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At the club meeting the following day, Kudou announces the identity of Miss Photogenic for the current school year (a club tradition for the school festival) - Haruka. Later Kazuya overhears the ace of the Soccer Club proposing that Haruka stay away from Kazuya and date him, but she demurs.

But the president of the Photo Club, Katsumi Kurebayashi, tries to convince him to join their club. [PC] The Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook. Patch translates game iso to english. He convinces her to leave the school grounds and takes her to the local arcade. One day after school, Kanon almost caught Kazuya and Mai in an inappropriate position in his room. The anime adaptation goes across each girl, following a common arc until episode 4, which serves as the branching off point for each route; each route is an episode long (except for Haruka's, which received a two-part treatment), when one is completed, the next episode reverts to a certain point in time and goes down another route. Both Kazuya and Haruka are upset and do not see each another for several days until Kanon shows up at the club room and asks Kazuya if he knows where Haruka is since she hasn't been attending club activities lately and isn't answering her phone. That evening, in the rain, Kazuya is relieved to find Haruka safe at home. They reminisce about the fun times they had and Kazuya apologizes. While discussing their photography styles, Hikari states that people smile on instinct when they see a camera, and that you can’t tell whether that smile is true or fake. After that, Kazuya started taking pictures of Tomoe whenever he saw her (skipping the scenes where he took the blackmail photos of Aki's swimsuit, where Nonoka clashed into him, where he helped Rina with her stuff). After an encounter with Hikari Sanehara, Kazuya asks her if her can take photos of her, which she agrees to. She has taken extra classes, even on weekends and holidays, despite her love for swimming. The Alien Scumbags! As the date ends, Kazuya realizes that the only thing holding their relationship together is his photos of her illicit entry, so he invites her on a real date. Check All The Links Before Do... Game Info Name: .hack//Link Genre: RPG Game Region: English Patch File Type: ISO RAR Size: 689 Description .hack//Li... Name - Digimon World Re:Digitize Genre - RPG File Type - ISO RAR Size - 593 MB Download Click Here Note - Check All Th... [PSP] Uta no Princesama : Debut [JPN] Minus, Download Yu-Gi-Oh! Afterwards Kanon gets "sick" and convinces Kazuya to go to the pool in her place with Mai in order to cheer her up, since she did not qualify for the fall competition. However Kazuya tries to reconvince her and tells her that she is pretty which makes her happy. That weekend the Photography Club hones their photography skills at a cosplay event. Replies. [PS VITA] Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS-Force [HK... [PS VITA] Error code C2-12828-1 and C2-128 Error ... [PS VITA] Earth Defense: Force 3 [JPN] [VPK], [PS VITA] Majin Shoujo: Chronicle 2D ACT [JPN] [VPK]. Photo Girlfriend) is a Japanese dating sim game developed by Dingo Inc. and Enterbrain, and was released for the PlayStation Portable on February 2, 2012. [12], Photo Kano Kiss on the PlayStation Vita sold 30,172 physical retail copies during the first week of release in Japan.

[PS VITA] Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified [US... [PS VITA] Assassin's Creed: Chronicles [USA] [VPK]. Di Gi Charat Theater - Leave it to Piyoko! As summer vacation ends and the new semester starts, Kazuya Maeda father gives him a camera and he begins to discover the joys of photography. Welcom to Vampiregameth (Fix Link ,New Link) Home » [PS VITA] P, PS VITA [VPK] » [PS VITA] PhotoKano Kiss [VPK] [JPN] . Kazuya experiences a couple of accidents that day: Nonoka crashes into him while rushing down a stairwell (and they share their first kiss as a result) and Nakagawa pushes Kazuya into Rina Yunoki causing him to accidentally grope her swimsuit-clad chest.

An enhanced version titled Photo Kano Kiss was released on April 25, 2013 for the PlayStation Vita. After the festival, Rina tells Kazuya that five freshman girls came to join the Cooking Research Society club and now the club won't be disbanded, much to Rina's joy. Later, Haruka proposes that Kazuya take pictures of her sometime and he agrees, and drags her away from the club members, Nakagawa and Azuma, who were trying to take pictures of her from embarrassing angles. [PS VITA] Corpse Party: Blood Drive [USA] [VPK] [M... [PS VITA] Ratchet and Clank Trilogy [USA] [VPK] [M... [PSV] God Eater 2 Rage Burst [ENG] [VPK] [DLC] [Ma... [Art Book] The Art of Halo - Creating a Virtual World. [6] The third adaptation, illustrated by Taichi Amasora and titled Photo Kano: Memorial Pictures, began serialization the April 2012 issue of Earth Star Entertainment's Comic Earth Star magazine; its first volume was released on October 12, 2012. However, it doesn’t help because she falters on the first part of her routine on the day of the qualifiers, but Kazuya gives her words of encouragement and she finishes it.
A flattered Haruka declines. Photo Kano (フォトカノ, Foto Kano, lit. Some time later, Kazuya find Haruka has collapsed in the hall and takes her to the infirmary to rest. Hooked On [EUR] [VPK], [PS VITA] Angry Birds: Trilogy [USA] [VPK]. [PSP] Kidou Senshi Gundam: Mokuba no Kiseki [JPN] ... [PSP] Kannou Mukashi Banashi Portable [JPN] Mediafire, [PSP] Nendoroid Generation [JPN] Mediafire. [PSP] Photo Kano [JPN] Mediafire Name - Photo Kano Genre - Adventure File Type - ISO RAR Size - 1.6 GB No Password Download Click Here (Mediafire Folder) Note - RAR Have Total 17 PARTS!!! All rights reserved. There, they chat over Kazuya's relationship with Haruka. While having lunch, Erina notices how close the pair are, hinting that they look like newlyweds. Everything becomes more difficult for him, when Kanon returns the "dirty" magazines to Nakagawa and Azuma in an apron at their home, and when their mom tells them that their dad came down with a fever and that they are gonna stay together a little longer, so Kazuya is not sure if he should tell her that they are not blood related, meanwhile Kanon is aching for him. #32 Apr 22, 2016. flame1234 GBAtemp Advanced Fan. Mai tells Kazuya that he has received permission from the rhythmic gymnastic club to photograph them, which Uchida overhears and passes on to the club. [3][4], A manga adaptation, illustrated by N' Yuzuki and titled Photo Kano: Sweet Snap, began serialization in the January 2012 issue of ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Maoh. However, Kazuya sees how much Kanon has grown up while making good pictures of her, which were complimented by Katsumi, much to Ruu's chagrin. Labels: game, photo kano, psp, summary. This way you can share links and also can help me grow my site and get Google Page Rank.

[PSP] Phantom Brave The Hermuda Triangle [EUR] Med... [PSP] BlazeBlue Continuum Shift II [USA] Mediafire, [PSP] Toriko Gourmet Survival [JPN] Mediafire, [PSP] Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes [JPN] Mediafire, [PSP] Grand Knights History [JAP] Mediafire. The 1.10 patch was released on 08/03/2014 with lots of fixes. Having learned that Tomoe was sitting at Haruka's desk because she is envious of her, Kazuya keeps his promise. エンディング後のあま~い日々が新規追加!!

[3DS CIA] Scribblenauts Unmasked - A DC Comics Adv... [3DS CIA] Secret Mysteries in New York [USA] [CIA].
They decided to take more pictures in order to make good memories of her life in their school (with Haruka, Kanon, Nonoka, Rina, Katsumi, Ruu, Hikari, Aki and Mai tagging along) and outside school. Item Names 100% Felyne Armor ... [PS VITA] Killzone Mercenary [DLC] [UPDATE] [US], [PC] Jagged Alliance 2 Gold - Vampiregameth, [PSP] Rengoku II - The Stairway To H.E.A.V.E.N [ENG], [PSP] Fairy Tail 2 - Portable Guild [JPN]. [5] The second adaptation, illustrated by Nylon and titled Photo Kano: Your Eyes Only, began serialization in the fifth issue of 2012 from Hakusensha's Young Animal magazine; its first volume was released on August 24, 2012. At the end of the day, he takes some pictures of Mai. Fate Extra CCC is an rpg visual novel developed by Image Epoch.

While making photos with Kanon for her audition for a temporary idol union to celebrate a movie premiere, Kazuya makes a photo of Kanon confessing in love, which, unknown to him, is addressed to him, that makes him even more uneasy. Realizing that Haruka maybe in the same situation as earlier, Kazuya rushes out to search for her, while the two Photography clubs also keep an eye for her.

[8] The fifth adaptation, illustrated by Takao Hino and titled Photo Kano: Love Album, began serialization in Enterbrain's Famitsu Comic Clear on June 22, 2012. Kazuya is the first person since that time that she has felt she could open up to and smile in front of. On one fall day, after Kazuya gets mistaken by the girls for the one from the Photography club who tried to sneak into the vaulting horse and beaten up in front of Rina, he is relieved after Rina cleared of the misunderstanding in front of them and when she asked Kazuya to help her find a four-leaf clover. The icons on dialogue/talk mode determine the topic you're talking with the girl. [Art Book] Bravely Second - End Layer - Design Wor... [PS VITA] Digimon World Next Order [English] [VPK]. Eventually Mai returns the magazines to Kazuya, also putting a love letter addressed to him into them. The first volume of Love Album was released on March 25, 2013.[9].

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