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“What an awesome opportunity for the kids to see live snakes and other reptiles and learn about them.

I don't think the little guy is going to make it, but he's still a fascinating animal nonetheless!". Tiger salamanders are North America’s largest species of salamander.

Known as dicephaly, the rare disorder occurs when a developing embryo is splitting into identical twins but stops halfway through. I was hardcore into parrots throughout college, and after I achieved my Bachelor's degree in Fisheries & Wildlife, I dove into the world of reptiles and pursued a career in exotic animal education. Where can I get a Snake Discovery reptile?

Now I go to schools, libraries, scouts, and more, to share my love of these often misunderstood animals.

It is wonderful to come across such an amazing role model.

… They spend most of their time underground and have huge appetites. That said, the reptiles that Snake Discovery offers can be found here. They keep many varieties of herps, most of which can be seen in this video and its second part.

They provide us with an opportunity to study cooperation and the processes of controlling the same body with two nervous systems," added the herpetologist. We go to many science museums, aquariums, and zoos when we travel and see lots of conservation themed presentations. I feel that the more people know about reptiles, the better appreciation they have for them. Snake Discovery provides educational hands-on programs with reptiles, and has a YouTube channel oriented around the same. Snake Discovery LLC - - Rated 5 based on 17 Reviews "Emily brought her reptiles to our 4-H meeting and had kids, and adults, of all ages engaged... Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a I knew my son would love the lizards and snakes as he’s been passionate about reptiles for 2+ years, but it was truly magical to watch some of the more timid kids go from shying away to handling the snakes all by themselves!

", "What a unique and valuable experience!. The following programs are free for the public to attend*: March 7: Oakdale Public Library at 11am (Oakdale, MN)March 12: Park Grove Library *Turtle Program* at 2pm (Cottage Grove, MN)March 22: Hastings Exotic Pet Expo from 11am-4pm (Hastings, MN)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19.March 24: Burnhaven Public Library at 2pm (Burnsville, MN)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19March 27: Deer Park Public Library at 5pm (Deer Park, WI)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19April 1: St. Croix Falls Public Library at 4pm (St. Croix Falls, WI)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19April 4: Woodbury EXPO tabletop from 12:30-4pm (Woodbury, MN)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19April 11: Lake Elmo Library at 11am (Lake Elmo, MN)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19April 19: Eau Claire Exotic Pet Expo from 11am-4pm (Eau Claire, WI)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19April 25: RH Stafford Library at 10:30am (Woodbury, MN)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19April 25: Park Grove Library at 1:30pm (Cottage Grove, MN)     *CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Book a Program! My child learned so much and was so excited to share their knowledge when we got home! Never have I had such a big impact of a 1 hour presentation in changing how I view the animal. YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Patreon | Merchandise. Thanks for spreading this knowledge and experience throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota! It is owned by Emily Roberts1, who also serves as the main face ofthe channel, appearing and speaking in most (if not all) videos. Welcome to Snake Discovery, where I bring the reptiles to YOU and teach kids (and adults!) Ed, her husband, also helps bysometimes serving as a cameraman, and can occasionally be heard from outside of the shot. Snake Discovery is run by primarily by Emily with assistance from Ed, her husband, both of whom are reptile enthusiasts. Newsweek reached out to Snake Discovery for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication. How do I send them something? EDUCATIONAL REPTILE PROGRAMS Find a Program! "These animals shouldn't be looked at as freaks. Because the two heads are often hungry at the same time, they end up competing against each other to grab the same prey first, not a fun time for anyone involved. Doug attends all full length (45-minute) “Snake, Rattle, & Roll” and “Reptile Around the World” programs. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. They keep many varieties of herps, most of which can be seen in … To book a program, please email me at By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. My programs aim to open the eyes of the youth (and other generations) so that they grow up respecting reptiles, leading to wildlife preservation in the future. "They also have a great deal of difficulty deciding which direction to go, and if they had to respond to an attack quickly they would just not be capable of it,". He was so thrilled to be able to handle our native snakes and especially, Doug, the boa constrictor! Press J to jump to the feed. Emily is fantastic with the kids and I would highly recommend her for your child’s birthday party or any group!” –Hilltop Daycare and Preschool, April 2015. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Unfortunately, it's not easy to take care of these creatures in captivity, or in the wild. I bring a map turtle to the “Snake, Rattle, & Roll” program. I have taught pre-vet students about Companion Animals at the University of Wisconsin: River Falls and the University of Minnesota. ", "Just watching them feed, often fighting over which head will swallow the prey, shows that feeding takes a good deal of time, during which they would be highly vulnerable to predators,"said Burghardt. Hear what other people have to say about Snake Discovery! So, I started up a small business for which I travel teaching people about reptiles. His heads are pretty attached, which is unfortunate.

Tiger salamanders are North America’s largest species of salamander. ), and stays out afterwards for audience members to touch and interact with. For more information about Snake Discovery, what they do, and the reptiles they own, you can go to their official website. Check if your question has been answered before. You did a PHENOMENAL job. I started by working as a Naturalist for the Department of Natural Resources, where my job was to create educational programs about wildlife, trees and plants, insects, geology, etc. Doug is over 7 feet long, roughly 25 pounds, and a total sweetheart. Please check the venue’s website or Facebook page for further details (address, whether a snake or turtle focus, etc).Note: Most public programming occurs in June, July and August. WOW. Kids get the biggest kick out of watching him eat! Click here to leave us a review. Please keep up the wonderful work that you are doing. *Some places may require pre-registration, and the Exotic Pet Expos require a $3 fee to enter. Self-advertisement without reason is not permitted. One Dad stopped me at preschool drop-off today to tell me how much fun HE had at the party.

My YouTube videos provide them (and you!)

Also consider joining our Discord server!

I then became an Interpretive Naturalist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, where I found my love for wildlife education. Emily… We suggest keeping him a secret from your students/attendees, as he makes a wonderful surprise for the crowd! To book a program, please email me at It’s best to book your program at least 1 month in advance. The 'About' section of the Snake Discovery Youtube channel, written by Emily: I have always had a passion for exotic pets. After my temporary position with the DNR ended, I wanted to continue it on my own! He’s the last snake of the program (since you have to end with a bang, right? ". She has gained massive renown for sharing her reptilian and exotic pet expertise through individual lessons and care vlogs. Garters are very common in the Midwest, and give birth to live young! Short-term bookings are welcome, but dates may be limited.Snake Discovery serves all of Minnesota and Wisconsin. To be added to the waiting list, email us after the list has been reopened at and let us know what species (and morphs … Continue reading "Available … To continue reading login or create an account. The program we booked, was absolutely amazing, and will be the talk of all who attended for years to come. About five days ago, hosts Emily and Ed Roberts discovered their pregnant garter snake, Pruis, had hatched several new offspring.

I'm so excited to send MY fan mail to Emily and Ed!!!!! They're organisms with motivations and individuality just like any other. You shared interesting facts and kept kids and adults alike on the edge of our seats during the whole presentation. Softshell turtles spend a lot of time hidden under the sand using their long necks and snorkel-like nose to reach to the surface and grab a breath of air when needed. "Thank you so much for being the amazing educator, advocate, and role model that you are.

60.6k Followers, 187 Following, 50 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @snake.discovery About five days ago, hosts Emily and Ed Roberts discovered their pregnant garter snake… You dramatically changed how I view snakes. That was SO engaging and educational. We encourage extensive research before purchase of a reptile. Snake Discovery provides educational hands-on programs with reptiles, and has a YouTube channel oriented around the same.

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