press kit letter of introduction sample

Thank you for this amazing compilation. hehe Thanks for sharing Jeni, I’ll try to make one later. Thanks! I don’t have the numbers that many of the examples have here but I do feel the need to go on & put together my media kit anyway. Maybe you can use that font for the headlines and a lowercase font for the body. Gmail would be better if not a custom or self hosted email addy. The template is editable and comes in various document formats. It’s super cute + actually makes us want to get into DIY (we do the cooking part only so far!). Even if you turned your media kit into a two pager, with your original media kit stlye first and then a full page of example images and descriptions. Thanks for this, exactly what I was looking for. • Distinguish in between the two types of introduction letters Overall, good kit, though. A lot of companies do not think much about the media kit cover letter and spend little time and thought when organizing it. I also loved the minimalistic style of #2 and the photos are wonderfully styled to match that minimalistic feel! tips? As an example, the excerpts of your blog posts, while a nice touch, could be condensed to a title, photo, and relevant statistics of engagement on those posts: if it’s really a successful post, you could have pageviews, Facebook shares, Pinterest shares, comments, etc. We’ve worked with a few companies and wish to make our marketability grow. I don’t have any suggestions, I really like the look and felt I had enough information to decide if my business was a good fit for your blog. Your overview should have an introduction, mission, and vision, the date you started the business, company address, awards and achievements, and samples of your products or services. Sorry if this has already been covered, I’ve haven’t read all the comments. Thanks! Hey Jeni, great ideas and super easy to implement so I’ll definitely get started on those. Christen and Megan. Also, I noticed you’re only using Facebook and Pinterest for social media – you might consider adding Twitter or Instagram as another form of getting the word out about you and your blog. It depends on what kind of an introduction letter you are going for. So many ideas! True, there are always a few essential elements but some of these may vary. ps ~ the New Year’s Picture of the dogs!!! Maybe have the photos at the beginning & end to ground the look of things? Please leave feedback for Gypsy Forest here. Clearly stated contact information is a must for the cover letter. It’s simple and to the point. Thanks for the visuals, that always is a big help to myself! Please leave feedback for The Merrymaker Sisters here. Honestly, your time is worth more than $10/month. I agree – I really love the ones that represent their stats and value graphically. You think I got potential? My only suggestion is to maybe get an email address beyond Hotmail. What’s more, they might not think about looking further at the rest of what you are offering that is found buried in the packet. for example if I write a travel article and a link to that on my social media, I get a lot more daily visitors than when I write about a cooking/fashion article. This is a template for a sample letter of introduction; the letter is used to introduce new clients, new services or products or new business entrant in the market. The cover letter essentially tells recipients what they would find interesting in the press kit. I have one idea to help you make a bigger splash with your media kit: I’d like to find out more about your most popular posts. Their templates are editable and written in professional business tone. I love your head shot, the colors you’ve used and how you’ve broken down both the opportunities and blog info with catchy headers. My suggestion would be to make your numbers more visible on the front page. Where can I find a Media Kit Template that I can just add my information to? These templates are easy to use as they come with a ready format. My biggest struggle is finding a way to condense all the info and make the overall media kit shorter, while still communicating the benefits. We love your media kit and your blog for that matter! After seeing all the other examples, I have some great ideas. The statistics of followers are great and really give the audience an idea of how many people they might potentially reach through this blog. I haven’t had the easiest life but through my experiences i am able share, mold and have them understand the importance of education and how it will benefit them to be great leaders some day. This is a letter template designed for restaurant managers who wish to introduce a new restaurant to the clients. Thank You! • Use a professional tone Clickable social accounts is a genius idea. My main focus on going into this is to inspire, motivate and let people know that no matter where ypu come from that upu can do it. Here are some types of EPK templates that you may use: You can use a press kit in different kinds of industries. I’m not one to talk because I have a similar treatment on one of my media kit slides:) I guess I never realized how hard it is to read white font. First off thank you for the sweet comments.We are new to the media kit/ sponsorship world and we loved getting feedback! Geralin’s is professional and sharp and I love how she included her target market! Quicker and easier to glance at! Cookies are used on this website to improve your user experience. Thanks for this informative article about media. Or do you add it to your site for companies to view? Please leave feedback for Glam Hungry Mom here. Give me a line or two more about what you’ll do for my business. I like that you have your policies up front and center. You have a lovely blog and business! Please leave feedback for Carrie This Home here. Please leave feedback for Musings by Mix Hart here. From the fonts to the colors to the breakdown about the blog to images to your head shot and audience info – it’s awesome. As a few other people noted, we weren’t able to find the full media kit on your Advertise page, but I had the benefit of looking at the full document you sent. If so, you will enjoy these articles: Press Kit Contents I did think that the all caps font was a bit hard on the eyes. These sites are big brands, wish you could include more media kits of regular bloggers too. Thank you so much for the input Kristy!I know I’ll be making a lot of changes to my media kit and it’s so helpful to know where to start! We are new to the media kit sponsorship world and we loved getting feedback! in the future. . I’m with Stephinie (again – we seem to agree a lot! Would go through more of your informative posts which act as a guidance for new bloggers. I would also suggest offering some other options for advertising. I hope you’ve gotten a lot out of this experience and truly appreciate your generosity in sharing your kit with everyone! The space you’ve created is worth it! A Letter of Introduction is a formal letter used to introduce a party or a company to another. This post is amazing. This is awesome Jeni! I know its something I have to resolve, thanks! These are letters template written by business people and sent to clients to introduce a new product to the market. Very inspirational. We offer banner ads (limitedly), sponsored posts/giveaways, travel sponsorship, speaking engagements, and sometimes someone will contact us with some other idea that we might try. There are plenty of great photos to give a glimpse of what the blog is about without reading any words. I’m ready to monetize my 8- month old blog after some trial and error. Thanks for checking mine out . This is such a supportive environment and we have really gained a lot of knowledge of what others are doing with their media kits. We love the layout and the feedback from your readers. Looks like that’ll be added to my 2014 goals now. My “Pixel Blue Eyes, Her Tails of Adventure” blog is written from my dog’s perspective and has a faithful following. Hi Kristy! Instead, it should be unique and specific to what you are promoting. With my current stats I can’t really advertise them to a brand but I see that one of your readers have not included stats in hers either only her target audience. I also like how your format is different than a lot of other people’s in that it’s landscape, rather than vertical. I would think about breaking things up with boxes, colors or justified text in columns to clean it up a bit, rather than just have it be typed out the way it is now. My only suggestion is to include stats on the page–a short and simple list and perhaps pricing too. I like when stats are easily recognizable and I can right away see what your blog is about without having to hunt through text. Great to meet you! Thank-you Cynthia! Your media kit is set out clearly, it’s easy to understand + if we were an aligned business we’d want to work with you! But I’m a guy and a Dad Blogger There are other pieces to your interaction, like emails and your formal “pitch” after they’ve seen your media kit, so on the kit itself, if you can say it on 1-2 pages, then do. Thank you for providing such helpful content. My preference would be to tell the companies how to get your media kit (by emailing you), so you’d have a record of who is viewing your media kit. You do have a LOT of text though – I wonder if you could simplify a bit? Emma + Carla. Too many words can seem like a LOT to read – sponsors want to be able to scan your kit and know immediately if there’s a partnership opportunity or not.

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