planet zoo hippo water not working

Good luck! If you don't have these options yet, you need to do more research. Easy peasy. LOGIN | SIGNUP. A wildlife game, zoo game and animal game and soon we'll be adding Planet Zoo gameplay.For Adventure!

You can make. Planet Zoo guide: Tips I wish I would've known sooner, Planet Zoo is a fast-moving hit for Frontier with one million sales - Jordan Devore, Planet Zoo's South America Pack is a letdown if you're into story scenarios - Jordan Devore, Planet Zoo's South America Pack adds a few fan favorites - Jordan Devore, Planet Zoo's Arctic Pack is a bit on the short side - Jordan Devore, Planet Zoo's Arctic DLC adds polar bears and three other animals - Jordan Devore, You can make Planet Zoo's Sandbox Mode stress-free - Jordan Devore, Planet Zoo guide: Tips I wish I would've known sooner - Jordan Devore, Planet Zoo is getting a new offline mode following beta feedback - Jordan Devore.

You want more Planet Zoo tips? Unlike other tycoon games, you can't manually feed animals or clean habitats. The higher the grade, the pricier the food, so don't go bankrupting yourself. How do you go about that? Or you can click on a habitat, swap to the right-most tab ("Maintenance"), and change the "Routine Visits" option from "Once a year" to something more regular. Keepers will work out how much food they need to prepare for a habitat based on how many animals are in the habitat. They will then prioritize filling enrichment feeders before standard feeders. New Screenshot Reveal! From here, you'll be able to. Planet Zoo tips for keeping your animals – and sanity – intact: What? Good. Your email address will not be published.

Also, if you want fine control over objects when rotating them, hold the Z key. It's possible to breed an albino baby, but it's up to chance. If you have a bunch of habitats, you might want a summary. How do you make more money?

Vet research goes hand in hand with, I'd also strongly discourage building Food and Drink stalls while your zoo is still getting off the ground. Have you ever wanted to create a habitat with a water barrier only later to watch your animal take the paw of its mate and swim off together into the sunset? Planet Zoo is a very good game for very good people, but disaster can strike at any moment. You'll need to raise your animals until they reach adulthood/sexual maturity before selling them off. To help you cut it as a zoo manager, I've assembled tips – from keyboard shortcuts to obscure menus to financial advice – that would've made life easier for me. It’s not stated anywhere in the game if an animal is able to swim or not so I took it upon myself to test it out with all the habitat animals in the base game (excluding any DLC). If you've started exploring other players' blueprints and you can't figure out why they're locked, you may be missing upgrades. The best Planet Zoo tips to get you started. Your email address will not be published.

Okay, so say you made an ugly walkway. Got me? A new screenshot for Planet Zoo gives us a closer look at what has often been called the Underwater Viewing Area.

Discussing Planet Zoo Trainer on Planet Zoo PC message board and forum (page 4). The Planet Zoo Wiki is a collaborative resource about Planet Zoo that anyone can edit. Remember: vets. We are currently editing 385 articles and hosting 1,366 files, and you can help!

That said, this game has its own quirks. Click on a habitat, then switch to the "Animals" tab, and change the food quality from Grade 1 to Grade 2 or Grade 3. Home > Guides > Planet Zoo – Swimming Guide. If you're the type of person who reads guides before buying a game to get a feel for it, first: To earn more conservation credits (and to feel better about yourself), consider, To figure out the size of a habitat before you transfer any animals, click on the habitat you want to inspect and tab over to "Terrain". That said, I. Welcome to the (unofficial) Planet Zoo Wiki! Too many bundles of joy? Why not in Planet Zoo? To take nice screenshots, press the G key to hide the interface and then hit F12. I thought Japanese Macaques could swim.

You'll then need to click on an existing path or building in your zoo to sample it as a point of reference. Any zoo worth its salt has an ostrich skipping competition. Well, if you're just starting out, Education matters too.

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