something we all adore 2pac

Play the game nigga never let the game play you Fortune and fame, (Verse 3: Kastro) I feel strange I got so used to the hood I pray for my health my mind and my family too That when I finally got out at first it ain't feel good The world seems strange at times Somewhat insane I'm hoping we can change with time I'm living blinded Searching for refinement Curse, I know death follows me But I murder him first And worse yet With each breathe Steps I take Breathless Is there a cure for a hustler with a death wish?

Searching for fortune and fame, (Verse 1: 2Pac) Más de 100 artistas recomiendan A. Sanz, Bon Jovi, Camila... ¿A qué artista te gustaría conocer? We mash on them jealous bastards with a ski mask
I'm the first one to warn them blast it Wrapped in plastic bullshitting got his ass hit (outlaws) Block run and shoot slugs

We forcing the change mother fuck flossing the chain Something worth dying for Got a homie locked down outta town I sent him a kite today Poverty raised me thinking ain't no help Searching for fortune and fame lost in the rain Curse, I know death follows me but I murder him first C'mon [Hook: 2Pac & Kokane] One thing we all adore Something worth dying for Nothing but pain, stuck in this game 2Pac no está entre los 500 artistas más apoyados y visitados de esta semana, su mejor puesto ha sido el 334º en noviembre de 2009. The one thing we all adore Something worth dying for It's been nothing but pain Stuck in this game Searching for fortune and fame. That we never use nigga plus my heart is in pain Ayuda |

Man that hate in your heart you gotta cleanse it dog Who can I blame? Drunk nights and hot days [echo]The world seems strange at timesSomewhat insane [echo]I'm hoping we can change with timeI'm living blinded [echo]Searching for a refinement curseI know death follows meBut I murder him firstAnd worse yetWith each breatheSteps I takeBreathlessIs there a cure for a hustler with a death wish?Cigar ashesCoasterCrystal glassesWe mash on them jealous bastardsWith my ski maskI'm the first one to warn themBlast itWrapped in plasticBullshitting got his ass hit (outlaws)Ain't nothing left nowTreated like a stepchildWas not for meNothing but busters and bitches (fuck em all)Be rocking beatsFaken fame, Block run and shoot slugsWe throw them back like hardballsWithout the glovesNo love for these fake desperadosAnd thugs I bleed to envySmoke and blow out they bluntsSipping HenneyDrunk nightsAnd hot daysCocking my heatShooting it sidewaysA life on the runFull of common bluntsUnconditionally marriedTo my gunFulfillin' my destinyAll needsAnd ones desiresBe pulling all my cabbageLike priorsStuck in the tranceSearching for something higherFortune and fame, One thing we all adoreSomething worth dying forNothing but painStuck in this gameSearching for fortune and fame (FAME), Searching for fortune and fameLost in the rainA loss of the gameWith life the cost of the gameWe forcing the changeMother f*** flossing the chain [echo]All the blameBelongs to the part of the brain [echo]That we never use ni***Plus my heart is in pain [echo]And if I ever lose homeyBet I'm at it again [echo]Outlaws don't dieSo united we stand [echo]And if family 'come a foeAll the fortune and fame [echo], As I walk up in the cribLaid to rest me headSay some rhymes to angelsHope they bless my bedHope they bless me the righteous wayGot a homie locked downOutta townI sent him a kite todayMan that hate in your heartYour need to cleanse it dogPraying for my downfallAnd I can sense it dogI was passed down the street fameLike glocks clockedAnd keep aimWas raised up with a clock boxAnd I ran with the local street gangThey say the light is fadedBut still shine in the darkYou can easy been a manBut you is a boy in your heartAnd that's some game that I gotFrom generation of gameIn the road of life dogWe need to switch up lanesThink about it, I can't complainI've seen my fair share of the fameIt wont change meNow I've got this piece of changeI feel strangeI got so use to the hoodThat when I finally got outAt first it ain't feel goodI was just a babyStill retarded from slaveryWhen we struggle to shovel shitAin't nobody saved meGhetto ain't made meI made myselfPoverty raised meThinking ain't no helpI pray for my healthMy mindAnd my family tooState of myselfMy grindAnd my family crewWhere one hand watches the otherNo we ain't bloodBut we still real brothersThe struggle is realNothing can stealWhat we buildAnd that remains the same'Till that day we killedAnd that's realLife that I was aimed to beLove by my family treeThat's fame to meHow about it, The one thing we all adoreSomething worth dying forNothing but painStuck in this gameSearching for fortune and fame. One thing we all adore , Something worth dying for , Nothing but pain , Stuck in this game , Searching for fortune and fame .

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