need for speed underground pc controller support

This thread is archived. Use the US executable to launch the game (even if you have the EU version), otherwise it may crash.

I have even re-downloaded and re-installed and the bug still persists - so another 4 hours wasted - also got in a chat with your EA help people (very nice people) but unfortunately I'd tried everything they'd suggested to no avail. I have been in contact EA Customer Support.Unfortunately, this is an error indicates to be incorporated in the game.and I would therefore like to know if anyone else has the same mistake, or something similar. My xbox one controller worked find with windows 10. I have been looking everywhere but I can’t find answers. I have attached a link to a video.As most precise, showing my problem with my car. January 2017. Try reinstalling your xbox driver or looking thru Microsoft xbox driver site. I have been playing the free trial as I love the need for speed. March 2016 (Game install here), Keyboard:  ROCCAT Ryos mk fxMouse: ROCCAT TyonMouse pad: ROCCAT HiroHeadset: Logitech G430. Additional solution by @Malikh822, if you are using an Xbox One S controller: Hi I have purchased the Deluxe version of "Need for Speed" as an origin monthly subscriber I downloaded the trial tonight.Immediately there was an issue with controllers which showed itself in the cars throttle not working hardly and like the handbrake was permanently on.I have these controllers fitted:XBOX 360 controller (all original)Saitek X52 HotasIf I throttle up on either the xbox360 controller or the x52 it shows the same problems, however when you go into setting it does not list either joystick (rather it shows an xbox one controller and a steering wheel) so I decided to use the keyboard instead.. nope.. even that does not work..Extremely frustrating conversation with EA tech sup' (call centre in india with a man there telling me to unplug everything reload windows and redo drivers etc..However.. $4.99 . I cant accelerate over 50mph and getting up to that is extremely slow.

Make sure to modify the path to the game if necessary, You may want to change the icon manually back to the game icon, Set "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2). 4 players in all modes; 6 players only in URL. I know its not your fault but just really really want to play. i tried keyboard, 2 xbx 360 controllers, and an xbox steering wheel - i was limited to 50mph. I have tried using my keyboard, 2 different xbox 360 controllers, and an xbox 360 steering wheel, ALL OF WHICH WORK on other games perfectly. Please get onto this bug, Haha i had the same problem as well. share. So I and others can enjoy the game, with this error, it's not just because I will be first in the queue for the game (when it is released). If not, what other controllers does it support? Fixed HUD. Added an option to make FMVs fullscreen. It is not a controller issue. I fix the problem some weeks ago.I just change my settings. Master, Menu Music, In-Game Music, Speech, Effects, Tires and Engine sliders available. Currently using a gtx 980 ti.Hope they fix this soon. Place the FOV changer in a handy folder, since you'll have to open it every time you start the game. ThirteenAG/WidescreenFixesPack, Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike, Mouse is used only in menus. Fixed Field of View. $29.99 . i re downloaded and reinstallled the game still did nothing - i posted in here 1 1/2 days ago and tech hasnt come back - did the EA chat support and they couldnt figure anything i hadnt done already. I own many other "Need for Speed" titles and so I loaded each one of those up.. zero issues!? Added an option to switch between different 3D scaling. when I play this the controller does not work correctly. It can be restored with ALchemy. Hi there, I had a question before buying NFS Payback on my pc. Make sure that the option UnlockRegionalCars in scripts\NFSU2ExtraOptionsSettings.ini is set to 1. I also tried the throttle sensitivity settings but all they did was make the car skid on the spot when i was not throttling at all. Ok just got through to technical support again, and they said they are unsure what it is but have raised a bug report. I do have the latest drivers for my nvidia card. Jun 18, 2020. All rights reserved. My PC Specs:Windows 10 - 64 bitCPU: Intel Core i7 - 4770K | 3.5 GHz (4 core)GPU: GTX 760 ASUSRAM: Corsair - Vengeance Pro 16 GB - 1866 MhzPSU: XFX - ProSeries XXX Edition 850WMotherboard: MSI - Z87 XPOWERMonitor: BenQ - 27" Xl2720LSSD: Samsung 850 EVO - 500 Gb.

Dec 14, 2010. I have Rydet cache files (origin), and windows cache files.I boot my windows 10 with clean startup settings.And other little things I can not remember. Optimized for Dolby Pro Logic. I started the game with windows 7 properties.Then vehicles; p with with and without admin.Have also tried me with admin in windows 10th.

© 2020 Valve Corporation. Immediately there was an issue with controllers which showed itself in the cars throttle not working hardly and like the handbrake was permanently on. If anyone else cures this can you tell is exactly how you cured it also.. it would be greatly appreciated.

Accelerator dead zone 100% (original from 0)Break dead zone 100% (original from 0), April 2016 Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Complete DLC Bundle. Need for coming focusing on this problem so that it can be corrected by "Ghost Game". My short term solution is to plug your Xbox One S controller into the computer using Micro USB and downloading "Xbox Accessories" via the Windows 10 app store to update the controller. just hoping they fix this asap. VAT included in all prices where applicable.

Need for Speed: Shift. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. it keeps braking by it self.

Jun 4, 2020. March 2016, First sorry for my English.- I'm from Denmark and user (google to help), Video: for the low FPS). I have the same issue xbox one controller on a windows 10 system. I have tried the following:I removed the webcam, headset and mouse. Does it support Dualshock4 (playstation 4) controllers? Only Stereo and Mono available. At the end of the clip, I keep quiet and, the car accelerates again.But in fact, I keep the handbrake fully.shortly after it switches from neutral to reverse.and in the eye blinks I do not keep "space bar" below.then reverses after switching to reverse. 100% Upvoted. Unpack the archive, go to NFSU2 Extra Options\Main Files folder and copy both dinput8.dll file and scripts folder into the installation folder. report.

from my computer.In order to be sure that is not the result of a hardware failure. - last edited Oct 6, 2009. Extract the main files to the installation folder.

This unfortunately makes the game virtually unplayable as races take over 5minutes to complete for short sprint races.

Tested it again today and exactly the same, removed joystick and keyboard with just the xbox 360 controller in and still limited to 50mph (downhill with a the wind up my *). [PC]Can't Accelerate, Handbrake Stuck, Controller Doesn't Work, The Fort Tarsis Lounge - Creators' Corner, Gigabyte Ultra Durable F2A68HM-HD2 Motherboard AMD A/Athlon Series P. might ask a refund. 10 comments. !So the tech'sup guy told me to wipe windows 10 and try reloading from scratch!! Hi I have purchased the Deluxe version of "Need for Speed" as an origin monthly subscriber I downloaded the trial tonight. I was then able to use the controller to play the game, but only when connected via the Micro USB cord. Need for Speed™ Heat - McLaren F1 Black Market Delivery. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted … Need for speed payback controller support. Jun 4, 2020. 730 commits to master since this release Fixed Resolution.

Hi, been playing the game for a couple of hours on pc - the early release access via origin. If you found a solution or workaround that you want added to the sticky, please send me a private message. please advise what i can do or get a patch out to fix this as i have been waiting for months and months to play this on my pc and am currently very dissappointed, and if it cannot be resolved i will be requesting a refund for my pre order purchase. save.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. $9.99 . when taking off it always skids for about the first 5 seconds at least no matter how gentle i am on the throttle. Dec 19, 2008.

I had vjoy drivers installed and when I uninstalled them it worked for me.Hope this helps.

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