persephone smite build

"From death, new life is created. If you acquire over 25 seeds, additional seeds will be sold but you still keep 25 seeds. This is a good early poke tool but the Sprout is better for wave clear.

If the target has over 2000 Health, your ability bonus damage scales up. Cooldown - 120s. I'll be sure to update it. It can also be an engage since the next harvest plant will be a sprout, able to damage and slow enemies caught in it. The attack speed reduction is only 15% but its still a good use of it, especially if its early game and nobody got their attack speed items yet (Hunters, Hunter-played mages or basic attack oriented assassins might've but its still something.) If heads, you gain a stack of 7 HP5. Could lead to copyright issues, just like Catwoman Bastet skin and the Scorpion Ravana skin. Fixed an issue with her death animation displaying a skeleton at a time it wasn't intended. This is a pretty basic jump. You can support us ad-free for less than $1 a month! Your Magical power is increased by twice the amount of Magical Lifesteal you have. You can still get a few points into the 1 while you're maxing the 2 out but you're mostly going to want to max the 2 and get points in the 1 when you wish. AURA - Allied gods within 70 units have their Magical Lifesteal increased by 12% and their Magical Power increased by 30 or their Physical Lifesteal increased by 10% and their Physical Power increased by 20. This effect lasts for 7s and can only occur once every 15s. Harvest plants inside the area immediately grow to their next stage and activate. If the target has over 2000 Health, your ability bonus damage scales up. Persephone was clever.

Added a brief lockout so players cannot accidentally cancel reviving themselves. Fixed an issue where she shouldn't be able to activate Purification Beads while rising from her passive. A choice she was happy to accept. Ability 1 - Bone Rush PASSIVE - Every 10s the Pendant activates, subtracting 1s from all of your abilities currently on Cooldown. After using this ability the next Harvest cast is pre-germinated and spawns as a Sprout. PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your damaging abilities will move 20% Slower for 1 seconds. Get all Persephone stats and find guides to help you play Smite created by players on SMITEFire.

+10 Bonus Ability Damage

Some good combos are: +10 MP5 Using this item restores 75 Health + 12 Health per level and 30% Mana to all Allied gods within 35 units. Using this item removes Crowd Control Effects and makes you immune to new ones for 2s. Her abilities have a lot of nuances to them, and it is vital to utilize every piece of her kit in order to play her to her full potential. Persephone will now retain her health bar when entering this state so players can more easily keep track of her.

Fixed an issue that resulted in CC Immunity not cleansing the vine grasp. Join the leading SMITE community.Create and share God Guides and Builds.

Fixed an issue where Death Recaps from some of Persephone's abilities were showing unintended text. Decreased Base Damage from 195/270/345/420/495 to 175/245/315/385/455. After activation or 120s it withers. This can be cancelled before the revive occurs. PASSIVE - On god kill or assist a coin is flipped. PASSIVE - You gain +20% additional Movement Speed after leaving the Fountain. PASSIVE - On successful hit of an Ability you gain 1 stack. You may still move. 2 (Your choice to keep it in stage one or if you want it to be a sprout), 2, 3 Cornered by a dying world, Zeus forced Hades and Persephone to part. Thank you for the feedback. +100 Health Thanks for reading (if you did).


3, 2, basic Hades was offering her a choice. Persephone, Smite God. Increased Explosion scaling from 70% to 75%. You also gain 1 gold every time the coin is flipped. Persephone conjures a mass of Entrapping Vines that she throws forwards, entrapping the first enemy god or wall it touches. +10 Physical Power

Create, share and explore a wide variety of Smite god guides, builds and general strategy in a friendly community. Shoes of Focus . © Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. All rights reserved.

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