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After Kiritsugu's death, the Mystic Eyes of Game Perception awoke within Shirou. Second Wind. It's just rude. When the sun finally set, the training switched from his body to his mind. This is just fun. Founder: Lupri - Stories: 980 - Followers: 812 - id: 123758 A collection of Videogame and Gamer Fanfiction, like Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer, Naruto: The Gamer Files, Gamer Arc. "But I like you guys!". You turn the difficulty down to easy and decided to take over the world of course. One Piece FUSION GENERATOR see the result! Shoddy Torch: one hour of use to light the dark. But both is even better!" Luffy shouted. At the visual reminder of my anniversary in this world I couldn't help but reflect on my time here as I descended down the grassy knoll.

Garp shouted, almost as if he were accusing Luffy of breaking a rule. Especially avoid a certain one that's currently ranked 2nd for OP on ", Luffy frowned. Then Garp moved again and Luffy was on the ropes. He started working on the Gears, something he'd kept from Garp at all costs. Garp chuckled, before coughing.

Pinching was supposed to wake you up from dreams, right? One Piece: The Journey Of The King... by bLooD dEaleR 9K 323 35 When everyone died because of the war that broke out accidentally, one caused by the man named Teach, every single one … Incidentally, this was the only stat that I had found no way of improving. Then again, he had no idea how the mystery experiment worked. "Well, you've been working very hard for the past couple years, Luffy-kun. Sanji keeps annoying Zoro with stupid magazines - those obnoxious ones full of half-naked women in ridiculous poses. FanFiction. I decided to take a short cut and run across the highway instead of walking around to the bridge the last thing I saw was the headlights of a truck. "I'm going to head out for Shell Island and look into the Marine Base there. Anyway, my favorite fic of all time is YAWALEH by Third Fang, and one of my favorite aspects of it was that it wasn't JUST one character with advance knowledge. She is never hungry, she is never bored, the coral provides everything a young fish could need. At 16 and a half, he was more ripped than he'd been at 19 in his past life. Since Luffy wasn't sure he could do everything the same exact way even if he wanted to, and since he was determined never to lose his nakama again, he couldn't just fly by the seat of his pants and hope things worked out. Follow. Doctor was worried about nuthin'!" If you want so much time off, then just retire already! I promised my brothers! the farmer replies with giddiness. Watch his adventures in this fanfiction! Garp even started teaching Luffy the Rokushiki, which Luffy was overjoyed to learn. "Hello, Luffy. Luffy took a deep breath and turned his brain back on. Algunos tienen contenido sexual explícito, otros no. I actually felt that last one! He had to plan things out now. A new birth seems to be the only exciting thing that can happen in this usually sleepy village and the people are always happy to commemorate the occasion. Most would panic at the sign of internal bleeding, but Garp started to beam with pride as he sat down. He had no idea why Robin and Chopper seemed to like it so much. Dull means stability. Just get out of here, you stupid brat!" Reader is 100 percent a chaotic neutral or evil, Reader is kinda a psycho but theres a legit reason for that, Reader will FIGHT for Nightmare not even kidding, She's weaker tired pissed and has to take care of two problem children oh no, Alternate Universe - Swapfell (Undertale), Nightmare sees Reader as his hero and he might have a tiny crush oops. Garp didn't seem to notice his grandson tense. A/N 2: READ ME. If he really wanted to not lose this time around, he needed to get more nakama. Not going to lie, this was heavily inspired by 'The Will of D' by The Animaniac Dude and 'Once again' by TheVictor, but I'm not going to blindly copy and paste, this will be distinctively my own. Henry D Morgan the Gamer would you like to update your Gamer ability. I equip the cleaver to be on the safe side and started searching the burnt houses while using the Observe ability I find a little food a couple of pots and pans and strange enough some still good matches. The snail started making the connecting sound again, this time much longer. ", Garp frowned. He wonders if Sanji's skin is this cold, this smooth, or if it blazes as warm as the stove-top fire and riddled with dips and crannies. mientras, iré subiendo mis propias ideas. The characters are in-character unless change in personalty due to OC interference. None of them personally stick out to me enough to recommend. Hey, just because thinking didn't hurt anymore didn't mean he was good at it! They shot open as wide as possible the moment what he was seeing processed. When they finally docked at an unassuming Autumn Island (after a brief episode of sailing upside-down), the last thing they had expected was an ambush worthy of the record books. Very fun premise, and short and sweet. "Now, soldier, we've only got a year and a half to try and whip you into being as awesome as me. And hey, since it's your birthday, I'll even let you have the first hit!" My Two Brothers. You've grown into a real man!".

It's pretty well-written (the author is prolific with quality works), but is mostly lighthearted slice-of-life. As such, like all humans, he will be flawed. He pulled back both arms and poured all the strength in his lanky body into one last attack. Once she found out the reason he'd been working so hard, she'd roared in laughter. Then he put the snail away. Franky, for all his size, seemed very small as he hid his face in his hands. Jake is a normal man,altought he is an anime fan. Hoping to his feet, Luffy assumed his 'challenge' pose. Then the image of his crew, his nakama, lying defeated in that strange room came to him. Blue fluorescent water lights the tank from the inside and splays shadows on the floor and surrounding tanks.
According to Dadan, this is when he should start the begging. If you want crossovers, that's a whole different story (though it's sadly dominated by shitty Naruto crossovers). Mobile Version Login Registrieren. It was also floating before him at eye level so there was that. Luffy stumbled back, getting his feet back under him, while Garp looked up in surprise from the crater he'd made. But I want to experiment, and I'm not afraid to completely rewrite the premise as long as it's just as cool as the original. ), and looked down.

The overgrown eel froze as eyes even colder than those that red human had turned on it ten years ago pierced its soul. He went after the biggest animals in the forest, and often caused riots in the Grey Terminal with the scum that preyed on those with nothing. Your review has been posted. "Ah, naturally. It wasn't uncommon for Magra to open the door in the evening to take out the trash and find the straw hat-wearing boy passed out on the porch. She gives her sword to Zoro while promising that she will someday find him and win it back. I'm going to interpret your barging in here as volunteering as human trials for my latest invention. Listen to me, you brat! Luffy got in Garp's face, trying to look as cute and 'say-yes-to-able' as he could. He felt an unpleasant sting, almost even pain, but nothing changed.

It was just as he remembered. "Who the hell are you?" "For the last time, Mayor, Gramps was the one that threw me into your house! With an uncertain future, all that can be trusted is that that only those who thrive in this world of bloody evolution shall prosper. For the next few years if was like my body was on auto pilot witch I didn't have a problem with because I didn't want to deal with the trouble of pretending to be a child. "Shut up, Gramps! He'd have to be sure to have a Vision Dial when it happened.

A chair, a table, a bed to sleep in. Updates very rarely but with long chapters. Your review has been posted. "Owie!" Garp finally got a safe distance away from the lodge and turned around. "A minor shouldn't be drinking alcohol. But now's not the right time.

Maybe he only remembered because he'd been awake. I watched Kivuruk Isle start to seemingly shrink in the distance as the ship pulled further and further out to sea. We need you. Life was different here for instance I was born on an island called Turtle Island in the South Blue things were less advanced here and almost everything relied on ships here and I even heard tales of pirates attacking and destroying towns. Fire Power is about Ace ending up in the real world after he died, and some shit that happens there. Her name is Kiki, and her hobby? Most are kinda bad, and from all of them you can't expect the most creativity; they basically just retread canon. Join Luffy and his crew as they battled both Pirates and Marines alike to become the Gamer King! Sanji dies. It was worse than the time he'd gotten in a drinking contest with Zoro and Nami.

Then, just to compound the bizarreness of the situation, I had somehow come into possession of the infamous powers of [The Gamer] as well.

", Luffy fought the urge to smirk. What do you do when you realize your whole life has been a game? A/N: This is a [Gamer] story taking place in the world of One Piece. Was my being here the work of some higher power?

Alpha sewer rat naturally stronger than other of its kind and has the tendency to go into a berserker state when it see others of it kind killed. In his head, he really meant rescue, but they didn't need to know that. Mihawk hates red.He loves red but only on one person.That person being Shanks.

"You look mighty fine in that uniform, my boy. Since I haven't practice throwing the harpoon yet I decide to try and jump down and kill it. A niggle at the back of his mind bothered him. But the last few days, he'd just been having fun, reliving his childhood.

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