right wing youtube channels

It, is also worth to mention that, as shown in Table 3, the fraction, of channels with statistically signicant biases is much higher for.

Inside each topic, 20 words are presented in order of importance according to the LDA output. cerning Muslims, the captions of right-wing channels present, For the other topics, the dierences were not very pronounced.

that have not shown interest in such content. similarity and the average fractions of Empath categories (that is. )

Now, he is not as entertaining as Steven Crowder, but he is very informative to listen to. For example, the meanings of “Canada” and “Air” cannot be easily combined to obtain “Air Canada”. or “insincere,” justifying suicide attacks in defense of Islam, and favorable views of Al Qaeda.

The quality of these representations is measured in a word similarity task, and the results are compared to the previously best performing techniques based on different types of neural networks. According to the Jewish non-governmental organization, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), “Internet has provided the far-, right fringe with formerly inconceivable opportunities”, making it, possible for extremists to reach a much larger audience than ever, before and easily portray themselves as legitimate [, how this kind of content is related to the reactions that it produces is. The total number of, videos collected from these channels is 3,731 and the total number. While unlikely to put Twitter or YouTube out of business, sites like Gab and Real.Video seem poised to fulfill that promise and profit from that sentiment — helped by the purge of Jones.

We also depict, in Figur, values, aggregating for channel type and source, and considering.

The bottom and top of, the box are always the rst and third quartiles, the band inside the box is the median, the whiskers represents the minimum.

Since the videos vary in terms of size and number of comments, we also created normalized vectors, dened for a video, which contain the normalized fraction of words presented in each, Empath category. Now considering the comments, we observe a signicant positive, correlation for several categories in the right-wing channels, such, Figure 2: Distribution of the similarities between caption, and comments in each channel’s videos, according to our, lexical analysis.

In, ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing, tion using natural language processing.

Close. As for funding, Gab crowdsourced $1.1 million in 2017 and Sanduja claimed in May that the platform was bringing in more than $20,000 a month in both memberships and donations from users. class, “And We Will Fight For Our Race!” A Measurement Study of Genetic Testing Conversations on Reddit and 4chan, The homogeneity of right-wing populist and radical content in YouTube recommendations, Analyzing Genetic Testing Discourse on the Web Through the Lens of Twitter, Reddit, and 4chan, Auditing radicalization pathways on YouTube, The Evolution of the Manosphere Across the Web, A BERT-Based Transfer Learning Approach for Hate Speech Detection in Online Social Media, Hate speech detection and racial bias mitigation in social media based on BERT model, Extremist ideology as a complex contagion: the spread of far-right radicalization in the United States between 2005 and 2017, Examining untempered social media: analyzing cascades of polarized conversations, Bernays, Horkheimer, and Adorno: Theory in the Age of Social Media, Measuring #GamerGate: A Tale of Hate, Sexism, and Bullying, Who Shares and Comments on News? An inherent limitation of word representations is their indifference to word order and their inability to represent idiomatic phrases. Analyzing Right-wing Y, Channels: Hate, Violence and Discrimination. To start growing your network, and add Xica Inbox as a connection, you must have a Channel Pages account.

Machine learning is a means to derive artificial intelligence by discovering patterns in existing data.

In extreme cases, these incidents have evolved into hate, discrimination, and bullying, and even materialized into real-world threats and attacks against individuals or groups. Please login, or create one to continue. Natalie Jomini Stroud, Emily Van Duyn, and Cynthia Peacock. The thought of Edward Bernays can be useful in examining and interrogating today's media, especially through the lens of Frankfurt School social theorists Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno.

To evaluate our proposed approach, we use two publicly available datasets that have been annotated for racism, sexism, hate, or offensive content on Twitter. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. Table 1: Statistics regarding all collected channels.

The results indicate that patterns of far-right radicalization in the United States are consistent with a complex contagion process, in which reinforcement is required for transmission.

2016. with online news: Conceptualizing interactivity and exploring the relationship.

And there’s even TrumpSingles for those who lean too far right for Tinder. For years, often with scant evidence, users on the right have complained that tech companies punish and silence the expression of conservative thought. The Guardian, http://bit.ly/2EtlimT.

Another pr, word can have multiple connotations, so that its interpretation is, ambiguous. This is especially important for our lexi-, cal analysis, that simply counts the occurrence of words in given, semantic elds. Through, this method, it is possible to measure implicit associations and then. For example, lexical and topic analysis. Regarding the captions, we observe no signicant correlation for, the right-wing channels, and a signicant positive correlation for, These results imply that baseline channels with higher fraction of, words related to hate and negative emotions also have a higher. Its core idea is to measure the strength of associa-, needed to match (a) items that correspond to the target concepts. For LGBT people, however, comments.

The signed numbers indicate the dierence of bias, between comments and captions, where a positive value represents, a higher bias for comments and a negative value indicates a higher, bias for caption. : Statistics regarding all collected channels. For this purpose, the Word Embedding module was used, which uses the word2vec method to create a vector representation of the word. In particular, on 4chan's politically incorrect board (/pol/), content from genetic testing conversations involves several alt-right personalities and openly antisemitic rhetoric, often conveyed through memes. When YouTube banned the channels of Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex …

Confirmation bias! Comparing channels’ implicit biases with Wikipedia corpus. dierentiate or associate these two groups.

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