sample elevator pitch for high school students

How are you trying to connect with that person? You can practice what you’d like to say in your pitch to smooth out the details and boost your confidence. It may turn into a conversation in which you learn about the employer or company while they learn about you. I am looking for a summer internship in the fashion industry where I can help a marketing team by using my creativity and photoshop skills. When she constructed her pitch, her focus was to relate some of the skills needed for her career goals to her experiences in school and work. Whether you’ve been working in the same industry for a couple of decades or coming right out of college with an internship or two under your belt, including your current job title and applicable professional accomplishments will let employers know you have work experience. The name “elevator pitch” reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes. Hand one out as you finish your pitch and increase your chances that way of sealing your deal. The video we’re sharing on elevator pitches will be able to guide you to learn more. A positive attitude and nonverbal communication will make you look confident and comfortable, which will strengthen your presentation, according to Jason Whitney, an associate director at the Career and Professional Development Center at SNHU. You can also work with a career advisor to build, tweak and fine-tune your pitch. CR. Elevator Pitch Examples. McGilvary noticed she often played with her hair or ring, and once she identified this, she stopped both habits. Job Seeker Elevator Pitch Example ... College Student Personal Elevator Speech. Say you haven’t yet graduated and your work experience is limited. Before the competition, she took videos of herself to practice her pitch. What is School Culture and Climate? You use it when you introduce yourself to people in networking situations and career fairs or answer the interview question, “tell me about yourself.” It’s also your professional summary on your resume and LinkedIn profile. This can mean someone sitting next to you during a quick flight as much as business people in a networking event or a new guest at a family party. What is the meaning of the relationship that you are trying to establish? Then wrap this up with a question that matters, such as who the best point of contact is to follow up on your interest later. A strong elevator pitch will communicate how you can be beneficial to an organization. Your body language is an essential component of an elevator pitch. I love the work your company does to improve the lives of others, too, and could see myself working on projects with your team.". To do this, you should avoid cliches, jargon and anything too personal. This introduction will likely be the first impression you’ll make on a potential employer, so it’s crucial to have an idea of what you’d like to say and be aware of how you present yourself. You also need to think of ways of linking your pitch in conversation, so being clever about variation will help. You’re not pushing adjectives here to impress. My name is Sandra and I am a freshman and University of Illinois majoring in Apparel Merchandising and minoring in Marketing. Upkey gives access to FREE customized resume module and pitch coach. How to Write an Elevator Pitch. One assignment I completed during the course was an Elevator Speech. The name given to elevator pitches refers to the pitch’s duration, which needs to be quicker than an elevator ride. So that's why you need an elevator pitch! A great way to do this is by describing a specific and relevant experience where you learned or improved your skills. Isabelle MacGilvary, a campus student enrolled in the Degree in Three program, gave her pitch at an Elevator Pitch Competition hosted by the Professional Sales Association. Before expressing your goals, you want to show what your strengths are. Now, here are a few great examples to guide you further: You show up at a job interview and you’re asked to introduce yourself. For example, if you know the organization focuses on corporate social responsibility, you should highlight pertinent information about yourself that supports this.

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