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It sometimes still overwhelms him, but then he speaks up, a wide grin stretching from one side of his face to the other or steps on the mound to pitch. None of them thought about the possibility of this arrangement changing their lives forever. Sawamura Eijun entered Seido High with rainbow clips pinning his bangs back and carrying an arm full of happiness as he slowly made the baseball players do his every bidding. The ticking became his first, real secret, a constant companion and reminding him every second of every day. The stranger began to drag him toward the vehicle but he kicked at the man and was able to break free and the stranger drove off. Eijun suddenly regains the memories of his futureself and is determined to fix past mistakes, at all costs. It just is. Then, Sawamura disappear every afternoon because of school and reappear later on the baseball field. Well, thank you for reading this story. I don't know what to think about that." Eijun stared at the picture of her, smiling and happy. Noticing this, the teacher finally had enough and threw him out. "I'm telling the truth!" Everyone left after having paid their respects. His friends show no sign of ill health and the ticking still shows up around them frequently enough to reassure him that they aren't going anywhere. Seidou's ace, Sawamura Eijun struck out batter after batter in every innings and most often the young boy roared to victory. "The Boss always watched his students as they went up and down... to make sure that we were paying attention to his subject..." Sawamura said to himself "If a student like me... happened to fall asleep in the middle of his class—". After the rain there is always sunshine, or so they say. And so his noisy days continued. Eijun still can't see his eyes but his mouth stretches into a considerably wide smile. The only indication of Furuya's annoyance is the very slight rise in his eyebrows while Harucchi can't suppress a small laugh. To go back to playing the sport they love. Sometimes, recently, there's no ticking but no silence either. They had all abandoned their tests in favour of watching Eijun in amazement. It went so well that Eijun didn't even notice when the ticking stopped. Eijun couldn't concentrate; the scratching of pencils on paper wasn't nearly enough to cover the noise. Then it hit him. Adelaide is hoping that Seidou will be just what she needed. Kataoka frowned and everyone became nervous. The whole team is so used to the first years' antics by now, no one even reacts anymore. The words had been clear but Eijun only heard it as if through a long tunnel, dull and echoing. He's really obsessed with Sawamura and he thought if he could friend the boy, Sawamura could trust him. The ticking's been there as long as he can remember. People were clapping their hands, yelling, cheering, screaming. Kazuya remembers looking like Eijun once: tired in a way that has nothing to do with baseball, dressed in a pristine black and white suit that was a little loose on the arms, and surrounded by flowers and photos of the deceased featured in the wake. "Even when you were driving me crazy, you were still always unapologetically you. Based on the doujinshi: Single Mother Eijun. ‘Dead ball!’ an image of a ball smacking the head of an Inashiro player in the batter box in a game. I'd really love to read what you're gonna write :)Maybe leave a comment so I'll know if anyone's interested.P.S. He just wants it to stop. Adelaide is hoping that Seidou will be just what she needed. (You need to be logged in to read this fanfic!) ‘Yips’ the word causing his heart to race despite never having heard it before, he watched himself running in the rain with a haggard and haunted look on his face. However, I have noticed a few things. Eijun hadn't heard the ticking around her at all yesterday, not when he first greeted her or when he left. "Ouch! When he was in his first year of... #diamondnoace "Sawamura Eijun, don't go out alone. " Despite them being from rival schools, they waited with bated breath for any and all news regarding the safety of the missing players. What if there was an explanation for the weird tics some of the Seidou team members have? It's a gift he never asked for and he doesn't think anyone would. "Remember what I said, Bakamura. It could potentially even harm him.". "Sawamura, wake up! Then it hits him that this could be a prime opportunity to take the wind out of Furuya's sails. "Good game guys, we will resume tomorrow. "Sawamura, wake up." After getting an assignment that mixes him up with the baseball team, he ends up spending a lot of time with them and getting to know them, feelings surface. When Eijun hears of Harucchi's 'fortunetelling', he has instant faith in his friend. It looked like an underground cave, but somehow he could tell that he was deep underground as in so deep that he couldn't dig to the surface even if he wanted. The GOM originally had 9 members but 4 of them disappeared during their second year of middle school after witnessing and being victims of the power corruption happening in the team.The four walked away from basketball as a whole and took interest in other sports.Kuroko Tetsuya: Plays soccerHinata Shouyou: Plays volleyballNanase Haruka: does swimmingSawamura Eijun: plays baseballCertain things lead the four to reunite and search for answers to why they are struggling to get past events of the past, they return to play basketball one last time. Then, he eyed a small gray house which suddenly appeared with four digits number in the red door. He was very scared when he saw how mad everyone was, well, except for those first years. There was pictures of the young boy scattered everywhere and broken glass. "Well, actually, I threw it away." Maezono laughed. It became worse once he started school. "And don't talk to strangers, Tokyo is very scary nowadays." Read Sawamura Eijun I from the story Home Run! "Shut-up!" You should be happy.". So tell me, when did you start apologising?". Breaks were the best part of Eijun's day. Or in which certain people goes back in the past to fix there mistake. Things that made no sense as he doesn’t remember any of this happening to him and yet all of the things he was seeing were definitely of him and the others. Eijun still fears it and now he knows why. It's whispers, so quiet and disembodied, half the time Eijun thinks he imagined it. “Just give me a sec.”. One by one, people who were watching the game began to leave the field, talking and laughing about the boys' performances. She is a childhood friend of Sawamura Eijun from when she moved with her family from Canada to Nagano, Japan. The animalistic gleam in Kazuya’s eyes, visible only in the faint moonlight that continued to shine through a few straggling, wispy clouds, went unnoticed by the omega beside him. He almost suspects what it is, but for now he's unsure. The group ran towards the lad's direction only to stop when they're a feet away. ", "Of course not. "Yeah, yeah, I know! As Eijun slowly became more self-aware, he noticed how much of a strain his persistent insistence on hearing the noise was putting on his family. But would it be that simple, after everything they had to suffer through? This story is about how Sawamura Eijun dies and gets reincarnated to have a second chance at life. He can still see the red flush creeping all the way down Eijun’s neck, bright in the pale spring sunlight. Meet Miyazaki Adelaide, a third year at Seidou who has joined the baseball team as a manager and trainer. 5 mini-standalone stories which may or may not converge at some point (more genres include friendship, family; angst became predominant mostly by coincidence as it's part of how they each discover their power). He saw the light switches behind the counter and decided to switched them all on. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Some of the prompts split into sub-prompts, so different variantions may be possible... Don't be shy in choosing! Still set in the canon verse, but with the addition of supernatural powers. He told Asada and Kuramochi the meaning of his dream but he did not get a proper answer from them but he could not get the face of the young boy out of his mind. It got on the nerves of some people, but most discovered the passion and determination that lay beneath his loudness.

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