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Click here to purchase Worksheets. Regardless of which instrument you play, and whichever style of popular music you like, if you have any interest in learning about the musical foundations of popular music – then this syllabus is for you! stream <>

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0000122965 00000 n Music Theory: Popular Genres and Forms.

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0000071706 00000 n 0000093129 00000 n Practising with past exam papers can provide ideal preparation for your exam.

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3 CLEFS The clef, a symbol that sits at the leftmost side of the staff, specifies which lines and spaces belong to which notes. Aug 29, 2020 popular music in theory an introduction Posted By Clive CusslerPublishing TEXT ID 1392febf Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Popular Music In Theory An Introduction Amazoncouk popular music in theory provides a critical introduction to the key theoretical issues which arise in the study of contemporary popular music this book is organized in a way that shows how popular music is 0000035376 00000 n

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W elcome to a unique music theory examination syllabus… one that is designed specifically for students of Popular Music. Ideal if you need extra practice before your exam. 0000054526 00000 n

Discussing form when talking about popular music is tricky because the term is often misused. 0000235853 00000 n 0000082461 00000 n

0000093153 00000 n 0000035869 00000 n Rockschool Popular Music Theory is the essential guide for contemporary musicians, composers and educators.

1 0 obj %���� To start Rockschool Popular Music Theory, you’ll need a Rockschool book. These show some of the possible answers to questions in a past exam paper.

Click here to purchase Exam Papers. 0000054550 00000 n x��\mo�H�n �a���"�h�4ҡ(�&mw�^� p�����W�Je�� ���H�lK�_�)�I$y,>Cr8I�g��bz=��˳�E1ݤc���ev�����mz�q8�.��4[�}�~U�_��8�_�bo.�ٷ�^�C��V����p%Y�O$�ӓ޿^��I���I��` O"vy}���!�JJ�ls�s9�a�? 0000201433 00000 n . 0000001859 00000 n The Rockschool Popular Music Theory Syllabus Guide The requirements for Popular Music Theory exams are listed in the syllabus guide. They provide the ideal preparation for the exam: by studying the worksheets you’ll cover every type of question that may occur in the exam. 0000071730 00000 n 0000001108 00000 n Popular Music Theory- Grade 6 P a g e | 1 Grade 6 Popular Music Theory Class 3 Section 1 Music Notation Enharmonics*: in modern musical notation and tuning, an enharmonic equivalent is a note, interval, or key signature that is equivalent to some other note, interval, or key signature but "spelled" or named differently. Shop now . Past papers also provide you with a clear example of the type and format of questions that may appear in the exam. 0000104045 00000 n <> Click here to purchase Answer Papers. These worksheets provide you with lots of exercises on every section of the exam (almost 200 questions in the Grade 3 worksheet pack). �[����z�1�:Kxd#�f'��'�^dW؍��le��b{��4e�Ǣ@+!�skH �/�ւ#а��7��VߩsHeB!8.�f����0�q�j�cn���dT0N��-���r�D1|�C��8a5a�ج�6��X��Uel5�۩a�Y�OᵧH�a`Ec��

;'7π�/��1Z.s�v#)㎂�㒂�Y��X~)pI�'�7��t4��I���t�C'�S�B��{��� �=�yz�[(���j�9��w�g���`S@��J��M�5=eN> Os$_? Start with the Debut book and work your way up through the Grades or jump in at a level that’s right for you! In a sense, the clef calibrates or orients the staff to specific notes. endobj endobj Performance is a huge part of being a musician, but we believe it is a firm grasp of musical language that opens up the door to achieving your full potential. 0000002322 00000 n Popular Music Theory – accredited examinations.

endobj Think of form as being the specific way a piece of music is constructed, with governing rules to that type of music’s construction.

the advanced theory that students will want to pursue after mastering the basics will vary greatly. These worksheets provide you with lots of exercises on every section of the exam (almost 200 questions in the Grade 3 worksheet pack). 0000122886 00000 n �Iv>5C>L�n�)ڨ��'Y�͠�D �J@ �8Cе@V(�d�@�D �@��D��A�JA&$}H�aJX��hW�8�h�V� ����4Ɖ�u�> -����&�����,���i� �u�U� Fy�\%4kV00-8�z�}m��^���_���K&;���. 0000082485 00000 n 0000184221 00000 n 0000152055 00000 n

~_wa��R�o����j%m��J��ž�� Worksheets for LCM Popular Music Theory exams (up to and inc. Grade 3) Ideal if you need extra practice before your exam.

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