rms olympic collision

[129][132], Olympic's fittings were auctioned off before the scrapping commenced. As a wartime measure, Olympic was painted in a grey colour scheme, portholes were blocked, and lights on deck were turned off to make the ship less visible. [65], When Olympic was about 100 nautical miles (190 km; 120 mi) away from Titanic's last known position, she received a message from Captain Rostron of Cunard's RMS Carpathia, which had arrived at the scene. [24] The use of escaped steam was tested on the SS Laurentic two years before.[25]. A Philosopher must always reserve room for doubt! [7][32], Olympic had a cleaner, sleeker look than other ships of the day: rather than fitting her with bulky exterior air vents, Harland and Wolff used smaller air vents with electric fans, with a "dummy" fourth funnel used for additional ventilation. The White Star Line faced a growing challenge from its main rivals Cunard, which had just launched Lusitania and Mauretania – the fastest passenger ships then in service – and the German lines Hamburg America and Norddeutscher Lloyd. One was unseaworthy and the deputation said that it was prepared to recommend the men return to work if the boat were replaced. Following her refit, Olympic was marketed as the "new" Olympic and her improved safety features were featured prominently in advertisements. Deputations from both inquiries inspected Olympic's lifeboats, watertight doors and bulkheads and other equipment which were identical to those on Titanic. We really don’t know anything. in response to your question at the time of the collision the master of the Olympic was Edward Smith the same as the Titanic during her fateful maiden voyage. ( Log Out /  On 1 October lifeboats from the French ship Provincia which had been sunk by a U-boat that morning off Cape Matapan were sighted and 34 survivors rescued by Olympic. Several years would pass before Britannic would be launched. We can only consider the possibilities. The new company considered using her for summer cruises for a short while, but this idea was abandoned and she was put up for sale. [125] Four of the lightship's crew went down with the vessel and seven were rescued, of whom three died of their injuries – thus there were seven fatalities out of a crew of eleven. Until 1930 there had generally been around one million passengers a year on the transatlantic route, but by 1934 this had dropped by more than half. Cost considerations were relatively low on the agenda and Harland and Wolff was authorised to spend what it needed on the ships, plus a five per cent profit margin. One crewman said it all happened so quickly that they didn't know how it happened. The Claim is that “The impact with HMS Hawke’s caused $125,000 of damage to Olympic including bending her keel meaning she would fail any future board of trade inspection.” In addition, an extra bulkhead was added to subdivide the electrical dynamo room, bringing the total number of watertight compartments to seventeen. [110] Prince Edward and Captain Howarth were filmed on the bridge of Olympic for Pathé News. That the only thing you can possibly know. [104] During the conversion work and drydocking, a dent with a crack at the centre was discovered below her waterline which was later concluded to have been caused by a torpedo that had failed to detonate. That’s just Philosophy 101. [38][39][40] Her arrival generated enthusiasm from her crew and newspapers. Among the potential buyers was a syndicate who proposed to turn her into a floating hotel off the south coast of France, but this came to nothing. Facilities for the third class included a smoking room, a common area, and a dining room. [36], By the time of her retirement, Olympic had completed 257 round trips across the Atlantic, transporting 430,000 passengers on her commercial voyages, travelling 1.8 million miles. [136], In 2000, Celebrity Cruises purchased some of Olympic's original wooden panels to create the RMS Olympic restaurant on board their new cruise ship, Millennium. RMS Olympic was a British ocean liner and the lead ship of the White Star Line's trio of Olympic-class liners. She returned to service in March 1933 described by her owners as "looking like new." More than 10,000 spectators watched her depart from New York harbour, for her first return trip. Meanwhile, USS Davis had sighted a distress flare and picked up 31 survivors from U-103. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. There was a lavish Grand Staircase, built only for the Olympic-class ships, along with three lifts that ran behind the staircase down to E deck,[28] a Georgian-style smoking room, a Veranda Café decorated with palm trees,[29] a swimming pool, Turkish bath,[30] gymnasium,[31] and several other places for meals and entertainment. Noted Group of Seven artist Arthur Lismer made several paintings of her in Halifax. [117] More improvements would follow in a later refit, but 1929 saw Olympic's best average passenger lists since 1925. [134] One suite at Sparth House Hotel, Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire has the furniture from one of the staterooms, including light fitting, sink, wardrobes and fireplace. Of course I’m not serious. Rostron explained that Olympic continuing on course to Titanic would gain nothing, as "All boats accounted for. The collision between HMS Hawke and RMS Olympic on the 20th September 1911 and the allegation that it was more serious than the board of trade or the admiralty admitted to. (Thought I’d better day that as the conspiracy theorists believe anything). Seems obvious that olympic was not to badly damaged and that maybe WSL saw a chance to profit. One drawback of this was that the Second-Class promenade space on B-Deck was reduced aboard Titanic. Thank you for your comment. ( Log Out /  [36], Following completion, Olympic started her sea trials on 29 May 1911 during which her manoeuvrability, compass, and wireless telegraphy were tested. [2] this not only would have most likely sank both ships, as there is a good chance it would have severed Olympics stern all together based on how fast she was travelling, but Hawkes forward gun mount would have indented into Olympics aft D deck resulting in a separate penetration above the V shaped hole seen in the photo above.

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