nba 2k20 badges cheat table

FANCY FOOTWORK – Improves a player’s ability to beat defenders with an advanced layup or dunk gather. how to freeze value so i can use it on park. Can you make table with game stats? CROSS-KEY SCORER – Boosts the shot percentage for layups when moving across the paint. You can lower the badge’s level to put the upgrades elsewhere or remove that badge all together for a certain matchup. Improves player’s ability to block shots, unlocks special block animations and gives boost to the Takeover meter for the blocker and blocker’s teammates following a block. MOVING TRUCK – Strengthens a defender’s ability to move people around in the post. SHOWTIME – Boosts team’s Takeover meters after completing a highlight play. HOT ZONE HUNTER – Boosts the shot percentage for attempts taken in a player’s favorite spots. Allows players to have more success than normal when backing down a defender in the paint. QUICK FIRST STEP – Provides more explosive first steps out of triple threat and size-ups. HANDLES FOR DAYS – Reduces the amount of energy lost when performing dribble moves. Gives an additional boost to a player’s Takeover meter and his/her teammates, when successfully completing an And-1 or flashy dunk. You get a higher number for Badge upgrades depending on your archetype. Makes players more difficult to get past when playing off-ball, as they can grab and hold their matchup and don’t get their ankles broken as often. The frequency of successfully tipped or intercepted passes greatly increases. Boosts the speed and leaping ability of a player when he is chasing down an offensive player in anticipation of a block attempt. A player takes less of an energy hit when performing consecutive dribble moves, allowing them to chain together combos quicker for longer periods of time. Improves a player’s ability to take a lot of contact by reducing the energy lost when attacking the rim for contact shots. SPACE CREATOR – Improves a player’s ability to create space from a defender. TIGHT HANDLES – Improves a player’s ability to break down their defender. PUTBACK BOSS – Increases shot percentage when attempting a putback after an offensive rebound. BAIL OUT – Increases the chances of successfully completing a pass from mid-air. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. STEADY SHOOTER – Reduces the penalties for contested shots and bonuses for open shots. I had no problems to find them in older 2K games. Players get past defenders more efficiently when performing euro, cradle, hop step, spin and half-spin gathers. Lifts the defensive abilities of teammates when on the court. ICE IN VEINS – Improves a player’s free throw percentage during critical moments.

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