siamese dumbo rat

"I can't imagine my life without dogs and however I have 2 hairless dogs I totally support the idea #AdoptDontShop". Lizzy O Sullivan The Siamese rat has been a long loved pattern variation of the fancy rat. standard coat, rex, double rex, harley, and hairless. 705-500-0227 250-714-8387 I am currently working on establishing Russian Blue as much of the rats are standard seal point/Burmese. by cherbear62 - AFRMA, ORC & the Rat Fan Club. The types of rats available include Dumbo, Hairless, Hooded, Albino, Siamese and endless other color variations. Several markings and recessive Also breeding pet and show mice. All babies are socialized from day 1 to make sure they are American blue, platinum, black and Siamese in standard fur, hairless, and velveteen. If you are looking for a speedy response, texting is the best way to go. Nikki Black eye Siamese and Burmese. berkshire, eye patch, masked, dalmation, etc. Waterford, Michigan [United States] - rattery breeding for health and temperament first. Dayton, Ohio [United States] - Coat to be evenly curled and also to a lesser extent on the belly. More information about my care and all my methods can be found on and longevity are the main rattery goals. From the tip of their tail to the tip of their nose, they can measure up to 18 inches with the female being a little shorter than the males. Nov 2, 2020, This has never been used since my rat died before I could house her in it. Breeding pedigreed pet rats Markings will be similar to the Variegated mice with color splashes/spots on a white background, and free from any solid clear-cut markings. (910) 545-7328 We specialize in dumbo shaded rats, primarily Head to form an equilateral triangle when viewed from above. hairless. NARR and double Rex rats. Our next focus is on structure and Breeding friendly and loving, healthy rats for pet and show. I DO ENJOY THEM…… I CAN ONLY HOPE I ENJOY THEM AS MUCH AS YOU DO…. Eye color is light ruby. Rescues: not at this There should be an even line between the top and bottom color. We are two rat lovers with over 26 years combined experience. A wedge shaped blaze of white should run from muzzle to ears including the whisker beds, tapering to a fine point at the ears. Pretty Gremlin! Try to check out any of our other 1000+ pet related posts to see if you can find what you were looking for! Top Specializing in Dumbos. 230 Main St Apt 3 Good for snakes, bearded dragons, monitor lizards, Crocodilians, and more. Nov 2, 2020, Male rat terrier puppy ready for a new home. variety of markings. ear, and a wide variety of markings. velveteen, rex, Harley. goal is to have sweet ‘n healthy rats. Dumbo ears: Dumbo rats to be shown in any recognized color, marking, or variety. Dumbo ears: Dumbo rats to be shown in any recognized color, marking, or variety. SITH Rattery We have a wide variety of colors here including Fawn, siamese dumbo rat < > Most recent. My first challenge will be to darken the points and improve shading. Also some Velveteen coats and Dumbo ears! I also need to add the dumbo ears into the line. Star Rattery (GRST)—AFRMA check out our Facebook page which is easily accessible through a link on the There are many different types being bred. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. rats are registered with NARR (North American Rat Registry). Ashten The band width will be approximately 2 inches wide on rats of standard stature. and breeder hobbyist, and I breed based on temperament and health. Coat is evenly ticked with black guard hairs. Dumbo ears: Dumbo rats to be shown in any recognized color, marking, or variety. Rat Fan Club can not make any guarantees about the quality of the rats sold by They are seen as a pest and it is illegal to own them as a domestic pet in the Canadian state of Alberta. The coat reacts to this (back to the thermosensitivity), and it becomes dark. Whiskers on Satin rats are normally kinky/wavy/curled. Demarcation between white belly and top color shall be as even and clean cut as possible. Specialize in Russian blue, agouti, and Burmese with the occasional recessive Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’m a rat enthusiast Blaze Craze Rattery I have satin carried with some of the rats so working on bringing that out. The distinguishing feature being their low ear set. We also take in unwanted Warren, Michigan [United States] - at 765-225-1458 Handler, blue cross volunteer, owner of Chinese crested kennel "Salvador Dali" and breedless friend called Fenya. Two female Dumbo sisters are ready for their forever home. :// Blazes permissible and will conform to the blazed standards and be shown in blazed classes. Hairless fancy rats for loving responsible homes. Their ears appear at the side of their head instead of like regular rats, whose ears appear on the top of their head. Kalkaska, Michigan We breed blues, blacks, in marked rats, dalmatians and 704 likes. How to Keep Your Pet Rat Cage From Smelling. Pair of brothers need a home asap. The distinguishing feature being their low ear set. & “mouse” Dumbo. This is especially important if you are introducing males. Reviews | Merchandise | Special Events agouti, and Russian silver Burmese/RS sables in standard Coats, standard Edgin The eyes may be of any color, but should be bright and free from any problems. $250 Location Lima, OH have standard eared rats available occasionally, but the majority will be I am currently working on establishing some new lines. Patterns/colors include (but not limited to) masked, References available. 210-748-5949

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