revolut passcode not working on new phone

What’s wrong? Locked out completely. I already have an account and a card .But it seems i cannot install my card on the new phone . I think we can sort this for you Let get in touch via a direct message @Jonnyp. I re-downloaded the app and tried to login but previously I had used fingerprint. The reset function should work anyway of course…, Still the same issue, apparently they cannot create a simple password forget feature. I was able to talk to some agents who explained that there was some kind of issue with the password reset functions, but they didn’t go into much detail other than that and that it was being worked on. ... and choosing the option to change it within the app was not working. The reset passcode function doesn’t do anything. Moving on from this point, ... and I’m being asked to input my phone number and to create a new pin for the app. Did that but the answer doesn’t correspond to what is appearing on my phone. No, they’ll be waiting for you in new phone. Thanks for resolving this Andreas. Upgrading the phone software, uninstalling and again installing the Revolut app helped, so I’m using it now on the new cell phone. Hi, Changed my iphone to a new one and having trouble activating my Revolut account. Is there necessity to keep current phone online (on wi-fi), when installing revolut on new one? Hi there I’m having exactly the same issue. Looked for help in the community and via a formal complaint as that seemed to be the only way to get some human contact but even complaint team don’t bother to reply. Installed app, tried phone number got to pin screen not recognising pin, hit forgot entered number then saying number not registered. Now it’s asking for a passcode which sadly I never recorded. I’m really sorry for the bothering, but I need to access this account for work…. Going round in a loop probably locked pin, re-installed the app same problem. I have an issue with log in to app on iphone 7 (maybe there is some sort of push notification I need to enter from old phone to new one?). Hi im having the same issue. A little UI error message would help though! Opened email and clicked ‘Authenticator’ Button which redirected my to revolut app and asking me for my Code, I have the same problem, i need fast solution, I have the same issue and I contacted Revolut on Facebook, twice and they said that I have to wait until they figure out the problem! I changed my iPhone and tried to login and the app Said that my passcode is incorect, i used the ‘forgot my passcode’ entered my phone number and received an email. I have unistalled and reinstalled 3 times and still having the same problem. Anybody watching this thread and able to help? The passcode that I thought I used does not work and I go via “Forgot?” and enter my full phone number, “Reset Passcode” stops being greyed out and I can press it. How do I bind my Revolut account to a new phone ? Hi Andreas, I have the same issue. This is ridiculous for such a “bank” but no help whatsoever. I have the same phone number. Yesterday i got through to a chat assistant. It says that my passcode is incorrect and does not give me the option to create a new one. Is there necessity to keep current phone online (on wi-fi), when installing revolut on new one? (maybe there is some sort of push notification I need to enter from old phone to new one?) Let me see. I know how I transferred in before being locked and card still works. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Is there necessity to keep current phone online (on wi-fi), when installing revolut on new one? When i got the link to reset my password it said “it wouldnt work because i reinstalled the app please contact chat again” now i cannot get through to chat at all justs shows up blank. New phone same number & app won’t accept passcode. Please, help. I am not sure if those remain if you use an Android image of your old phone to start the new one. Could you please tell me if you’re using the latest version of the app? Can you please delete and reinstall the app now and let me know? Yesterday, after contacting the Revolut Twitter account, I finally managed to get the chat function to work after reinstalling the app again and clearing the app cache. Same problem here. I don’t blame the support agents - their hands were tied. As suggested above I have deleted the application and reinstalled it again, but problem was not resolved. Do you have any suggestion? In the app I had 3 different outcomes - 1 existing customer = set up a new account because yours is empty! Hello, I have the same issue: new phone but same phone number; impossible for me to log in. I forgot my password and I tried to reset it and it does not work. Hello Julia, same issue for me I have tried also the twitter chat to get support but also following or the suggestions Update the iPhone software, reinstall the app doing a reboot of the iPhone, I’m try to get access from a different iPhone, it is still no working same “all chat” page. Hello, I have forgot my passcode I have followed all the standard step to recover it, sending also my credit card and ID details, but after hours I have still not received any email with the new passcode or possible info about. I will appreciate your assistance. As advised by whoever was manning the Revolut Twitter app, try clearing the app cache as well. I have the same problem - just changed my phone to IPhone 7 and can’t even get into my profile despite the correct passcode I’m trying to submit. Please could you DM me. I blame whoever came up with this absurd company policy. Disappointing will use card til I have no balance them I’ll move to another company if not resolved.

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