opal tometi marxist

Maduro is the foreign Daddy of BLM.

Alleged racism is a front for them to impose a big agenda. How to protect eyes from teargas, pepper spray and rubber bullets. Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers; we are trained Marxists. Many Americans, few of whom would identify as Marxists, support Black Lives Matter, drawn to its message of anti-racism.

She said, “Now, the founders of Black Lives Matter, they’ve come out as Marxists.”. Listen to that lethargic baboon stumble through a few short sentences. Backlash against Black Lives Matter includes branding it as Marxist. Opal Tometi est une écrivaine, planificatrice (en) et militante associatif nigériane-américaine. And I think what we really try to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many Black folks. Was is some network of Marxist Jews in America? This page was last modified on 29 June 2020, at 10:51. The attack has been made in recent weeks by Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer; Ben Carson, Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development; conservative talk show host Mark Levin; and PragerU, which has more than 4 million Facebook followers.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist front. They want regime change and the end of the rule of law. A guide to what’s used in local and national protests.


He gives them hugs, kisses, uses his media megaphones to spread their anti-white propaganda, and probably sends them some narco-bucks.

She doesn’t look smart enough to be a real Marxist. In Florida, you can.

"— BLM co-founderpic.twitter.com/Cn2mqCXjuW.

HOW TO SUPPORT: Whether you’re protesting or staying inside, here are ways to educate yourself and support black-owned businesses. The vast majority of BLM activists, supporters, and financial backers are white progressives. About half the charges filed have included unlawful assembly.

He was an appalling specimen of a human being-a definition of a thug. HEADING TO A PROTEST? George Floyd has been canonized and declared a martyr. “Regardless of whatever the professed politics of people may be who are prominent in the movement, they don’t represent its breadth,” said Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Princeton University African American Studies professor and author of From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation. [1] White supremacy is defined as white males who identify as heterosexual.

Maduro is the foreign Daddy of BLM. …

BLM marxists are tools in the hands of brown communists abroad who’re conspiring with Russia, Venezuela and China to circumvent Western political and economic power and implement global neo-Bolshevism, a key feature of which will be the forced worship of non-white racial groups as gods walking among us. It was a little tribe who has their roots in a country called Israel….

", We didn’t find that Garza and Tometi have referred to themselves as Marxists.

Swain, though, was referring to a newly surfaced interview Cullors did in 2015, where she said: "We do have an ideological frame.

Required fields are marked *. Elle est également co-fondatrice du mouvement Black Lives Matter, pour lequel elle est apparue dans plusieurs médias tels que Glamour, Essence, CNN, MSNBC Libération, et l'Obs. “In the years since, we’ve committed to struggling together and to imagining and creating a world free of anti-Blackness, where every Black person has the social, economic and political power to thrive.”. How to protect eyes from teargas, pepper spray and rubber bullets. Chavismo is a war on white people, as is every other form of marxism.

In a recently surfaced 2015 interview, one of the three Black Lives Matter co-founders declared that she and another co-founder "are trained Marxists.". But the book publisher Penguin Random House has said Garza, an author, “describes herself as a queer social justice activist and Marxist.”, Black Lives Matter was formed in response to the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Black teenager, in Florida.

"There are definitely socialists within the movement, as there have been in every single social movement in 20th century American history and today. Swain alluded to Black Lives Matter’s three co-founders, who are still featured prominently on the group’s website — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi. One of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization admitted in an interview with a far-left Jew outlet that she and her comrades are “trained marxists”.

We are superversed on, sort of, ideological theories. Along with self described "queer" co-founders Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors, BLM has called for the extermination of the white race.

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