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Technology & engineering Made in Italy The Mark II is the latest version of the Boarbuster model, featuring a modern line and last generation equipment. BE A SHOOTER!Firearms, ammunition, optics, and passion: these are the four key elements that unite shooting fans from all around the world. We supply essential information about each respective market. Ask for inormation how to reserve your Boarbuster now, ©Davide Pedersoli & C. 2017 All rights reserved. Should you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you enjoy surfing our global website, our Facebook pages and our international YouTube channels! A beautiful, historical rifle that accompanied the epic of the American frontier, it’s a real pleasure to shoot. A microcell butt pad helps dampen the recoil of the Boarbuster Mark II. Our Services:Our international platform in four languages with corresponding social media appearances on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube reaches an active, interested and international audience of milions – every month! The changes made to the gun aren’t purely aesthetic, with the scratchproof Cerakote finish on the metal parts, the polymer stock is adjustable for better ergonomics and precise aiming to suit any scopes that might be used on the gun. In-depth understanding of each individual market is our strength – along with our ability to provide worldwide distribution via the Web. We also provide the latest news from around the world and everything you need to know about new products and developments relating to your particular passion. is the international platform that is your window to this fascinating world – in four languages. The Mark II is the latest version of the Boarbuster model, featuring a modern line and last generation equipment.Compact and easy to handle rifle thanks to the reduced barrel length and the microcell butt plate. Recently I had the privilege to test the replica of the Sharps Model 1874 produced by Davide Perdersoli. Modern revisitation of the famous 86/71 lever action rifle created by the cooperation between Browning and Winchester at the time advertised as The Universal Big-Game Rifle. We have already tested the first version of the Boarbusters in terms of performance and reliability in a beaten hunt. Advertising cookies (third-party) collect useful data that allow us to provide you with advertising information that meets your interests. A beautiful muzzle-loading revolver that revives, improving it, the Remington 1858 Army in .44 caliber, perhaps the only wheel gun from the American Civil War that was able to compete with Colt's models. | web This shop requires you to accept cookies for performance, social media and advertising purposes. The two positions at 4 cm and 20 cm are for different situations with the relevant optimal position of the rear sight. VS Medien GmbH  Römerstrasse 58, 56130 Bad Ems, International contact to © 2020 Davide Pedersoli & C. All right reserved - Privacy Policy Available also in the camo orange (M.741) to see it all. You will be the first to receive the latest news and all special offers. Forged frame, CNC machined, steel parts made of high carbon steel. New from Pedersoli: Cook Underhammer pistol. I have read the information and authorize the processing of my personal data. I have read the information and authorize the processing of my personal data. WAD Agency, web Mandatory cookies These cookies are required for the basic functionality of the site and are therefore always enabled. The solidity and the easy handling typical of the lever action models, thanks to the short length of the barrel (19") makes this rifle a winning choice to hunt in the bush. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you will find it on our website or by using Google search at / This article is also available in this language: Click here for more information on the topics: The international editorial team of, Pedersoli 1886/71 in .45/70 Government – An extraordinary all-purpose lever-action rifle, Pedersoli Remington Pattern Custom, an old-style revolver revives, Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark II – A review by Clayton Marxer, the Adventure Cowboy, Pedersoli Cook Underhammer, the "upside-down" pistol, Pedersoli new products for 2020: 1886 Lever Carbine and Howdah flintlock pistol, Video: Pedersoli Sharps Competition in .45-70 caliber, Boar hunting with Pedersoli Mark II rifle, Pedersoli: the return of the Swivel Barrel, Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark II lever action rifle, Davide Pedersoli celebrates his company’s 60th anniversary in Nuremberg. We field-tested the the Premium version of the Pedersoli 1886/71 lever-action rifle in .45/70 Government caliber. In some cases, these cookies involve the processing of your personal data. To engage the target, thanks to the quick sighting from the open sights to the modern red dot, or the scope.

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