old forester statesman vs 1920

Welcome to the club. It’s like we don’t remember what a kick ass bottle OUGHT to be in the $50-$100 range. The finish is more leathery and woody. Sweeter and lighter than the 1920. This 1920 version is supposed to emulate what they made during prohibition. For 13 years, the production, transport and sale of alcohol was strictly prohibited. Launched in 2016, this third release in the "Whiskey Row" series was created in resemblance to what Old Forester would have tasted like during Prohibition. Foundation For Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. I associate the aroma of the 1920 more to the classic bourbon profile. Name: Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon Proof: 115 proof / 57.5% ABV Age: No Age Statement Year: 2016 How I Drank It: Sampled neat in a Glencairn Glass.The bourbon sat for a few minutes to allow the juice to open up. The 1920 has a really unique nose,I would describe as earthy.i am really glad I tried it as I tend to migrate towards allocated limited edition bourbons but this one is readily available and I think it’s a real sleeper. Because of my experience with other Old Forester bottles, I was hesitant to try the “Whiskey Row” series. I still think the hype isn’t worth it. If you have not tried this one I highly recommend it. I would have guessed somewhere around 90 in a blind test. If I had one minor gripe, it would be that this expression likely started as normal barrels of Old Forester distillate, with a barrel entry proof of 125. Required fields are marked *. According to the neck tag on the bottle, “During Prohibition, only six Kentucky distilleries were granted permits to bottle bourbon for medicinal purposes. 1920 is my favorite easy-to-find bottle these past couple of years. The taste is where this one becomes impressive. Right after I swallow, desserty peanut butter and cocoa appear. While most distilleries shuttered during Prohibition, Brown-Forman received a federal license to continue making Old Forester for medicinal purposes. Gorgeous..unique..chocolaty…deep and complex…worth every penny and has a character unto itself. Great review. The influence of the double barreling is quite noticeable, and with a lower proof, the 1910 has less of a kick vs. the 1920. This is a side by side comparison review of the Old Forester 1920 and 1910, both are part of their Whiskey Row series. As discussed above, 1920 Prohibition Style went into the bottle at 115 proof. re: Old Forester 1910 vs. 1920 Posted by busbeepbeep on 12/28/18 at 2:10 pm to LSUbase13 If you're used to drinking higher proof whiskey, then definitely 1920. I hope to see more releases with this flavor profile from OF in the near future. Finally, I decided I’ve spent $60 on worse bottles of bourbon so why not give it a shot. However, Old Forester was granted a permit to continue distilling on Louisville’s Whiskey Row. Whiskey drinkers have been subject to juice that is diluted down and overpriced so much over the past few years. They’re responsible for some of the most popular whiskeys in the market (Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, and Old Forester to name a few). This is a great bourbon. Through a government permit allowing the production of whiskey for "medicinal purposes," Old Forester was one of ten legal distilleries operating during US Prohibition. Not quite the complexity but very close. The nose is sweet but more caramel and fruity. Like others, I’m not a fan of OFs standard shelf bourbon, but this is exceptional for the price point. If Brown-Forman really wanted to make an interesting bourbon, barreling some bourbon at 100 proof for a future release would be a more accurate reflection of a prohibition style whiskey. i bought it today and it is so good i am going back to the store that has it so i can buy a few more bottles. More intense vs. the 1910. I love 1920 and seems about 98% of everyone else does as well. Palate: A really strong crowd pleasing dose of waffles with cherry syrup, honey butter biscuits, a little bit of light red fruits and a bit of oak. Where many had to close, Old Forester received one of the few licenses to continue distilling and selling for “medicinal purposes”. I detected lots of maple syrup flavors with Old Forester 1920, and this must be where Statesman gets it from.

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