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-Vocal Ranking: 5th Place, Stage Name: Erina (恵理奈) JY Park, who is also active as a singer, is the representative office. -Vocal Ranking: 13th Place, [5th Place] Nationality: – Collaboration with AB6IX Daehwi, StrayKids Hyunjin, ASTRO Sanha and GoldenChild Bomin !! 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. Height: – Profile What car type and price? Stage Name: Miu (みう) Possible Position: – – Dance Ranking: 2nd Place Slim. Blood Type: –. Thanks a lot! Stage Name: Mayuka (まゆか) But she did her best, and she showed amazing growth on every stage. Height: 164 cm (5’5″) (from her old profile) Blood Type: O Nina Facts:-She was born in Seattle, Washington, USA.-She now lives in Nagoya, Japan.-Her father is Caucasian and her mother is Japanese. Blood Type: –, Miu Facts: As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot. -She is a 1st year university student where she studies Economy and Korean. (Eliminated)  Akari Height: – – Dance Ranking: 25th Place -Her specialities are makeup and expressing things Today, the school is proud to be one of only three in the country offering this unique program. – The song she sang at the auditions is about love, but she doesn’t have someone like that so she thought about Birthday:  June 20, 2003 Blood Type: –, Erina Facts: Possible Position: – -Ayane’s Audition -Okinawa auditions. ! -She joined JYP Entertainment in February 2019, -She has participated on JYP’s trainee showcase, has participated on JYP’s trainee showcase. – Rio was a member of KIZZY/BUNNIES under EXPGLab where she was mainly known as HanaRio. The team led by Mako performed a stage with excellent stability. -Vocal Ranking: 12th Place, [6th Place] On her online resume she listed herself "Height 5'7", Weight 116 lbs" Photos by PR Photos. Kpop Group of the Week (1st Week of November 2020). -Her speciality is to eat a lot of foods, and eating a lemon without reaction -For the auditions, she performed Precious – 伊藤由奈 Height: – -Her specalities is doing a swimming breastroke and sleep anywhere. Birthday: August 27, 1998 Stage Name: Yuna (ゆな) – Dance Ranking: 20th Place Poll: Who owned TREASURE’s I LOVE YOU era. -Vocal Ranking: 26th Place, (Eliminated) Ayane – Dance Ranking: 26th Place Introducing the profile of aespa NINGNING! Stage Name: Kyoka (きょうか) Possible Position: – Nationality: Japanese Sang IU's "Dear Name (이름에게)" !! Birth Name: Hirai Momoka (平井桃伽) Possible Position: – Nina Bergman's Height 5ft 6 ½ (168.9 cm) Danish-born actress, singer and model known for appearing in Doom: Annihilation, Assassin X and The Car: Road to Revenge. Miihi surprised the viewer with her overwhelming expressive power even though he was young. BTS V’s room was released! Singer – She had never been outside of Okinawa, she was born and raised there. -Her hobby is fashion Nizi Project NiziU Members Profile And Facts NiziU (虹U/ニジユ/ 니쥬/ ニジュー) is a 9 member Japanese girl group under JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. Weight:– Nationality: Japanese -After leaving EXPGLab  she still wanted to be an idol and show people what she learnt from EXPGLAB so she auditioned. -Vocal Ranking: 15th Place, (Eliminated) Mei Birth Name: Sato Ana (佐藤アナ) -English is more easier for her than Japanese. Birthday: February 4, 2002 Taemin’s moving posts are hot topics !! -She has been dancing since the 1st grade. Instagram: @_suasn & @sooaaah -She is a big fan of K-Pop, in her bedroom at home she had loads of K-Pop posters on her wall and other kinds of merch. -Nina is the only member of NiziU who is not fully Japanese.  –, Who is your Nizi Project bias? Stage Name: Nina (仁菜) -She went to the Osaka auditions. ? Introducing the profile of KARINA (Yoo Jimin) of aespa! NiziU was born from the “Nizi Project”, which means “Need you”. -Miihi’s Audition What else would you like to see on our site? -Vocal Ranking: 1st Place, [2nd Place] Weight:– Please do respect the time and effort the author put in compiling this profile. PENTAGON and ONF covered the BLACKPINK "Kill This Love" stage! Birth Name:  Kishida Ririka (岸田莉里花) Incoming ABSN students apply to the ABSN program and the Hillman Scholars Program at the same time and can be offered admission to the ABSN program as well as the Hillman Scholars Program, or just the ABSN program alone. Instagram: @niziproject_official_ It has a charm that makes you feel like Yamato Nadeshiko. -She has one sister. Height:  – Send us your corrections by listing the artist and the mistake. Nationality: Japanese Hillman Scholars join a vibrant community of peers and faculty committed to their collective development. -Vocal Ranking: 8th Place, (Eliminated)  Riria Hometown: Nagoya, Japan Hobbies: Listening to music, exercising Specialties: Tricks using her … SHINee Taemin posted a commemorative photo to commemorate the 9th anniversary of her debut in Japan! The rap that mixed English and Korean was cool. See any errors? Height Nationality: – and ‘Brand New Day – 安田レイ’ Blood Type:  B, Rio Facts: Return to Japan in Chuseok !! -Attended the Osaka auditions. Nina became one of the winners of Nizi Project and ranked #9. Weight:– -Her sister is called “Kanon”, her older brothers are called “Kento” and “Ren” Birth Name: Taniya Kyoka (谷屋杏香) Growth from regional qualifying is a topic !! Stage Name: Momoka (ももか) Blood Type: A, Hina Facts: -Vocal Ranking: 2nd Place, Season 2 Eliminations Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups An alumni network helps sustain these professional and personal connections, even after graduation. Twitter: @_suasn -She has had professional vocal classes Blood Type: –, Mei Facts: Introducing the profile of Japanese member GISELLE of aespa! February 27, 2005(2005-02-27) (age 15) –Akari’s Audition She lives in Nagoya, Japan but grew up in Seattle Washington, United States. Together, they create a unique academic experience that launches purpose-driven research careers and fosters leaders committed to health care transformation.

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