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For official Shaw support, please visit, Press J to jump to the feed. We currently have a grandfathered 600 plan, with a jury-rigged solution to extend the wifi to all corners of our home. BlueCurve Pods. “Connectivity is the fuel that powers our daily lives but many people struggle to find a balance between living a connected life and spending time offline,” said Jay Mehr, President, Shaw Communications. Please note, the more Pods you activate, the longer it will take to optimize your home network. To ensure the best signal and performance, place pods where they are visible and not blocked by furniture or other large objects or any other electronic devices. Hang on to the tracking number until your return shipment has been delivered to Shaw, by Canada Post. Are you able to buy these outright? Shaw is launching its BlueCurve technology on a refreshed brand platform that mirrors the organization’s forward trajectory as a digital-first, connectivity company. Follow the in-app steps, as illustrated in the following video. UBNT knows what they're doing in the networking space if you're willing to learn a little about how to set up and configure the hardware. Not what you're looking for? Get the most out of your Shaw Cable products and services with the My Shaw app. All the info you need about moving with Shaw can be found, How To: Suspend your Shaw services temporarily, How To: Move your Shaw services to a new address, We need to authorize any equipment returns so make sure you. Click Continue, verify your information and then click Get Label. We've just added the option to auto-pause a profile that has an Active Time Limit, once the limit you set has been reached. Follow the in-app steps, as illustrated in the following video. No app update required. We need to authorize any equipment returns or swaps, so make sure to contact us if you haven't already. You can view and manage your Pods any time in your BlueCurve Home app in the Connect screen. © 2020 GlobeNewswire, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Is this Ethernet port backhaul to router enabled ( using Ethernet cable to communicate rather than wifi ) No. Select the Pod you want to remove. This article will tell you how to set up and activate your new Shaw WiFi Pods. Sadly after a few days with a BlueCurve / Pods setup I have decided to take the gear down and return the pods. Or, follow Setting up and activating Shaw WiFi Pods to add Pods to your home. Consumer serves residential customers with broadband Internet, Shaw Go WiFi, video and digital phone. You have a few options for handing off your return to Canada Post. For media inquiries, please contact: Shaw Communications Inc.Chethan Lakshman, VP, External Affairs(403), 1 The Digital Well-Being of Canadian Families. Eventually I will most likely upgrade the Netgear to the Google Mesh. Refreshed brand platform puts the spotlight on Shaw customers and gives life to the next-level technology that fuels them. 14 Product availability varies by region. We currently have a grandfathered 600 plan, with a jury-rigged solution to extend the wifi to all corners of our home. “The combination of BlueCurve technology with our leading network makes Shaw the clear choice for households that want a superior online experience.”. Got new 600 gatway and pods, tried gaming in other rooms massive lag and latency! Plug your WiFi Pods into wall outlets throughout your home, ensuring there is at least one room separating each pod and your BlueCurve Gateway— but that they're no more than 20 to 30 feet apart. Pods can be renamed or removed at any time using BlueCurve Home. Next gen coming out soon that will be gigabit ready and you can buy them. I just signed up for Blue Curve and reading a lot of complaints. Whether you are looking to swap or upgrade your Shaw equipment or simply need to return some equipment to us, we can help. Over the next few days, your WiFi network will optimize your pods. You want to stay connected as you move around your home, including the balcony or garage. Shaw also worked with California-based Lexicon Branding, which has named some of the world’s most successful brands, to develop the Shaw BlueCurve brand name and naming architecture. NEW! This can be helpful if you're troubleshooting or relocating a pod to a different spot in your home. View all connected devices and give them nicknames for easy reference. Do more with your Orbi WiFi using the NETGEAR Orbi app. We have a 300 connection from Shaw and it works fine but the router is in a bad spot and can't be moved. Incredible architecture and then you're not tied to Shaw. Pods improve your home network's WiFi coverage and eliminate dead spots. The Wireline division consists of Consumer and Business services. How long will it take for my WiFi Pods to optimize? The mySAPL makes it easy to browse, hold or renew titles and to find a location. The quickest support for activating your equipment is available from 7am-9pm PT, seven days a week. Their support page says 50-75 mbps over a Wi-Fi connection in laboratory settings. The updated creative platform, which is in market today, puts customers and technology at the centre of the conversation and emphasizes the view that connected lives shouldn’t be complicated. Try these related articles and discussions. A few months ago my Dad bought a new 4K tv, but our router was too far away from the TV to even stream 4k video. Pause Wi-Fi access on any or all devices connected to the home network. If not, how long are you paying $10/m for them? Select See Network. For more information, including how to get the BlueCurve Gateway modem, please visit We're currently with Shaw (300 @ $88), but Telus is offering 150 Fibre for $85, which the agent is claiming is going to treat us much better than Shaw's 300, and based on my understanding of how fibre works I'm inclined to believe it. ELIMINATING WI-FI DEAD SPOTSShaw is also launching BlueCurve Pods that expand in-home coverage by creating a mesh Wi-Fi network that reduces Wi-Fi dead spots. Business provides business customers with Internet, data, WiFi, digital phone, and video services. Tap More at the bottom of the screen. It takes about 24 hours per Pod. Try these related articles and discussions. Not what you're looking for? If you are moving, please bring all of your equipment with you to your new location. The Panoramic Wifi app provides you access and control to your wifi experience. In the Pods spec sheets on Shaw’s website, it shows pods equipped with Ethernet port. A few months ago my Dad bought a new 4K tv, but our router was too far away from the TV to even stream 4k video. They did say we'd have 30 days to return/cancel if we didn't see any improvement. As we continue to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we've had to make some adjustments to the way we run our business to prioritize the health and safety of our employees and customers. $ 10 /mo 1 Enter the Canada Post Return ID number. How To: Manage WiFi Pods on your home network. Second this. Fill in your information including your Shaw Account number. Activating your WiFi Pods. Not what you're looking for? Download the BlueCurve Home app (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). 15 Channel count differs with Shaw… Questions regarding BlueCurve Pods. Select the Pod you want to remove. All the info you need about moving with Shaw can be found here. Drop it off at any Canada Post outlet or mailbox. Please scroll down for a description of the functions and features: Introducing Shaw BlueCurve, a new home WiFi experience! If your return shipping label was missing, or we've asked you to send back your equipment, follow the steps below to create a shipping label in order to return your Shaw equipment. Make sure the Pod is unplugged from power. Bought new router and bridged from gateway! ©2020 Shaw Communications.

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