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He admits even though Myra had higher sales, she also got twice as many returned items because the customers perceive her as conceited and ignorant to their feelings with her lies. A furious Harriette disagrees and admonishes her lame-brained son for being selfish. Carl tells a fellow police officer about Laura's engagement. The follow-up to last season's Halloween episode "Stevil", an evil ventriloquist dummy that looks just like Steve. Urkel's transformation chamber is going berserk. Just in time for Christmas, Carl gets in a sour mood and refuses to allow Urkel to decorate the house with his crazy light displays. Birth: Urkel (of course) unwittingly does everything to make Carl's job frustrating, then disobeys his orders to stay in the car while Carl is staking out a robbery suspect in a stockyard. Eventually, he realizes family comes first and decides to help Frank out. Soon he learns the truth after they come crashing down in the kitchen. A total of 215 episodes were produced spanning nine seasons. Waldo also tags along, but this time, what he says actually makes sense. The nerd and flustered foil Carl are shrunk to two inches tall, and as a result must work together to dodge hazards such as rolling fruit and large house cats. Carl's philosophy about gracefully accepting defeat ends up in the gutter when Harriette's team becomes a serious threat to win, until there is a blackout. The Winslows are watching a sitcom starring their TV idol, Buddy Goodrich (Ron Glass). But the shock really sets in when Harriette and Rachel realize that Jimmy is actually their estranged father. Lasting Love: Carl is accused of buying Harriette the same gifts for Valentine's Day as in years past. However, Eddie learns a hard lesson about working hard when Urkel is one of his opponents. However unlike Steve, Myrtle refused to ever leave Eddie alone and disrespects his personal space by stalking him, much to his extreme terror. This prompts Eddie to apologize, confess to his wrongdoing to his family and keep his promise to Steve. Rachel meets a lovely man, who is a complete stranger to her. Harriette clears up the misunderstanding and reveals that her hairdresser did the quiz and rated her husband poorly. Carl is haunted by the memory of a hostage situation gone wrong and snaps at his own family even when they tell him it wasn't his fault. I'm going home." Harriette suggests to Carl that they adopt 3J, noting that beneath that sometime smart-mouthed demeanor lies a sweet, innocent young boy who is pining for a family. However, his plans are foiled when Harriette and Eddie exploit and expose his scam and send him on his way. Looking for something to watch? He has the con-man and his employees arrested. Detroit, MI Meanwhile, Estelle and her beau, Fletcher, have really advanced their relationship and are contemplating marriage, much to Carl's chagrin, after a white water rafting trip. Worried that Eddie might be contemplating suicide, they go outside to try to convince him to come back inside. When Eddie steps outside to get some air, Waldo and Steve find him on the fire escape. ", "I don't have to take this. Meanwhile, Carl tries to show a trigger-happy Eddie a lesson in good judgment during police training. 7. Finally, in the episode "Don't Make Me Over", after finally realizing Eddie doesn't like Myrtle and reaffirms his love for Greta, she relinquished her love for him. Laura is editor of her school's newspaper, and quickly gets into a series of conflicts with one of the staff writers. Harriette warns against it, believing that it's a bad idea and the family will regret it. Meanwhile, Eddie accidentally throws out Laura's rag doll from her childhood. Address: When Carl's new rookie partner, Mike Forbes, pays a visit to their home, Laura immediately develops a massive crush. End result: the Winslows get their furniture back, Eddie is grounded, he and Steve must retake the test before their suspension is lifted and burglars are back in jail. Soon they discuss when to help out their kids. Rick Sanchez pays some form of homage to The Urkel Dance with "The Rick Dance" in the Rick and Morty episode Ricksy Business. Meanwhile, Carl and Lt. Murtaugh try to defuse a bomb hidden in a treadmill, booby-trapped by a revenge-seeker named Nitro Newton (a.k.a. After Laura gets fed up with Urkel's clumsiness and nerdy behavior after accidentally spilling drinks on her, she tells him that he needs to change. Meanwhile, Laura meets a guy named Ted selling candy, they quickly attract, and they agree to go out on a date. Leroy - exasperated once and for all at Urkel's unending clumsiness - decides to take the insurance settlement and get out of the restaurant business, but Rachel finds the opportunity of a lifetime in the burned-out rubble. Laura wants to be paired with any number of cute guys in her class for a project about marriage ... but winds up with Urkel instead. United States She ends the argument by mentioning that Urkel is better off with having her as a friend because at least she does appreciate him. [12] Reginald VelJohnson also discussed the focus on Urkel but was much less negative about it than Payton, stating bluntly that all of the cast benefited from the massive success of the show in relation to the fans' love for Steve Urkel, and that he never felt short-changed by this process. Meanwhile, the Winslow women get a nasty surprise when the new shampoo that they ordered causes them to go bald. Despite Harriette's admonition in letting Eddie live out his own dreams, Carl pushes Eddie to the point of quitting. Estelle is determined to share the stories of her late fighter-pilot husband and World War II's Tuskegee Airmen to an uninterested Winslow clan: especially Eddie and the children. Urkel overhears Rachel's conversation about treating Webster to a candlelight dinner ... and jumps to the conclusion that Rachel has her eye on him. Afterwards, he apologizes to Harriette for not believing her sooner. On report card day, Eddie is expecting the worst, and Laura is expecting nothing but the best—she's upset that one of her grades is a B. Carl might be expecting too much from Eddie when he sees straight A's on Eddie's report card. Danger is paid to protect supper club owner Rachel, who is targeted by an assassin. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. However, things start to get explosive when she mistakes Steve's mini fireworks for pepper causing the Chickens to blow up after Eddie's band plays "Roll out the Barrel" triggering the explosions. However when his latest invention overheats and Eddie is knocked out, Urkel challenges "Butterball" himself and subsequently wins(using the techniques to outwit bullies). While intended as a minor character, Urkel became very popular for his oddball antics. of episodes Myrtle immediately sets her sights on Eddie, and Laura does everything she can to encourage her to get revenge by encouraging Myrtle to seduce Eddie at night. This time, it's Waldo who has the crush on Laura, particularly when she tries to encourage him after a string of bad luck with dates. He is asked to showcase the camera in hospitals across Russia, prompting them to move. Prior to Steve Urkel's introduction, the show was on the brink of cancellation due to mediocre ratings. Urkel invents some "snooze juice", which is intended to help police officers easily apprehend criminals. Greta McClure Later on, Greta soon shows up with her hands cuffed to a sink, due to Myrtle's tampering. He points out that Carl and Steve should be able to behave like gentlemen and apologize. Steve tells the gang that the transformation chamber works with the green liquid, "Bruce Juice", but he tricked them into thinking that it was anyone other than Bruce Lee.

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