anti-seepage compound, so that you are safe. Ans: Not at all good. At the moment our lives are tied to apartment flats. Extension in the southwest zone of the house is strictly prohibited in such houses as it gives extra room for negativity to flow. If there is external south or west has good structural support then one may plan for bay windows if they feel it is compulsory to have it. Unlike other directions, even small defects in the SW direction may at times, apart from causing large losses in the enterprises may even cost one's life. Also a panch Mukhi Hanuman standing with a gada on left hand, but I’m not aware whether it should be placed inside the main door or outside, Your email address will not be published. For more info read suitable matter at Southwest Street Focus link. అయితే అనుభవజ్ఞుల సలహా తీసుకోవడం చాలా మంచిదని Nicholas చెప్పిన తరువాత, మేము నిర్లక్ష్యం చెయ్యడం మంచిదికాదని మిమ్మల్ని సంప్రదిస్తున్నా, Shri Suresh ji, looking to get more information from you on south west entrance door remedies tips and also south west toilet vastu remedies in Hindi and further "what are the benefits of a south facing house", further more south west entrance door remedies tips and finally, south west facing house feng shui, looking to release a small note book for my customers. Ans: Kitchen towards Southwest is not auspicious idea. Hi, Solution for Toilet in South West. Paint red color on top of the water tank. Remember this is just a temporary fix and you must shift underground water tank or bore well to correct vastu location. What is the difference in this house and the above house?. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, RMC Factory, Bangalore. 7. If house built to the extreme north (which in effect means no open space on the north side and heavy open space towards South). Please note that if there is quality structural support from South or West then only they may plan for full-size windows (full glass instead of Wall). He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. Thanks. For readers information purpose and knowledge purpose, we divided the exact Southwest portion with two colors. Wow such lovely and true reviews!! I don't have money, I feel like I'm in a box and no way out. Getting experts advice to save one's life. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. Anxiously waiting for your guidance The ruling planet of this direction is Rahu which is the planet influencing health, finances and stability of a person. Your top floor residents locating a bathroom, in the southwest, unfortunately, would face disastrous consequences. Ans: Perfectly accepted and indeed it is good idea to plant heavy trees at Southwest. 11. If the Southwest is delicate the results will also be shadowed on residents. In all cases water flow in southwest area is strictly forbidden, however, water tank in the same southwest area is properly covered & and there is no overflow what so ever is acceptable. We have recently booked a house which has southwest facing door. Please assist let me know what we can do we need your help urgently. So better to leave this SW plot. Ans: No, don't buy, if buying is mandatory, then get experts advice without delay. So, if you are looking forward to having a lucrative career and happy life, use the remedy for southwest facing house. He recommends solutions as per location as vaastu rules differ for each country. If the plot is raised in the centre and depending on whether the Soil quality is good, the earth can be dug out and dumped towards the South-West. Drug addiction, drunkenness, gambling, etc., the destruction of families is due to the afflictions of SW direction. Almirahs, recesses, and shelves can be arranged unprotected in eastern and northern walls. If, it is a house, constant domestic irritations, financial stringency, getting angry on each other non-corporative attitude even among the family members are possible. If house built to the extreme east (thus no open space towards east side and open space towards west) loss of name in the society, doing wrong things and thus acquiring notoriety, loss of job, getting into serious financial situation and thus getting ruined, men folk suffering unproductive efforts, having no peace of mind at home, fights, and disputes, children remaining liberates not getting educated would be the result. While sleeping head should be kept at South direction and legs will be towards North direction. Thanks, Vishnu Kumar. This level should be elevated than all other directions. Don't plan toilets at Southwest corner. He would guide with regard to the appropriate remedies for vastu dosh and southwest entrance and the like. Kitchen: North West corner of the flat . Could you please suggest few remedies. Ans: Accepted on one floor only, what about master bedroom location if the furniture is placed at Southwest, if the house is only one floor. Ans: Accepted. (This point is not concerned to most of the homes in USA, UK, Australia, etc countries homes). In a similar fashion, a sloping verandah (slanting portico) on the east side (without constricting the NE side) is greatly beneficial to the residents, when there will be all-round progress in life. south west corner is the kitchen. Dear Sir, My name is Sundar and I desperately need your help and advice. Keeping almirah at East is not a good idea if in the house it's only the available place then the mirror to the almirah is a great idea. We have a flat & having attached bathroom in SW corner is height than bedroom & door facing is east. You can place a Panch Mukhi Hanuman Ji in standing position with gada in left hand right on top of the door to keep negative energies out of house. Are you facing financial loss? He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vaastu Shastra and dedication towards his work. Please guide me sir, need remedies for this entrance door. South west extension problems seem to exist in our family. Please advise to over come bad effects,if any. So it is advisable if you can persuade them to shift the toilet to another convenient place. Is there anything I can do to fix this or do I need to move the problem is that I can't move I'm blocked. Sir is a very good astrologer and understand our problem and give us the best remedies which will be economical and give us a very good result. Keep the door of the toilet always closed. Can you please publish vastu tips for south west facing house in Hindi language. పశ్చిమ నైరుతి మరియు దక్షిణ నైరుతి, మరియు నైరుతి బ్లాక్ ఇళ్ళు మంచివేనా. Affix the same wallpaper to this thermocol, or you may directly affix the wallpaper to the mirror with transparent cellophane tape. 3. What if a basic innocent family person is asked about the vaastu Shastra? Please note that this website is only for the information purpose, residents should not take any decision after coming across this website information. Ans: Not a good feature. We purchased that flat in 2006 & given to the rent. Make sure to keep the door of the toilet closed at all times. Keeping almirah (heavy weight Almirah) in North location is not a good idea if it's only the available place then keeping a mirror to the almirah is a good thought. Previously there is 3/4 storey apartment flats are common, right now, the number extended to 40/50 storey floors. sir Home Sutra: Ways To Remove Defects From Southwest Corner. So, one should not think about is that plot is either South or West. Kitchen in south west corner with sink in south west corner of the kitchen again. Try to keep the windows closed at all times. My house entrance is in south-west direction. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. Team - This will create an auxiliary kitchen at correct location. Health problems especially kidney related issues which affect physical well being of a person. on amavas. I am able to see that there are opportunities and ways which can give me back my lost wealth, but still, it looks sometimes hard and difficult for me to access the opportunities and get success. Is there any remedies for south west door. Please, kindly advice any remedy for this type of vastu dosh for south west entrance vastu. Having entrance in the southwest may hamper the social reputation and also affect the married life. Normally, the benefits are, standard life, overpower the enemies, good health, become sound in finance, domination etc, may be the outcome. His predictions are upto the mark. The door of the toilet is exactly facing the main door of the house. Please advise. The Comode in the toilet is in the west portion of the toilet, which means that the person sitting is facing East. If SW projects towards exact southwest then residents may suffer from rivalries, prolonged litigations, court cases,  insults, loss of peace of mind, indebtedness, getting caught in huge troubles, etc may be possible. Had a wonderful experience. Such drainage should be collected either in the North or East or finally at NE side and then drained off (by an underground pipe) and then drained (by an underground pipe) to the desired side i.e. Always grateful to you. Before buying the home, residents should be careful that they are buying Southwest corner home or Southwest facing home. Downward slopes should be to the north, east and especially northeast. "Thanks" is a very small word, I'm humbled and full of gratitude for your time and patience. If in addition, there below levels or ditches in the SW side, premature deaths could be possible. Residents should subjugate the Southwest then the chances of their victories may double.

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