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Shrink still on sleeve. Duster may not be for everyone, as the repetitive song structure and often-brooding timbre could be enough to put a listener to sleep, but this album is near perfect in its pacing and effortless ability to reinvent the definitive Duster sound without straying too far from home. Sleeve Condition: I have other Leonard Cohen in stock too! Room scan – Full recording set-up, electric painting with audible waterfall, poetry and mysticism books. Yes.

Digitally you don’t get the entire idea. Not as Napoleon or Alexander, but as. title track from their new LP on muddguts records view vinyl/download/streaming options via link below: video by: Lucie Scanlon Media: “, without losing the band’s signature warmth and unsettles the listener with a repetitive guitar riff.

My goal is to be present. Matched to this version. KAMIKAZE PALM TREE *LIVE* at muddguts presents #4 3D HOT TUBB PARTY 3/22/19 trans pecos - QUEENS, NY. Our new LP, To Much Tension, showcases his mixing skills and production.

Interest in anything is the first step towards waking among floating Goddesses, who sip tea (verbatim).


Matched to this version. Sticker Sheet Harry Portnof, the fellow behind Greenway Records, is waiting at a Bakery (could this be the reason his vinyl output is so colorful?) Slightly worn on discs but plays clean.

I enjoyed the freedom and the constraints. This leads into “, ,” an enjoyable, yet forgettable track that sounds pretty similar to “, in its presence of noise and extremely repetitive structure. I enjoy cassettes to because they’re practical in a touring van, but I believe vinyl is very important.

Small crease in middle of back cover but front cover is pristine. The tin is not suffocated anymore. Sleeve is also in amazing shape seams intact.

An innocent, holy, punk party. SP 678. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful things in music. Benjamin Medeiros ,” a fun, short instrumental driven by electronic beats and unintelligible noise. muddguts stereo - TAPE DECK + RECORD PLAYER + BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS Sale price $99.99 Regular price $150.00 - turntable (3-speed, auto-stop) We decide to flip the vinyl and lay around, but the gears are flowing and the Sun is shining. The night is fleeting –, MB: I grew-up in Eastern philosophy. An experience. Disc slightly dirty but no damage or scratches.

AMLS-48,057. Happy to provide more photos if needed. It is.

Today, Duster stands as the face of slowcore, possessing a short, yet treasured discography, and a small, yet dedicated fanbase.

I don’t own a plant or a press though. Some people want to be famous, leave a legacy, pull out their penis and cause controversy, but I feel people who actually do leave a lasting impression never really want this type of attention.

Are we?

Small yellow rectangular price tag sticker on front cover. I am original owner, purchased new in 2001 and kept in shrink and then in plastic sleeve and stored well. Sleeve: MC: I have literally 3 criteria with respects to anything. Lia Moon, of Heavy Birds, is listening to Donovan’s record, “Gift from a Flower to a Garden,” as I walk through the door. Disc is M- or NM+, sleeve has some minor ring wear and minor creasing on upper left corner. Insert in NM condition. December 13, 2019. This is a great find, see photos for inserts and labels. His esthetic is to not change or drastically overtake the ethos/culture he has encompassed (originally hailing from San Fransisco) instead, he desires to instigate a place of mutual acceptance and growth.

Echo resonates into some sort of foggy pint – it’s already the future. I help move a large display case with Gordon.

It just sort of happened. Both sleeve and label on vinyl have price tag sticker on them.

She is sauntering with her 12-string, playing a new song she has written for her upcoming album.

Colored vinyl!

LM: Documentation. But overall an excellent copy.

Near Mint (NM or M-). Small pricetag on back label. Appears unplayed. Dreamers and thinkers. Cat#: Although death doesn’t really exist…only if it’s in your mind. I like looking at the album artwork, and how it relates to the music. Sleeve Condition:

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