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Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Rebelde with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide.com Estrenos HBO: Las series del 2 al 8 de noviembre, 'Patria' (HBO): Qué ha pasado en el episodio 7, Estrenos de películas y series en Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Movistar+ y Filmin del 2 al 8 de noviembre, Estrenos Netflix: Las series que llegan del 2 al 8 de noviembre, Esta noche en Cuatro: Halloween extraterrestre con 'Alien: Covenant', Las mejores películas y series de terror para ver en Netflix este Halloween. He acts as a middleman between Lupita and Lola's constant arguments. | Close to the end, Roberta comes back and Diego develops a hatred for his dad and then, eventually, with the help of Roberta, he cuts loose and confronts him leaving, Leon cold and alone. While on their way back Diego confesses his love for Roberta, because he thinks that the plane is going to crash and he's going to die. Was suspected as an ex-convict serial-killer due to an unusual relationship with the Gaston's father Ricardo Sisniega. Her father made her stop dating Giovanni. Later Miguel finds out through Diego and Roberta that the love of his life is Mia. He is immediately expelled and he never returns to Elite Way. She is easily manipulated by students but often saves the day for Gandia. This article contains a list of characters from the telenovela Rebelde. Later, they find him safe and sound and he is reunited with Pepa. Miguel saves him and conceals the truth. Si bien ha seguido como solista llevando a cabo su propia música y los fans latinoamericanos de 'Rebelde' le siguen a pies juntillas, en nuestro país su voz ha quedado en el olvido. Ha compartido protagonismo en pantalla en varias ocasiones con Sebastián Rulli, su pareja también en la vida real. Todo está listo para que la famosa telenovela Rebelde llegue a la pantalla chica de nuevo. In the final episode, he gave Mia an engagement ring. 17-Year-Old Netflix Star Paulina Chávez on Redefining Latinx and Stem in Hollywood, 05 December 2019 Then Pascual pulls her down and slaps a mouthful on her, with a round of applause from the audience. The two of them join Sol and Pilar in a group named "Top Girls", though the group is eventually disbanded after Michelle, Raquel and Pilar get tired of Sol's attitude. In the beginning of the series he dates Vico but later dumps her because she cheats on him with Tomas because he didn't ask her to go to his party. Pilar finds out about Marcelino and tells the school in her paper. He then he gets involved with Anita and Sol. Además, también pedía que los productores saliesen a la calle para fichar a gente real porque, en su opinión, "parece que en Televisa todas las personas son perfectas, y con eso crean el concepto de que, si no eres así, no eres guapa". Conoce al nuevo elenco de Like. Rebelde Mía and Marina slowly form a relationship, bonding over the fact that Marina was also a singer when she was young, having passed her talent and love for the stage to her daughter. Later on they start going out. Most likely the most rebellious student in Elite Way, Roberta is the only daughter of Alma Rey (Ninel Conde), a famous singer who gave birth to Roberta when she was very young, supposedly with her first husband, Mr. Pardo. They meet each other again at Elite Way School after decades. However, due to her meddling in Gaston's obscure past, she gets extremely upset and desperately wants her out of the way. It seems his attempts pay off during a school trip to Puerto Vallarta, where Vico finally opens her heart to Rocco. On La Gran Final Marina is seen kissing Franco and Alma on the cheek thus showing they have all become friends one way or another, Roberta Alejandra Pardo Rey / Roberta Alejandra Reverte Rey, Jóse Luján Landeros/Jóse Lujan Colucci Rey, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Rebelde_characters&oldid=986459745, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 00:29. Miguel is on a scholarship causing him to be harassed by a secret society of students known as "La Logia", a sort of gang or mob organized to eliminate the "becados" (students with scholarships). Thankfully he and his face are fine. He tries to get Roberta jealous in numerous occasions, with numerous girls including Sol and Lola, although he doesn't really last that long with any of them. Giovanni talked to Javier's father and told him that he was Javier's boyfriend. In the last few scenes, Galia gives him a peck on the lips for the audience. She hides him out in the back of the school. Franco is known as "Daddy" (since that is how Mia calls Nico was sent on a student exchange program to Israel, and all contact with Lupita was nixed thanks to his mother's interference. However, Diego has sincerely fallen in love with Roberta during their relationship and tells her so, but she doesn't believe him. However, their time together is cut short when Gaston dies after enduring a severe car crash. También, participó en 2014 en la versión brasileña de 'Tu cara me suena', 'Esse artista sou eu', donde quedó tercero en el ranking final e interpretó, entre otros artistas, a Thalia. 04 September 2020 It is later revealed that Lola is adopted and therefore, not biologically related to Lupita or her parents. After Rebelde and RBD, Uckermann starred in the television show Kdabra, released the album Somos in 2010 and scared fans when he was in a motorcycle accident in 2014. After Giovanni's dumped by Augustina, he tries to hit on Lola but Dante comes to her rescue and they walk away together like boyfriend and girlfriend. With time, the sisters work out their problems and grow closer. TELENOVELA REBELDE 1º TEMPORADA Capitulo 1 Capitulo 2 Capitulo 3 Capitulo 4 Capitulo 5 Capitulo 6 Capitulo 7 Capitulo 8 Capitulo 9 Capitulo 10 Capitulo 11 Capitulo 12 Capitulo 13 ... quiero descargar rbd la familia, como hago o que temporada es. Towards the end of the first season, Diego falls, hitting his head, and pretends not to remember Roberta so that he can go out with her and win the bet he made with Tomas. At the beginning of the series, she is dating Diego and plays with his feelings because he cheated and lied to her. Roberta shyly admits she's a virgin, and the couple happily decides to take their time before that step. He falls in love with Roberta in the first season. In the third season Teo wants to get back with Jose Lujan but she doesn't really seem to care because she is too preoccupied with her own problems. She is often insecure, although noble at heart. Nico's return puts a strain on Lupita's relationship with Santos, but, after a while, she realizes it's Santos who she loves and firmly tells Nico that she is over him and only wants him as a friend. His friends were against his relationship with Sol, for it interfered with their plans to pair him up with Anita (the school's cafeteria girl, who is very smart and even earned a scholarship but needs to pay for the other half of her tuition, hence her job at the school. Términos de uso |   |  She often speaks in English. She has a deep love interest for Tomas). Diego then finds out his dad was the one who told his mother to leave and that his father was the reason why they kicked Roberta out. Lola does not lose an opportunity to insult and scorn Lupita and blames her for most of her problems. Nico leaves to Israel, promising to write to Lupita and to come back as soon as possible to marry her for real.

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