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Glovius is available on Windows, iOS, Android, and on Various model orientations to view a model in Back, Front, Bottom, Top, Isometric, etc. Passionate about tech and science, always look for new tech solutions that can help me and others. | Privacy Policy, We use cookies on our website. * SPECIAL OFFER - Save 20% on all new subscription and permanent licenses. Use a mouse or a touchscreen to navigate. Glovius supports CATIA, NX, STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, JT, Pro/ENGINEER and Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, and Solid Edge parts and assemblies. View Pro/ENGINEER files in Augmented Reality (AR) on Android devices with Glovius AR for Android. These software let you look all around a PRT model and analyze them. System Requirements. eDrawings is a simple CAD viewer software that lets you view PRT file for free. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit systems 1280 X 1024 or higher, with support for 32-bit color 4GB RAM or more Email us at if you have any questions. Glovius Augmented Reality app is available on Android. The software enables to measure 3D files and create section views of 3D models. Tape Measure for continuous measurement of edges and curves. You can also edit an existing 3D model using this software by adding various custom shapes to it. PRT, ASMPro/ENGINEER File Extensions – .prt, .asm, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 1032-bit and 64-bit systems1280 X 1024 or higher, with support for 32-bit color4GB RAM or more, CATIA V5 and V6 Parts and AssembliesNX, Parasolid, I-DEAS Parts and AssembliesCreo and Pro/ENGINEER Parts and AssembliesSolidWorks Parts and AssembliesInventor Parts and AssembliesSolid Edge Parts and AssembliesIGES, JT, STL, English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean. The plus point of this software is the availability of Animation tool. Shaded, Wireframe, and Mixed render modes. views are also available in this software. These tools are: Pan, Rotate, Spin, Zoom, etc. Measure, Section, Analyze, Compare, and Export Pro/E files. View DWG, DXF, and CATIA CATDrawings files with Glovius 2D Viewer. You can even maximize a window to view PRT model in full screen. It supports AutoCAD DWG/DXF, STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, STL, SAT (ACIS®), Parasolid (x_t, x_b), SolidWorks ™ (sldprt), PLT, SVG, CGM and other formats. 3D viewing tools, such as: pan, zoom in, zoom out, rotate, spin, etc. To analyze a models better, you can view it in the form of various structures, like: Wireframe, Solid, or Solid with edges. Ru Note: This PRT viewer has a major limitation which prevents it to show every fifth polygon while viewing a model. Also, the free version lets you view only six PRT files per month, which is a major drawback. Explode assemblies to understand their construction. Pro/ENGINEER File Formats Supported. Quickly measure models and features with Assistive Measurement. De Various 3D editing tools are available that let you carry out 3D editing. Standard Views. Visually identify holes and their properties. Various model orientations to view a model in Back, Front, Bottom, Top, Isometric, etc.

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