songs about evil human nature

“When he, whose vocation was Waiting, sat far from home–the hotel’s distracted unnoticing bedroom moody around him, and in the avoided mirror once more the room, and later from the tormenting bed once more: then in the air the voices discussed, beyond comprehension, his heart, which could still be felt; debated what through the painfully buried body could somehow be felt–his heart; debated and passed their judgment: that it did not have love. Off 1969’s Let it Bleed, Gimme Shelter is a shining example of that visceral rock beat, and it happens to contain what I think is one of thecoolest moments in rock: Merry Clayton’s incendiary vocal solo at 2:44. Venom on the land. I’ve always found two bands to be particularly beautiful and able to express human emotions without words quite well. 13. Behold the black demise spinning plates; radiohead Or, is it an unfortunate side effect of our society? His maniacal laughter at the end is so good he might actually be practicing for a career as a cartoon villain! Sara Goodwin has a B.A. I want Smog’s “Dress Sexy At My Funeral” to play at my funeral. If you know me at all, you know that there is no escaping the fact that Poor Unfortunate Souls is going to be on this list. He understands the Unhappiness Script; that our own Hell comes from inside ourselves. Backed up with the band’s inimitable blackened death savagery, Nergal makes it clear which side of the God/Satan divide he falls on, viciously celebrating the death of the former and rise of the latter. There are many versions of this song done, but non even come close to this version. Because the police there aren’t willing to accept, what I think they know. Space Child is awesome too. I’ve always loved Modest Mouse, and I think you’ve just turned me on to Explosions in the Sky. Grow that heart! Love that you mentioned Modest Mouse, I love all the others you mentioned (generally lists like these don’t align with my tastes, but I guess the theme was the universality in music). (*) I didnt pay too much attention to the lyrics since english is not my native language and I have some difficult understanding the spoken english on the fly. I’ve always been a huge fan of REM, Modest Mouse and of course, Dylan. “Evey fool’s got a reason to feel sorry for himself If there is a deeper realization than “sorrows come and sorrows go, that’s all I know,” it’s well beyond me. ALICE COOPER – I LOVE THE DEAD(Billion Dollar Babies, 1973), In his time, Alice Cooper caused outrage with the theatrics of his live show and songs like this tender track about stiffs. Dat some ole' evil little bastard get ... ... the time of day but emperors That song holds a lot of power for me. Greek proggers Aphrodite’s Child – featuring crooner Demis Roussos and Blade Runner soundtrack genius Vangelis – had big ideas for their 666 album: the apocalypse itself. I’ll put up “Better Days” by Springsteen. We argue that music comes from the way in which knowing bodies (Merleau-Ponty) prospectively explore the environment using habitual ‘patterns of action,’ which we have identified as our innate ‘communicative musicality.’ Grey ending skies weighing like eyes of organ; Thanks for the picks. I wrote one once, and the song Heel Turn 2 by the mountain goats comes to mind, but I can't think of any others. The character of Melissa was a witch who was burned at the stake. The song is a first-person retelling of the evil perpetrated by Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned and abused his daughter in the basement of their home for 24 years. We must free the slave Take five seconds to hit the ShareThis button below and send it to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon or MySpace. With all the atmosphere of a freshly-dug burial site at midnight, the diabolic, two-chord riff and Quorthon’s demented vocals make this a haunting paean to all things evil and hellish. He wanted to declare martial law in Barcelona, where swans stuffed with dynamite would be unleashed, before elephants and “Archbishops carrying umbrellas” bombarded the city’s cathedral from the air. Always ones for adding theatrics to their music, here Dani Filth paints a picture of a Sodom and Gomorrah scenario with no small amount of skill. Gaston is presented as a bully, not intelligent, but cunning. If Only You Were Lonely by The Replacements. 5. You like it, you think it is pretty amazing… but it will never impact deep enough to be on your ‘favourite’ playlist. Pete’s Dragon is one of my favorite live action Disney movies. Love the blog, thanks for being a constant source of mental reinforcement. 4.) If token diversity is important to you, there you have it. For me, one band, like REM had always done, continues to mystify and amaze me–Nada Surf. The Importance of the Dark Side. Really enjoying perusing your archives ^_^* Jut wanted to let you know the first song (Stones) link is broken. It’s just joyous, free, and full of happy life. I guess it’s comforting in a way to hear someone describe the sort of sadness and grief that I have felt myself, because it let’s me know that those feelings are not unique to me. Maybe Black Mesa. ~Confucius. And all ... ... FULL OF DRUGS VIRAL INFECTIONS ‘This chapel of ritual smells of dead human sacrifices,’ croons Papa Emeritus. I am brown and i am not complaining that there isn’t any brown musicians here. Indeed, this six-minute song birthed an entire genre. RAMMSTEIN – WEINER BLUT (Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, 2009). Even spookier than the story is an unexpected and unexplained addition to the recording that may or may not have originated from somewhere beyond the grave. Well, my personal anthem for the pressure cooker that was my college career was “Straight to Hell” by Drivin’ and Cryin’ but if I had to pick one song that screams of humanity and of victories and failures and possibilities, well . It’s a pretty song—really, really pretty! “Words make you think a thought. Also, the REM song is available on youtube (I was hesitant to “allow” your current link for that song to open a new file on my computer because I was unfamiliar with that site). In court, Ramirez played up to his monstrous image, greeting the courtroom with the words “Hail Satan” and telling the judge, “I am beyond good and evil. I hope that, by now, you have gone to a movie by yourself and ticked that easy one off your list. My default sing-setting is set to, “Go ahead and leave me. However, never did they sound more monstrous than on this brutish tune. Must mean something. Great blog, by the way, Rage Against the Machine, Killing In The Name Of. Not to be doing time in prison, but to be there in that moment with the Man in Black, as he sings a little vignette of regret and shame. Meatloaf Paradise by the dashboard lights, Jerry Lee Lewis Whole lotta shaking going on. The controversy actually led to Columbia Records, the distributors for producer Rick Rubin’s Def Jam label, to insist that the track be removed from the album, a demand which both the band and their label boss flatly refused. Please have patience through the first 100 or so pages of the book, which do drag, because after that, it’s great. ‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey’ Yeh! I always get chills when Paul Simon sings, “‘Cathy, I’m lost,’ I said, though I knew she was sleeping.” To me, I echoes my own thoughts about trudging through this life, looking for adventure, but a bit afraid of what I’m doing, wanting to share with others to gain reassurance, but afraid of letting people down with my weaknesses.

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