prayer points for relocation

These prayer points for moving forward will boost your faith as you take steps to your promise land. ( 3) Pray for me for more wisdom ( 4) pray for me to be excellent in my life ( 5)pray for me to be at the top. Lord, let there be all-round restoration in my life through this prayer, in the name of Jesus. 2. O Lord, remove from my life anything that will make me to miss the rapture.

O Lord, speak life and fire into my life today. 23. I need you to strengthen me and help me deal with the. Absolute dependency on God simply means that you have come to trust God with your life, it means that no matter how bad things may seem right now, you are still standing with Jesus. Pray that my wife has a safe pregnancy with no complications. 3. 3.

Second Prayer for Moving. 18. O Lord, take me from where I am to where You want me to be. Dear

8. For further information or counseling, you can contact me at or Chat me up on WhatsApp And Telegram at +2347032533703.

Today we shall be engaging in prayer points for faith that move mountains. 30 Prayer points for restoration of lost glory. Thank you Jesus, My prayer request this morning it’s for God to deliver me from all things I am passing through the situation I am is not making me happy I want a change in my life I want God to give me the power to worship him the power to teach the word of God the power to make things to change in my life I want God to change my situation to a good situation for money and everything to come into My Life before ending of this month I need a change of my life let the spirit of God direct my helper to locate me to my Divine Mercy for my salvation to come through in my life in Jesus name amen. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. I encourage you to pray this prayers in faith today, and after praying, begin to move forward. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These prayer points will destroy every form of stagnation and slow progress in your life in Jesus name. Father, Your Word says that You will perfect that which concerns us. © Everydayprayerguide 2019 | All rights reserved, 30 Prayer Points For Faith That Move Mountains, Warfare Prayers To Destroy The Plans Of The Enemy, 30 Prayer points for victory over your enemies, Prayers Against Failure At The Edge Of Breakthrough, 30 Powerful Thanksgiving Birthday Prayers. 5. My name is Pastor Ikechukwu Chinedum, i am a Man of God, Who Is passionate about the move of God in this last days. I pray that you will give me great favor as I deal with setting up housekeeping in a new location and as I deal with getting settled into a new job with new responsibilities and new co-workers and staff. miracles as he moves through each day. Its a faith that is void of doubts, its a faith that will never give up on God. God bless you. 22.

Second prayer is written for you, the reader. difficulties.

All my dragons shall be disgraced, in the name of Jesus. O Lord, empower me to dwell in Noah’s Ark. 5. He needs you to strengthen him and help him deal with the frustrations and Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, endure forever — forsake not the works of Your own hands. 30 Midnight Prayer Points For Financial Breakthrough. I disgrace every witchcraft burial, in the name of Jesus. 6.

O Lord Jesus, choose me for miracle every day of my life. Every wicked tree growing in my foundation, be uprooted now, in the name of Jesus. All my blessings imprisoned by the grave, come forth, in the name of Jesus. I pray that you will give him great favor as he deals with Regardless of the challenges we are going through, God expects us to move forward in life. 29. My name is Pastor Ikechukwu Chinedum, i am a Man of God, Who Is passionate about the move of God in this last days. Every spiritual coffin I have constructed for my self, be destroyed by the fire of God, int he name of Jesus. 1. 7. Lord restore us. Also, for reduced stress and staying healthy. O Lord, give me the power to embarrass my enemies. 18. This prayer is written for a single male. I paralyse every satanic opposition to my progress, in Jesus’ name. Amen But today we shall be focusing on faith in God, or the God kind of faith.

Moving brings so many frustrations and difficulties. This prayer points for faith that move mountains shall move away every mountain of limitations from your life in Jesus name. Bless her with earthly blessings and heavenly joys.



Pray this prayers with faith today and move your mountains. 7. 26. 20.

4. That we can sell our old house quickly and finish our new house under budget. I swallow the pill of aggressive resistance against sin and unrighteousness, in the name of Jesus. 3. O Lord, let all the serpents and scorpions assigned against me begin to fight themselves, in the name of Jesus. PRAYER POINTS I wash inside my body system with the blood of Jesus. I see you making all round progress in Jesus name. Anything representing my image in the spirit world, I withdraw you, in the name of Jesus. 4. Give her the strength and encouragement she needs to walk through this move. Holy Spirit, do not leave my house desolate, in the name of Jesus. My spiritual strength sapped by the serpent, receive divine touch of God and be restored, in the name of Jesus.

REPOSITIONING PRAYERS 1 PRAYER POINTS Praise worship … Oh Lord, transfer, remove or change all human agents that are bent on stopping my 27.

50 Bible verses on fruitfulness of the womb. Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Without faith it is imposible to succeed in life, every great man and woman is a man and woman of faith.

Faith is absolute dependency on God. 50 Warfare Prayer Points against forces of darkness. (2)Pray for me for promotion.

O Lord, give me the power to embarrass my enemies. You can contact faith through prayers. O Lord, deliver me from the mouth of the lion. into a new job with new responsibilities and new co-workers and staff. O Lord, forgive me for bringing problems into my life. This prayer points for faith wll endue you with the spirit of faith that will move every demonic mountains in your life in Jesus name. 9. I release my blessings from the hands of my dead relatives, in the name of Jesus. To move forward or Go forward means to make progress in your in every area of your life, that is your business, career, job, talent, marriage, all area of your endeavours.

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