patsy stone quotes

list looking? Holland Park! I mean, no one blinks an eye if an older man goes out with a young girl bimbo, do they? Oh, God! It's only a fashion show, and you've had six months to prepare it. I don't want to know.

I'll get some. Insects follow me everywhere, darling. It just hangs around until you want to kick it. Eddie: I'm not like Saffy, I can't walk around looking like a... Eddie: Exactly. You're blocking my light. Gran: Yes, dear. I chanted for this gorgeous house! Not instant. Anyway, now listen, sweetie. [pause] Well done, darling, well done! Patsy: Darling, I'm your best friend. Click, click, click.

Requests can be made through the button below. Eddie: Saffy, this man was fifty five years old, for God's sake. Each card is handfolded, and comes with a kraft envelope. I mean... We're going back to that bloody airport, Pats, or we'll never find it. Gran: [Gran enters reading the newspaper headlines] Another pig-ugly MP making a fool of himself with some scrawny old hooker, I see. I want to flash-up pictures of sad, but beautiful children, happy gay couples, slogans like "World Health", "No Pollution", "Fashion Cares", all right, darling? Send that one to my lawyers. How kind do you want them to be? So we could print that up and do some lovely photos. Marie Claire is supported by its audience. Molly Ringwald at her sweetest, we can remember watching this on our 16th birthday with our mum. Look at that. No! I was forced to steal it. Somebody made it up! Tell her she's adopted. Get out, go. Marshall: We had Keanu Reeves pull out, which, which we feel really positive about now because it's taken a different course entirely. I mean, how dare they spit at me! A classic for a reason, this movie is a must-watch for everyone. Eddie: [trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle] It's so stupid! Eddy: ‘Sweetie what are you drinking?’ People. Move over, Mama Cass! Eddie: Bloody hell, Patsy! You know, your endless bloody lunches and launches, you know, no-career celebrities and party desperates. Labels are their only sustenance! Eddie: Well, they ain't made of wood. Oh. It's not what I eat or how much I eat, it's these things in here. I may be some time. Saffron: Well, you can't do that.

What's the matter with you? Everything is raw. Pick up a spoon, put coffee in cup, pour on boiling water... Eddie: ...Yes, yes, and scald hands and get third-degree burns, screaming in agony. Eddie: She wanted to sell you some things, or something. It's Edina. After Eddy’s arrested for stealing wine, Patsy says: ‘My name is Patsy Stone and I am an alcoholic, and what she did was an act of humanitarian mercy.’, 16. Do you really want THAT on your conscience this morning, darling? [Saffron nods again] You've been very good to me. I want better for you, I don't want you ending up like me, with all my complicated, but still rather marvelous hang-ups. But as your mother, I cannot be held responsible for your well-being. Everybody's a nobody in a bikini. The opening of the stone was far more interesting than the drawing that I had done on it. Eddie: Do you think we ought to get some hormone replacement packs in for emergencies? Bubble: What, on a "get out of jail free" card? Alright? Everything's completely under control this end, how is it with you? Paula Yates, her book, "If I Can't Have A Career, Why Should They?". Not like these penny tarts of recent times. Not the deal. Sometimes you get into a porn loop and just can’t get out.’, 5. French film star. You know I only employ you because you make me look better, don't you? Nurse: You know, my daughter could get away with wearing something like this? Edina: No, darling. I've lived in such worlds I should have known nothing about! Sex changes, doesn't it, Pats? Saffron: So, what does a fashion director do? Eddie: [after taking a cab into work] I mean it's public, and it's transport.

Oh, damn. My daughter wouldn't have allowed me to buy it. I mean, my body absorbs mud!

Hmm, but they were just palpitations, for God's sake! There's not enough room on my bones for that sort of weight.

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