scga team play

The two day event includes 18-hole team matches of four ball & alternate shot on day one followed by singles matches on the final day. You also must have posted at least 10 rounds in the past 12 months to qualify; if you have not done this, the SCGA computer won't allow you to play. Below is a list of the Regionals and Divisions set up in the league. The 2020 SCGA Team Play playoffs, set to begin March 19, have been placed on 'hold' according to the SCGA due to the governmental mandate regarding health concerns.

The two-day competition begins with day 1 contested in a four-ball format over the Santa Maria Country Club while day 2 finishes with 24 individual matches contested over the Rancho Maria Golf Club. SCGA Twilight Leagues are for golfers short on time, but high on fun. The good news is that the farthest we travel this year is to Downey to play Los Amigos. Regional: 2015 SCGA Saturday Team Play.

SCGA Team Play, San Diego, California. This competition is open only to regular member clubs maintaining at least one 18-hole golf course of at least 5,000 yards in length. View All Teams: View Region: View Playoff Results: Playoff Results. RESULTS | DECEMBER 18-19, 2019 | THE VALLEY CLUB.
Most players will get to play in a couple of matches each season; though some of the lower handicap guys will play more often than that (hey, we want to win and we did win our division and go to the playoffs for the first time in 10 years last season). We do not follow the usual alternate home and away schedule since our opponents are munis and have to deal with scheduling of other events at their courses. The HIO pool accumulates by a $1 from each participant in Section events. In a multi-day event, if the HIO does not occur in the same round, the first to record the HIO will receive the payout and the pool will officially be restarted. Thursday Results Saturday Results Metro Results, Team Captain Module Entry Form Team Play Manual, All Rights Reserved. Show Playoff Bracket. Team SCPGA is selected based on current season Section Player of the Year points. Invitations for the team are based upon achieving 50 years of age, participation in the Senior Division events, past “Cup” participation, Senior POY and Super Senior POY points, and special invitations by the Committee. Amount awarded to the first Hole-In-One recorded by a Member or Associate in a Section event. 951-331-4736, 3333 Concours Street An acceptable method of matching cards is to determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes. The first day will be four ball matches followed by singles on the final day.

This competition is open only to regular member clubs maintaining at least one 18-hole golf course of at least 5,000 yards in length. Division and Chapter events excluded. Building 2, Suite 2100 These matches began in 2010 where the Southern California PGA’s top eight women from the Women’s Player of the Year standings play Southern California Women’s Amateurs top players. As a reminder, you should have a handicap index below 18.4 to participate.

Below is a list of the Regionals and Divisions set up in the league.

Twilight leagues are 9 holes, once per week on a weeknight. 2015 SCGA Saturday Team Play.

Group winners then meet in single elimination play-offs, culminating in an 18-hole championship. Nonetheless, this is better than two trips to Bakersfield, which was looking like our only option as two clubs there were interested in playing with us after the group of 12 that we formerly played in imploded and disbanded; the offer to join our current group came at the last minute and is much better for us in terms of travel. 951-331-4735, Stephen Monday The California Cup was first played in 2015 and is a biennial team match featuring the Southern California PGA verses the Northern California PGA. Division 1.

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